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Alien encounter. 1971, Rosas, Spain

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:15 AM
Yesterday, on Milenio3 radio program, they were talking about an alien encounter on a military base on Rosas, Spain. It happened on 1971.

At 22:30 the 21st of March, Jesús (one of the witnesses) along with two mates saw a greenish light. When this light disappeared, they started to hear footsteps. Seconds later they saw an humanoid figure, more than two metres tall, going directly to them.

They warned this figure that they could use fire guns, but it didn't stop, so they shot. But this figure didn't stop with the gunshots, it just turn around and went away. They could see the figure had some kind of belt. Back on the base, the radar showed an UFO leaving the installation.

Miguel Pedrero has gotten the three witnesses, and they will speak about this encounter today.


Of course, this is in short. Jesús told the whole story yesterday. It is around one hour, so just give me some time to translate it.

For those of you that understand spanish, here you can listen to the program:


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