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Propaganda and the media!! (Stinks)

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:46 PM
When we begin to sit watching as observers from the comfort of our homes the events which have unfolded in the past as if they do not actually affect us personally, that they are only happening to someone else like a cartoon character and not identify with it in RL, then we are destined to watch the total collapse of humanity as a whole.

Can t you remember when you first watched COPS or Judge Judy? Those types of shows were the first indication of something going terribly wrong within our society. They were directly influencing how we react and respond to outside stimuli and propaganda.

Yes in the beginning it caused personal outrage and even anger at how human beings were being treated on TV, but the real truth was that even though they started the indoctrination with alleged criminals it was setting the stage for mind control against actually getting up and doing anything about it.

By the time it became ingrained in our conscious reality we saw a definite trend towards abuse of the individual and in a timely manner we saw situations like Rodney King and the famous Truck driver being beaten senseless time and time again on every network channel.

These same bastards that allowed the powers that stink to run these shows on their networks, are now touting off as if they are separate from the masses which they seek to discredit as a whole, ordinary people , students, fellow countrymen and women who want to do something about the corruption happening in this country and the rights of freedom which in all truth were sold out long ago.

A little too little too late, but it is bringing us to a time when we crave this kind of terrible news, we sit watching getting less and less affected each time we see peaceful demonstrators get beaten and pulled off their bikes, as students peacefully watch in interest at demonstrators get chased away from public streets with full battle mode officers willing to do the unthinkable, only to be corralled into small areas and tear gassed!

Each time we watch this kind of insanity we become less and sensitive as long as it does not affect us personally, each time we watch and do nothing about it, we play into the same plan that allowed millions of people worldwide to be massacred with out as much as a single media outlet reporting and a world going on about how much gold is today or will be tomorrow. As long as it does not affect what we have for dinner tonight then who cares?

That is the intent behind all of this crazy breakdown of society. There will be some that will not be able to take it, yet they become the fodder! And there will be lineup after line up of people who have been touched personally by this plan that will come forward, but they too in such small numbers will become examples, examples for those that do not wish this on themselves and their families, so they too become complacent, even make excuses for the wickedness, they sell outside with it.

We need to step up as a last ditch effort to fight for humanity or watch defenslessly everything crumble around us until one day, they come for you and your family.

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