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Escape and Evasion Kit - Got one?? - What's in Yours?

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 06:43 PM
Reply to post by juniperberry

THesse are all great survival kits. Dont forget a military grade first aid kit. just in case you need to mend wounds.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 08:07 AM
In E&E, it's about the techniques and tactics that you use to escape and EVADE that matter. For example, those chasing you know that you are likely to make a RIGHT turn at the first opportunity, and they plan for things like this.

The book "6 Ways in, 12 Ways Out" has some good info on this. They also have a E&E kit list, and it comes from the pros, not the wannabes.

You might be able to find it online somewhere. If not, I'll dig it up and post it.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 06:39 AM
reply to post by PSUSA

That's a great book, as is the SAS Survival Handbook - both deal with real life skills which is good.

The problem I have with survival books and survivalists in general is that it all usually centres on wilderness survival assuming you will be in a rural environment which may not be the case. Urban survival could be quite different, with a different skill set being required. I don't think the lock picking one is a bad idea in an urban environment.

But that's survival.

Back to E&E.

I would suggest that the few that are criticising dainoyfb and his lock pick tools go and have a look at On Point Tactical urban escape and evasion courses. You can find them on google. One of the main things they teach is lock picking.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by skeetontheconspiracy


It's amazing how many people forget a decent first aid kit. I carry one with me EVERYWHERE I go - one of the fruits of having kids (but that's another thing).

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:21 PM
I caught this on google while searching for E&E equipment and signed up and decided to put some thoughts in here, maybe even get some help.

I took a class called Urban Escape & Evasion with it was a great class took it in April really changed the way I live actually hah.

Anyway I was taught to have and prepare a set of 9 gear bags.

My Tier 1 Gear is the equipment I carry on me personally at all times:
1) Multi tool
2) Mini lockpicks (the tiny ones you can clip inside your pants or key chain)
3) Lighter
4) My personal cell phone (duh)
5) Bobby pins, paper clips, or hair clips - The purpose for this is according to the class Im already kidnapped and put in a trunk so these are used for picking out of cuffs
6) Wallet with ID
7) Shoes with shoe laces, my shoe laces have been replaced by 550 parachord which is used to get out of zip cuffs, rope, and duct tape.

My Tier 2 Gear right now has a ton of stuff but like they told me in class once I start to make the pack I will be able to dwindle it down but right now its:
1) Tier 1 backup gear
2) Small trauma kit
3) Small hand gun
4) Small monocular
5) Night vision device - It was on our list but the instructors pretty much said in Urban escape & evasion its pointless to have and will fail on you.
6) Full size lockpicks - which consists of 8 normal sized lock picks
7) Jigglers - If Im escaping my pursuers what better way than to break into a car and take off
8) OC Foggers - They showed us Fox gas grenades 4oz's these are used to obviously stop pursuers in the chase. I live in the USA in CT and its legal to purchase these.
9) More lighters
10) Compass!! Sadly Ive no idea how to really utilize this thing yet haha
11) Coded Annotated map - These are the maps of the place your traveling to or where you live on them you should have important notes on them, where you hide your urban caches, choke points, pay phones, accesible water, etc
12) Knife
13) GPS - I dont plan on getting one of these Im fine with a map
14) Flashlight
15) Spare batteries (AA's AAA's)
16) Phone & chargers - Obviously this would be the pay as you go gas station phone
17) Bionic Ear - There small and useful you never know
18) Notepad & pen
19) Critical numbers, cordinates, and addresses to safe houses
20) For me sadly Diabetic supplies as Iam a Type 1 Diabetic
21) Spark plug ceramics - they break glass really easily
22) Center punch - Breaks glass very easily and quietly
23) Square shaped flat head screwdriver
24) Wrench 23 & 24 go together and I dont feel comfortable discussing what they are used for Im sure most of you can take a good guess.

Now I have the Tier 3 Gear which is usually a big duffle bag kept in the car, work, and home.

1) Backup Tier 1 Gear
2) Back up Tier 2 gear
3) Radio's
4) Pick gun
5) Smoke & Tear gas grenades (Which can be bought and owned where I live at least)
6) A knife - I assume its repeated on here as being a more serious knife
7) Maps - again with the same info above
8) STOMP Bag - I have no idea what this is I wasnt paying attention when the instructors told us so if ANYONE knows please tell me haha
9) Bolt cutters
10) ID Kit
11) Disguise kit
12) Counter pursuit kit

And thats it for my 3 main packs Tier 1 stays on me Tier 2 is hidden in different locations that I visit so obviously it needs to be worked on to make smaller and finally the Tier 3 which is again home, work, trunk.
My other bags some optional some not include:
Large Trauma kit Im not listing all the stuff on there all you need is stuff to keep you alive and your partner alive enough to get to medical assistance in case seriously injured.
Communication kit that stays at your house comes with Ham radio, clicker, HF Radio that stuff.
Then theres the Urban Caches that you plant in spots in places you visit often and the routes you always take. Backup ID's for you and your vehicle, weapon caches which consists of Blunt, Strangulation, Slicing and Stabbing instruments, MFW Caches - Money food water t2/1 kits

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:27 PM
Sorry this is so long
The last kit is the Fake ID kit, now when someone mentioned earlier about Fake ID's I dont think they meant Fake ID's as in drivers licenses, passports and other law and fed ID's, at least I hope not.
Fake ID kits are extremly useful when your in a city or town you dont know anything about and people are hunting you down. You can get all the stuff you need to make fake id's at Staples or Kinko's and in the USA it is NOT against the law to pretend you are someone like a Verizon Agent only if you try to impersonate government and law enforcement are you breaking laws.
The kit needs:
1) Self Sealing Lamination pouches
2) Clips
3) Neck Lanyards
4) Passport sized photos
5) Scalpel/X-Acto Blade
6) Glue Stick
7) 4' by 6' clear laminating sheets.

Try it, put a black dress shirt on blue jeans shiny shoes make a badge that says Verizon and see how many people stop you when you wander around going places you should'nt be. I did it in Phillidelphia durring the Urban E&E Exam to get away from the hunters and it worked I lost them inside the mall cause I made a quick crap fake ID and went into the back where employees are only allowed. Walked right by security flashed my crap badge and kept walking the two hunters following me couldnt get in.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:50 PM
Yes, I have a DeeDee bag. I have survial items that will be needed for living in the woods.
But, like I told a younger friend I AM TOO OLD AND FAT TO RUN FROM ANYONE, so I am heavly armed. I will try to hide but if located, the shooting starts. I know that that is a lose lose thought but when you have gotten to old it's not much you can do about it.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:57 PM
Nice list.
Something that you might find fits in with an urban survival kit is a small corner mirror. I made this one by breaking most of the handle off of the telescoping type mechanics use. Total cost $3.00. The main reason I carry it is so that I can discreetly look around corners, building, and over ledges to see if anyone is there before moving forward. It is also handy for signaling, checking injuries in hard to see areas, and since you are into disguises for applying those as well.

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 01:53 AM
Yeah you could put a corner mirror in there but honestly you could prolly find a broken piece of mirror on the ground to use after you escape.
Its a great idea dont get me wrong but if you can find it on the ground in the streets then your pretty good

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 06:27 AM

Originally posted by dainoyfb

It never hurts to have a small tool kit along in case you have to solve a problem with something along the way.

Along the situational awareness lines, I never leave home without the thermal imager and night scope. I really like to know who I’m going to run into and where I’m going at night without active devices that will give me away.

I am going to be carrying a rifle and for night vision i have a night vision rifle scope. This takes care of two problems.
I can see AND shoot at night with the same scope.
Other wise i would go with a night vision Night Vision Goggles / Scope w/ Head Gear Mount. this will leave your hands free to use a weapon or your tools.

Your lock pick kit is way more then you need and imposable to hide.
a basic six pick kit with a snapper and a couple tension wrenches are all you really need for 95% of the locks out there.
the other 5% you can not pick anyway.


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