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Where are the Warriors? Here they are!

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:17 PM
Be glad you do not to know where the warriors are.

This is a response to Zosynspiracys thread, but is in no way meant as critisism of it. Without that thread this one would not have occured, so thanks. here's the link for Zosynspiracys

This is what I posted on that thread. I felt it desrved its own because I think we should all be thinking about the' long game'. So I want to raise the issue and see what everyone else thinks about it.

"Firstly- where are the warriors?

Well about 400,000 of those tough determened independent kiss ass warriors are in Iraq and Afghanistan working for a worthless Federal Reserve Note, doing the bidding of 'Banksters'. They are so invested in the Monetary System that they won't be able to stand up for us.

These G20 protesters have had a positive effect in bringing these issues to the awareness of the populace. For that alone it should be commended. The fact that every protestor seemed to be a cameraman as well, totally foiled attempts to keep a lid on the media. Yeh it could have been bigger and better but at least nobody died this time (I hope).

Many of you seem too fixated into seeing this as a two dimensional issue. It's not force against force, or even force against peasantry. For at least 6000 years, ever since the first engineers, architects, scientists, metallurgists, farmers, priests and astronomers, it's been intelligence against force. And later it became intelligence manipulates force against themselves and the peasantry.

What I'm saying is, we the force and the peasantry must combine to evolve an intelligence that can take the elites on. In some respects some of us will have to adopt characteristics of the enemy, and in so doing infiltrate this 6000 year plus network of intelligence. We have to develop an equal and opposite network and covertly place people in key positions. We have to be an intelligent, proactive, covert group to effect change from within.

Do you really believe it would have taken these elite families 6000 plus years to get to where we are at without the existence of a resistance constantly trying to foil their plans?

No! It's because of these very real covert resistance groups working on your behalf that you're not completely in chains. These guys are the REAL WARRIORS, not only placing themselves at risk, but their entire genetic lineage in jeopardy.

The resistance is preparing and planning for the long game. Many believe the war for Earth is already over because of the Monetary System. As long as that remains in force, monied interests will always end up trading their 'paper' for real assets like land, gold, silver, and tradeable commodities. These people do not believe the masses will be able to overthrow the Monetary System yet. They are planning for a time beyond when the World Government agrees to surrender The Moon to the Banksters in lieu
of debts. These groups believe our first real opportunity to overthrow TPTB will come when we as a species are mining The Asteroid Belt. It will be there that the first successful conflict for freedom will happen and another civilisation will be born. It will be free of the concept of debt and be a world of abundance rather than scarcity.

Our tech, all the military's tech, is dependent on fossil fuels and electricity. With that comes problems of logistics and scarcity. What is of major concern is that none of this tech can match the secret black tech that has been evolving in covert parallel for at least a hundred years. This covert weapons industry, this covert Navy, this covert society, is completelty ready to take over with their free energy world when fossil fuels and electricity no longer make sense.

Protesting must continue. Discussing the issues, including on forums, must continue. Becoming self sufficient and arming oneself must continue. Rest assured that the covert resistance movement is watching, and recruiting and planning and acting. They will get there in the end as long as we keep shouting. You may even get recruited.

Anyway thats my long two cents, and I'll no doubt be ridiculed by the two disinfo agents that showed up on zosynspiracys thread amongst others.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:45 PM
You're forgetting a few people.

Primarily the number of ex-service men/women.

24.9 million.


They are the ones that will fight the next fight.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 03:01 PM
Star and flag

Good points all of them. I do not know who came up with the idea our young men and women won't hold up in stress situations such as combat. It's a silly assessment and a sorry commentary on our young.

They must have forgotten most our men and women now in uniform are 18-19 year olds, the same age as many of the demonstrators. It's down right stupid and way off the mark to refer to those people demonstrating as "sissys" when the sh*t hits the fan, you will eat those words. It's been proven time and time again our young will answer the call. WTF makes you think it will be any different this time?

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