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Why do we still believe in god?

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:09 PM
First of all i would like to start this off by saying I'm not doing this to start a flame war about which Religion is better. And i am not writing this thread as a troll. I am simply expressing my opinion, and starting trouble is not my intention.

The year is 2009. We have walked on the moon, discovered what makes the Sun hot, flew faster the the speed of sound, Discovered cures for diseases that used to be lethal. Yet as all these things are happening, people still choose to believe in god. I find that a little ridiculous.

The first religions were created to explain things that they didn't understand. The sun didn't rise because the earth spun, it rose because a man in a chariot pulled it across the sky. Everything they couldn't explain had a story behind it about who makes it and why it happens. Well it's 2009 and we know a whole lot more. So why do we need God or religion?

Religion no longer provides us with answers. Science is answering those questions for us and doing a hell of a job at it. and that's what surprises me the most. For the most part the majority of people aren't stupid. Not everyone is a genius but they are not blubbering sheeple as everyone in this forum seems to believe. We are not un-educated. So why do we need God for answers and we can search for our own?

The things written about in the bible can not physically happen. A man can not walk on water, a man can not alter the chemicals in a jug of water with his bear hands. It just isn't possible. and if your gonna say" well if your the son of god you can do anything.". I call shenanigans. It's been 2000 years still no message? The true believers are still holding on, but the smart money is on that hes not coming. every single other religious book is the same. They all make these wild stories up.

I like to think that the religious books were equivalent to our Harry Potter books and its just our ancestors messing with us.

Anyway, the point im trying to make is that religion is too flawed for educated people to still believe in. So why does the majority of people still believe in it? is it for the better or the worse of society?

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:19 PM
Because of the money and power that go along with religion many people have a vested interest in keeping the lie alive.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:40 PM
This is what i understand to be faith.
It gives us hope, something to count on when there is very little else to.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:41 PM
If you take out the profit margin in Religion, perhaps we can come to an intelligent answer to your question.

We cannot prove the existance of a God.

We cannot prove the non-existance of a God.

Science cannot give us all the answers. Why?

Because science is just our best guest at the time. We have a very limited view of things if you consider how much information we are able to process in our brains.

Even less when you consider the ammount that we are conciously aware of versus not aware of.

Until it can be proven, some will always cling to faith. And faith isn't a bad thing at it's core. It's actually a very healthy thing. To believe in something after life is to be open minded (I know that may sound a bit conflicting) about the world around you and the possiblities that exist.

I personnaly am not a religious person, I am very spiritual however. Do I believe in a monotheistic God? No I don't. Do I believe in some sort of after life/higher being/plural higher being most definetly.

I don't claim to KNOW they exist, I simply think they do based on my educated assumptions. Those are based on my experiences, but everybody's experience is different.

That's my take on why we believe in God still, and why humans on some level will always WANT to believe in God.


posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:53 PM
Because ideas never die. And no one has prove that there is no god anyway. They have yet to disprove the idea of a god or goddess or whatever. And you cannot disprove it with reason since belief is based on faith, not reason. Science should not be used directly to benefit non-believers but rather benefit the continuous evolution of man and if that which is discovered or found disprove something religious then so be it.

Losing religion and god and spirituality is not the sign of an evolved society. If you look, some people have made a religion out of Science in anything tagged "scientific" people will believe without any personal research on the subject themselves.

As for the Bible, you cannot criticize something you clearly have not read or studied. This actually goes against what you would call "educated" as you clearly have not read the thing entirely and studied enough to criticize it but rather be dismissive.

"Educated people" - that is a very subjective term as intelligence has no clear one standard for it and there are different fields of it. And being educated does not make you more cultivated or better.

Another reason why religion still exist is not because it is a moneymaking machine - and it is - but because some people still believe there is something more than this world, this universe which science cannot explain or disprove.

Realistically, the majority of believers tend to be poor but what do they have in a world governed by such evil as the elites?

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:08 PM
I have heard, a couple of times, discussion on Coast to Coast, about teleportation, as in, Beam me up, Scottie. Theoretically, you could have your molecular structure analysed and reconstructed somewhere else. The thing is, it might look like you and have all your memories, but it would not actually be you. What is this mysterious thing that is you? We can not scientifically reproduce ourselves. So, we need a god to do that, who has mastery over, not just the physical, but the spiritual, that all of our science will never be able to master.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 08:32 PM
No/ I'm sorry this is a flame sort of OP... comeon because it's 2009 God somehow dissapears?

are you kidding me?

2000 years of miracles sceince itself has tested..

The human body..

male female organs perfectly fit each other, penis vagina... the orgasm.. Nothing does all this?

Come on... people believe because they actually believe God is real, and some to the point of seing God face to face...

the qeustion should be the exact opposite.... How can you NOT believe..

and so what if man walked on the moon and other things we have done.. We will also destroy ourselves through nukes BTW which was prophecied by saints...

so the more we create the more we destroy.. WW3

the micro chip, all of these things predicted in the bible and by saints, and that time is here, and we still can't see?

Religion was NOT created to try and explain things.. How do you know it wasn't revealed? You don't

This is what we believe..

" keep the lie alive " (vital overdose)

have you disproved it?

No... so that's only your opinion and not fact, so zip it....

... God doesn't diappear because we have big fancy cars and it's 2009 and we have nukes and technology...

But what will disappear is the human race through the same technology...

peace.. bless you OP...

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 08:58 PM
BTW for the record I do believe this OP is not a troll.

He sounded sincere, but you have to understand, us people actually believe and always will that a higher source created all these things, and not a wavering belief... but a real faith...

technology explains little, but it cannot create what God already created and that's the earth and our human bodies, joy, laughter, pleasure, emotions....

one more thing, the OP is kind of the ultimate statement''

" why do we still believe in God "

If someone believes in God than it disappears because it's 2009?

No.. which means that the ones who believed and than said well it' 2009 so God isn't real to me now, never believed in the first place.

So those type never really believed in the first place.

God doesn't disappear to people with real faith for anything..

so the OP actually should say..

" why do we still believe in something we never really did "


peace OP.

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by Doc Tesla

Well, like you said it's only your opinion and I can sort of see where you are coming from. Things like walking on the moon, what makes the sun hot and flying faster than the speed of sound are all things of a physical nature. Maybe that is your cup of tea - to understand things of a physical nature. If that is the way you choose to go through life - it truly is your business.

Just because you see no point in looking for God doesn't mean others don't. Just as you have reasons for not looking into things of a spiritual nautre, there are many, many more who choose to go down that pathway. There are many people who experience something, that science so far can't explain and that becomes their reasoning and then there are those who just walk the path in faith for reasons only known to them.

What I find sad is how an educated person only has the limited ability to look at the story of Jesus walking on water in a physical sense. If they were only capable to look at it, as more of a mystery, they might use some of that scientific knowledge they've gained through the years, do some serious deep thinking, think out of the box (like they are supposed to) and come up with something a little better than - a person can't just walk on water.

Seriously are they that dull of an individual to not sort out the secret meaning to something as simple as Jesus walking on water? The whole point of Jesus coming was to wake our dead asses up to the truth, that in the long run - your flesh counts for nothing and your spiritual welfare is everything. The highest arcana is that of the resurrection and how he rises in us, the believer.

If you had known and understood this, it would have been easy for you to remember or deduce, that your own body is made up of like 70% water and that it is the Messiah walking on the living waters of the very spirit within our own bodies.

And what did he say, to his very disturbed followers, when they witnessed him walking on that water?

"It is I. Don't be afraid."

Son, your very Spirit is like a seed, that must be nutured if it is to grow. Remember in, what was it 4th or 5th grade, taking a little seed, wetting some paper towels, put it all in the petri dish and placing it in a dark closet? Your very spirit is no different.

A bit of research and you will quickly find that God does some if not most of his greatest handiwork under the cover of darkness. He also says he is the source of living water. There is only one way to receive said gift - through the Son. Therefore, God's Holy inspired word is like fertilizer for your spiritual seedling. You must aid in bringing these things forth (living water) or like the word says - you will perish.

It's all about individual perception and how we come about our individual knowledge. The words you wrote above, prove to me you are out of the spiritual loop of things.

And that is my opinion.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:40 AM
Sex, thats the only reason that anyone believes in god anymore. Without sex, people wouldn't care whether or not there is a god.

Don't believe me? The next time you are getting it on who's name do you shout out?

I can almost guarantee it's not Bob Barker.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 06:35 AM
reply to post by Doc Tesla

Actually, you do not understand.

The first religions were created to explain things that they didn't understand.

This is completely backwards of what it really was. The religions were created out of the understanding of the time, not out of that which they didn't understand.

It's not talking about literal apples, days, serpents and so forth. Those are just things used to express understanding. What they are expressing was the understanding they had, and in the context of the times and how the people of that time would understand.

Now, are the things as detailed as science is? No. And if it was, then what good would it have been for people at that time? Do you teach a 5yr old about quantum physics when they have a question about something? No. You give that child an explanation that makes the most sense and can be understood by them.

As well, the bible actually speaks of things that modern science/people have not even a clue about. The mainstream doesn't understand it at all - and that includes the majority of christians/other religions. These are things that science in itself can not handle or allow for.

See, science is great for explaining how the universe and physical works, but it is completely blind to being able to explain or understand what it means "to be", to be aware, to be conscious and so forth. Free will can not and does not exist in the physical world. "Choice" is an illusion in the world of the physical, because it is all action and reaction. But choice does exist, and so does the ability to understand. How does action and reaction "understand" things? What does it mean to "feel"? Science can tell me what causes the "feeling", but the feeling itself? Never.

Do you know what a rose smells like? Can you prove it? No, you can only experience it. But what is it that experiences?

So there are 2 basic realms for understanding here. One is science, the other is philosophy(religion in it's purest form).

Science is the realm of logic, the realm of action and reaction. But it breaks down if choice, reason and understanding comes into play. Because choice doesn't happen 100% of the time like action and reaction.

So this is where phlilosophy comes into it. Philosophy is the realm of reason and understanding. And while science is a study into the physical, philosophy/religion is a study into what it means "to be" and so forth.

BOTH are needed. Both have their proper places, and it's the people who think they need to choose 1 or the other are likely ones who do not understand either.

So, lets take a statement from Jesus - which I know to be true based on understanding:

"What is spirit is spirit, and what is flesh is flesh". See, when he says that he is talked about exactly the above. Flesh = physical, spirit = consciousness/that which experiences. Science = realm of the physical, Religion/Philosophy = realm of consciousness and that which experiences.

And if you do not understand and know what that quote means, then you honestly won't understand the bible or religious type texts. But when you see that it's talking about spiritual things, rather than flesh things - then you will understand. The bible is not really trying to tell people about the physical, but is a general understanding of the time.

I btw do not belong to any religion, and I do not recommend joining any religion. I do not "believe" god exists, I know god exists. And there is no reason why you can not find the father yourself, which is what I do recommend.

This will get you started. What are "you"? Can you define "you" without identifying a possession? Like "your" body is a possession etc. I think you will find that you can only identify "you" through possessions.

I love science, I am a programmer myself and create technology on a daily basis and use logic. But I recognize it's limits, and I recognize there are many things beyond science. It takes a scientist in order to have science. Science can tell you about what is "out there", but the bible is talking about things "in there", within you.

Know thyself. When you deny god, you deny yourself. Looking for god "out there" is like looking for Bill Gates inside your Windows OS.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by Doc Tesla
Wow, how can one go about life and not see evidence of God?

But as for me personally, I have a relationship with Jesus, He comforts me, answers my prayers, and I have the testiment of a completely changed life.

Something icould not have done with my own power that's for sure.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:09 PM
The fact is that we are not purely logical beings.

Knowing all the arcane formulas of mathematics and laws of the universe will never fully satisfy a person. Inevitably in that person's life, they will ask "what is right? What is just?" and find that their extensive scientific knowledge fails them.

Nor will science be able to answer "Who am I?" or "What are we doing here?" These are fundamental questions that fall out of the realm of science and into the realm of philosophy. And for many people, philosophy will lead into a religious or spiritual path in an attempt to answer these questions.

In short, so long as we are human we will never see the end of religion.

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 10:14 AM

have you disproved it?

No... so that's only your opinion and not fact, so zip it....

Not suprised by this reaction. Somebody differs and you tell them to zp it?

Have you proven God yet? No you haven't so I would be wary about yelling at others like this

Now to the OP...I am a Pagan and don't follow the Christian god...I follow my own deities...I think it is so vital now due to distress and pain that we feel these days.


posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by Doc Tesla

Because it's one of those things that have been around for centuries and won't go away. You really think the pope, the cardinals, the priests and all spiritual leaders from every religion want to get a job? Do you really think generations of those who are devoted to their faith would just give it up willingly? No way. I don't believe in a god like the christians do, the muslims, etc, but I believe in a creator. My views are that of a deist, which of course makes me one. Why would I believe in a creator? Because when I look at nature, life, the stars, etc I just feel like there was something that set things in motion. I don't think it was some old man in robes sitting on a throne in a clouds that did it, but maybe it is something we just cannot explain. Perhaps it was an alien race that created us for a galactic reality show. lol For those that watch south park, you would understand that last part. We all have our beliefs and our paths even if we are to disagree. Unfortunately, that disagreement has turned bloody at times.

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