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Orange UFO Plymouth - really odd

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:16 PM
OK one at about 8pm, maybe just before and another at 8.06.

We think they look like a flame - one of those Chinese balloon things? But I swear it was moving quite swiftly... Although it did look like a flame.

The air at ground level is pretty still - no idea about up high.... The normal Dash 9 into Plymouth flew right over one and they both disappeared in the same sort of place in the sky.

Thinking about it this is man made
but still worth reporting - they were quite bright orange... More than just a candle and a balloon, a sort of flare maybe? That could be why they both went out at the same place.... But the path was so horizontal, smooth and swift - and only like 100 foot up? maybe... I suppose the air current up there can be quite different.

Did any one else see this - it could of been higher, but it went under the 8pm aircraft... Defo a UFO... Defo man made?...

edit - I should say I thought these could be missiles or rockets, that may help describe the path and appearance, that is until they were sort of watched - still strange.

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