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ATS.X: Join FSME JKROG08 teaching zazzafrazz UFOlogy 101: UFOlogy today and abducitons

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:12 AM

Join FSME JKROG08 teching zazzafrazz UFOlogy 101: UFOlogy today and abducitons

Zazzfrazz apologizes for the aussie accent upfront! yikes, First of the series, I discover the current state of UFOlogy and JK attempts to help me work through the the abduction question.
Dont laugh!!!!!! enjoy. zazzy F

length: 37:43
file: atsxpod_3304.mp3
size: 17682k
feed: atsx
status: live (at time of posting)

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by zazzafrazz

G'day zazzafrazz,I haven't come across you before,good work.
zazzafrazz are you doing an internet talk show live now? This is what Australia needs.
Listening to atsxpod_3304.mp3 now

@28:28 "why you would be on a UFO craft ...... and would you go and sit in a chair and start pushing buttons" yes a bloke would
, lets see what this baby can do

I've just put an article together on Travis Walton that will bring you up to speed on Travis Walton.

I listened to the interview @37:43 it stop short it seemed is there a part two of this interview? found it part2


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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by zazzafrazz

This is very cool, very good show, and I found it to be quite entertaining.

It's a novelty to hear your voices, and it's hilarious how quickly you got the obligatory "live from his mother's basement" and "tinfoil surrounding basement fortress" information out of the way.

JKROG is really interesting, and has alot of good information. I have read many of his threads and I am a big fan of his, he and I both believe a very similar philosophy regarding alien life.

You should have him on the show again, if you run out of questions, I am sure ATS could help you think of some good ones, and you could ask whichever you liked on the show. You should interview others as well, from ATS. There are alot of believers here. Many are even somewhat reliable and respectable :p You should choose some others to have on to discuss it with you, or have JKROG vs. an ATS UFO Skeptic debate, he did a great debate thread, you should take advantage of his leet skills.

As for your accent, I am very in favor of it! I was somewhat shocked to learn you are a woman, but that is only because I don't know you very well yet and I don't make it a habit of asking people's sexes in threads. So unless you have a gender specific name or avatar, it's easy to make that mistake. Forgive me!

Betty and Barney Hill, I just noticed for the first time, have the same first names as Betty and Barney Rubble from The Flintstones!

Unfortunately, I too can hear the static that JKROG08 mentions, it's pretty overpowering. I am not technically inclined whatsoever though, however. So I cannot help you with it, but ATS probably has SOMEONE who can. Or someone who knows someone will post.

I think that the reason aliens don't trade with us may be because we're HOSTILE. Maybe the governments are too. If so, it would be like going alone to trade with a village of cannibals. Might work out well for you, but likely to be a terrible experience either way. Other less habitable planets or moons may provide materials with less violence.

Sounds like an interesting show. Is this your first one? Or have you got an archive somewhere? What other subjects might you do a show on? Have you got a website? And you might as well any other similar questions I have

Overall, good show, has some issues that need to be addressed: you guys talked over one another. It may be from lack of experience on both your parts, may be from distance, or personal animosity (a battle to the death will settle this) not sure, but at some points it's tough to hear either of you. The static is also tough to hear through. But those are minor issues, and mostly it's pretty clear. You seem pretty aggressive in asserting your beliefs, I think you have enraged JKROG with your joystick/chair ideas lol

I think mainly you are making bold claims about things but there is no evidence one way or the other on things like how ufos are controlled, where aliens sit, how big they are, if they wear clothes, if they look or think like us, what they think of us, etcetera. So I think, my personal opinion, is that you should focus more on factual things like military reports on ufos, police reports on ufos, military or police officers who have seen it, reliable people and citizens, reliable video evidence, things like that. But it's very difficult to decide what is true or false based on what MIGHT be. We just don't know what MIGHT be, what they MIGHT sit on, whether they MIGHT use joysticks or whether they MIGHT even have hands. We have no idea.

Other than that and other criticisms, I think it appears that the static was due to JKROG's basement, maybe not, or maybe so, maybe when you do your next interview we will see if the static returns.

Anyway this was a good show I thought and was pretty interesting. I like your choice in a guest, I think you did a good job playing devil's advocate and getting him to answer a wide variety of questions, and I would definately listen again. I will be awaiting news of another interview or show soon!

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 09:35 AM
two things straight up;
1) Why are you apologising for your australian accent?
Is being australian something you are ashamed of?
2) Actually this was the only thing putting me off listening until I read your "apology"; abductions is spelt abductions.
I understand was most likely a typo, but, you know...
I won't be listening now.even tho' all things ufo are of interest to me. because of your apologising for the accent of your nation

What accent exactly would you feel proud of having ,iust out of interest?

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 09:08 PM
i could barely bear to hear all those facts over again
the only thing that kept me listening was zazz's sexy aussie accent

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 04:26 AM
reply to post by asIam

umm it was tongue in cheek, you know us good ol aussie dont take ourselves too seriously kind of thing! ...feel free not listen
choice is yours!

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 04:26 AM
reply to post by phi1618

lol phi your just being kind because im one of your avatar clients!lol

[edit on 29-9-2009 by zazzafrazz]

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 04:28 AM
reply to post by BaronVonGodzilla

Thanks for listening, i didnt think anyone would, hehehe
Not a show by intent, but it was alot of fun, and i plan on doing a follow up with a skeptic thanks for the feedback....cheers Zazzy F

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by Zelong

yes your right, boys and their toys

I shoulda known, Yes there are 4 podcasts with JK.
Cheers Zazzy F

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by BaronVonGodzilla

LOl i just saw your important discovery inthe Hill abduction: the Flinstones.....Nice pick up!!!!!

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by zazzafrazz

Zazzy... I finally get to hear your sexy voice! hehe

IRM mwah :-x

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by InfaRedMan

OH my god i am so embarrased you listened..yikes

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 12:29 AM

Originally posted by zazzafrazz
reply to post by InfaRedMan

OH my god i am so embarrased you listened..yikes

You... embarrassed? Yeah Right!

Good work zazzy... I will download and hoard all of your shows!


posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 02:44 PM
And great use of the podcast format to communicate some great ideas and to open minds and eyes to the research in to UFOlogy.

In places the sound quality makes it impossible to hear what JKROG08 is saying, so you might want to edit your podcast to remove the dead noise or air.

Other than a few places the sound quality and levels were great.

Enough of the podcast technical.

The study of UFOlogy will be a subjective one until as it mentioned, 1 mile long UFO is seen above major cities and I think that JKROG08 got that point across well.

We look have views on Roswell and the creditability of those who claim to have first or multiple hand evidence of what happened and again, JKROG08 quite rightly stated that you need to research what is being said, by whom and why.

The Dulce segment was interesting as I have not heard much on the claims made and the general discussion on how there is no "real" evidence of the activity of alien races on the planet and the "agreement" made in exchange for technology and how information is keep secret was interesting. I did a podcast on How is the secret kept?

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 05:37 AM
JKROG08 , I've thought your posts worthy over my time lurking before joining ATS , and it seems it's a good place this thread to see fellow aussies that are here , and that have ufo interest/sightings as well;being important to me as I found this site searching for ufo info initially after several sightings, so I am bookmarking it now and then shall listen as I eat dinner cuz I'm starving and it's ready.

So hello to you and other aussies, anyone else down stheast nsw also watching the many ufo's ?

edit to say, ooops! sorry zazzafrazz,it is your op,lol
JKROGO8 was so prominent in cap.s
regardless, eating and listening now.

[edit on 18/10/09 by asIam]

[edit on 18/10/09 by asIam]

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 06:51 AM
hello again

I tried to post the following in an edit but I can't see that it came up, so am copying it here.
edit on 18/10/09 by asIam]

wow,seems I owe you a double apology Lady.
I am listening now and just realized I had already posted scrolling thru comments.
Thank you for being a part of my growing experience.
I am not a fool , just someone who is at the moment spending a lot of time in the bush , and cramming in my various internet experiences in a day or two in between every week.
It seems I can't keep up with either my posts around the net or my perspective at the time ...I think I need to slooww downnnnnnnnnn.
Soon I will not be in transience but be permanently in one place,
If there is a cosmic scales somewhere where stress is in one tray,
and tolerance is in the other,my individual portion will soon be in balance.
please accept my humblest apologies for my previous state of mind.

feedback shall come later as I have been typing while I should have been listening (and eating! )

I'm back.

Interesting interview , I am still on the fence re aliens as I am intrinsically a doubting thomas, however by no means reject the possibility,just going on what I know myself for fact ....I have seen ufo's especially the last few years, daytime and night time (as I've been watching the skies more being outdoors a lot more),Night time , I could guarantee here where I live currently if you sat outdoors from twilight for 2 hours you would see at least one anomaly,with clear skies of course, they are a given for me now as much as are aeroplanes and satellites , I only get excited these days if it's something way out of my previous experience, the most recent of which I had in June.
I just know that I can't identify them, and they are flying objects.
They act in manners completely outside anything that is human built in general knowledge, and often against the laws of physics, there are many different types of manifestations . I am currently putting together my first thread on my observations,slow process!
I find all things ufo interesting, including et abductions, however, not having experienced such myself, or someone I trust experiencing such, then I remain a doubting thomas sitting on the fence observing ,
apart from what I know for fact.....ufo's exist, and the silence is frustrating for an inquiring mind.
my tuppence worth from downunder cheers

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 02:35 PM
Where can I get a "Tin Foil Hat"....

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