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10 Swine Flu Lies Told By The Mainstream Media

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:57 PM
*sorry if this has been posted before, and sorry for not having the time to look into other related im on a flying visit - MODS, please delete if need be*

I thought i would share an insight as to how the media is relaying " so called FACTS " about Swine Flu and the Vaccine.

The mainstream media is engaged in what we Americans call "bald faced lies" about swine flu.

It seems to be true with this issue more than any other, and it became apparent to me recently when a colleague of mine - a nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist - told me their column on natural defenses for swine flu was rejected by newspapers all across the country. Many newspapers refused to run the column and, instead, ran an ad for "free vaccine clinics" in the same space.

The media, it seems, is so deeply in bed with the culture of vaccinations that they will do almost anything to keep the public misinformed. And that includes lying about swine flu vaccines.

There are ten key lies that continue to be told by the mainstream media (MSM) about swine flu and swine flu vaccines

Scource - and your link to the 10 lies being told - a MUST SEE.

Edit to add - Pandemic Vaccination - Why You Should Be Concerned

Now, i dont watch the news but after reading this my heart fell so low knowing what our families, brothers and sisters of humanity are being tricked into thinking.

In other words, this makes me sick to the bone!


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