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A conversation with family.

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:32 AM
Seeing as how I'm too new a member to post elsewhere, I'll have to post here.

What with all the talk of Oct having a possible attack of US soil I asked my youngest brother a few questions.
He was just promoted to E7 in the Army, and returned from a tour in Iraq just 3 weeks ago.
I saw him as possibly knowing more than someone I may talk to daily, outsider of the military.

I started off by asking him if he had heard anything about any attacks near major cities next month.
He replied with "No. I was told there COULD be some major drills going on, that could possibly seem like we were under attack to a civilian, but as far as an actual attack I've heard nothing."

I then asked him why the hell we'd need to have major drills in the US of that type.
He said "People may or may not know, or realize that our job in Iraq is essentially done. We're going to keep small forces there, like other places, but we've wasted our time, and they're focusing more on homeland security measures right now."

So , I have to be honest I was a little bit relieved to hear that, however I asked him why we have foreign soldiers in the US right now, he says...
"We've had IR's and IA's here for awhile now, there's some coming out of Italy, etc but we've had some here on the east coast for awhile."

He didn't seem too worried about that part, and he did explain to me IA's etc we're Iraq ex-terrorists basically that switched over to try and help us more or less...Im still not clear on that part.

So I asked him about the Osama tapes, and the so called terrorist threats, etc that the media keeps shoving in our faces.
He then looks at me dead in the eyes, and said
"I'm not supposed to speak on this. It's completely Black Ops, and hasd been. Osama hasn't been caught because we're not looking for him, and haven't been since 2002. We know where he is, and we've caught the last MAJOR head player in that side of the movement. We don't see any real threat from them should be obvious as since 9-11 we haven't done # about it. Your "media" isn't going to tell you what we're actually doing, or have actually done until the one's who are in charge want you to know, if ever. Osama isn't a threat, he has full body cancer, not liver failure. He hasn't been calling any shots for a long time, so why should we even waste our efforts on a dead issue? "

He then went on to tell me how we have more to worry about right here at home, with our Govt than anything overseas could ever bring us right now.
He explained how the leader in Korea is full of # with these so called nuke tests, and he's just acting like a spoiled child that wants attention, so they're not even talking about him in any serious tones.
He finished off by warning me to tell the rest of our family NOT to take the swine flu injection.
He explained that this talk of any RFID chips in the needle tips is bull#, and the idea was only that, an idea. Although he did say the injection itself is dangerous, and COULD result in countless deaths, and that's what "they" planned.

All in all, I'd say we've probably over-reacted about what we've heard online, etc about anything big happening anytime soon, and I do believe he's correct, I think right now our Govt is our real worry.

Feel free to take what I've written as mere passed on word to ponder over, and not as any set in stone fact as we all know what happens when people jump the gun crying wolf.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 12:11 AM
Thanks for sharing. It's not everyday - or ever - that I get to speak to an experienced soldier who's "been there" and served our country.

Almost everything he said is common knowledge to those who don't depend solely on old media for information.

My only qualm is the accusation that U.S. intelligence agencies, with the Defense Department's compliance, would continuously lie to the public for so many years. Unless I misinterpreted your post, you say that there are "Black Ops" that falsify terrorist threats since '02 in order to scare the public.

Such a "conspiracy" had to involve public officials and would have been "leaked" either by whistle-blowers or by some of the few real reporters out there.

We know that the government hasn't been hunting Bin Laden since '02. If you thought we were actively doing so, welcome to '09. The guy's on his death bed in Pakistan. He's more of a personification of the enemy, a symbol, than anything else.

Your brother simply gave you his personal opinion and added the whole "I'm not supposed to speak on this" wink just to impress.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 12:28 AM
Wait so he says we all overreacted, yet warns you not to take the shot because it could result in countless deaths?


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