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The Warriors Diet and Excersize

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 10:12 AM
This is in response to the "where are the warriors" thread Posted earlier.

VonHolland's "Way of the Nerdy Warrior"
This is a call out for All the "computer nerds" who wants to be a warrior but, like me like very particular directives , strictness and extreme calculation in whatever it is that is required of them. The "no excuses, play like a champ" thing doesn't work for them.

This thread is also going to take into consideration a working 40 an hour job. For family men and women, all I have to say is get your children to the gyms you are going to. My town is a mecca for martial arts; we' ve seen to attract an Asian community and I probly have about 10 martial arts gyms within 5 miles of my home. 1 or two have weights right there, all have children's martial arts programs. 7 or 8 of them have adults who train very hard and frequently, so theres no excuses that people won't be there to participate. Also they all offer the class and "unlimited access to the gym". how do I know this? Because I've trained at about 6 of them. I've read most of Bruce Lees books and can pull of training days of about 5-6 hours on a weekend. During the week Im an accountant. I still go out and "party" but I'll only have one drink. I dance more.

I have a black belt from Premier Martial arts, and "unoffical" medium ranks in Capoeira (spelled wrong most likely), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. These were from intensives (3 or 4 day courses) that a master would come and say "you are at about this level. At PMA, where I get sponsored for MMA fights, we also train Krav maga (my master has certifications in Krav and is a master of Kali and, tai chi, and was trained by a rare style of kung fu, praying mantis. I know this conceptually, not all of the moves, but apply the "trap and destroy" aspect to self defense. I have a vertical leap of about 33 inches, have been a swimming champion (ranked top 16 in the nation), Greco-roman wrestled for 1 year and placed 8th in states (PA catholic league, not as tough as public schools but). Generally, everyone tells me I look very intimidating as well.

Lets not get into specifics and whine about semantics of martial arts; they have no place in this thread. I can and do "kick ass" regularly in the gym, andhave beaten up pro boxers, men with 35-40 lbs on me.

ON TO THE MEAT AND POTATOES (these are good for you

Diet for Physical, mental and Spiritual Development

Diet: You want to eat alot. Think Sumo. eat when you are hungry ,and make sure your belly is full. 70% for good "digestive fire" A little body fat is absolutely not bad for you; i recommend it. The key is long-lasting energy, and you will lose the fat with proper nutrients. Ancient martial artists diets consist of plenty of whole-grains, used for blood flow (arganine) and the carbs for energy. they are also good for the brain. Simply put, i think these while grains are for the muscles.

The next part is eating veggies. Not necessarily fruits. heres why; fruits have lots of sugars, and can slow down the metabolism. Veggies are more bland and have more phytonutrients in general. Part of our existance is plant-driven. You want to eat the plants (and the wheats for that matter) that look alive and well, so you get that "alive and well feel. These are your general fuel, and are good for your brain activity and tempering anger. Your drive will be better and more focused after some veggies as opposed to a big meaty burger or a 12 inch healthy sub. Fruits make a great dessert for a meal. The sugar is great and a satisfying way to bring closure to a meal. Apples are a great way to wake up as well. A huge killer of brain cells (more so than alcohol and the non-mentionable drug here) is actually caffeine and cigarettes. Two apples, or a big apple (ah cha!) is the preferred way to wake up. do yourself a favor and get the F rid of your coffee machine and get some good green tea. I recommend Jasmine for ladies (they seem to like it more) and Longjing (dragonwell) for men. But to each his own. Use a teabag for 2 cups, then throw it away and drink a cup of water. For the afternoon, another green tea bag, preferably decaffeinated GTea is used in a similarly fashion. By that time, your day of work or in the office is over (yay!).

Pack a big Salad for the day. Spinach leaves (no exceptions, these are great for strength and have good nutrients in them)with lots of Broccoli (no exceptions, absolutely vital for good cardio breathing. No excuses, I have asthma too)

After this, eat fish (salmon and whiting), then lean meats (chicken and lean beef). Use these solely for long-lasting energy (can stay in your stomach awhile) and muscle repair. The others should cover other needs you may have in a diet, like increased focus, pump of energy etc.

Your mind should be absolutely focused on the tasks at hand for the day. The breaks from it are for healthy things, like walks, drinks or for breaks. going to the gym during lunch is great. I like a little weight session (40 min circuit training) or 30-40 in the heavy bag and stretching afterward is prime. GO home, take a little break, and make sure you get to martial arts classes at night. Outside conditioning to your MA class is crucial.

Drink milk for bones and yogurts for digestion. Other than that, no need for Dairy products.


15-20 mins of stretching, and quick twitch throws of particular moves are necessary for the morning. This will get the blood flowing for the day, tell you what is sore, and give you an idea of what vitamins, foods you need. Look into yoga and do splits. Quick movements through motions are fine when groups are properly stretched. Think Shaolin: to stretch one muscle is to flex its opposite. Stretch your back, flex your abs. Biceps, triceps. You get it.

Either go to the gym for cardio and/or weights at lunch like I said. DONT TRAIN FOR SIZE NECESSARILY. TRAIN FOR STRENGTH! SIZE WILL COME, ESPECIALLY WITH DIET. Train for strength of all muscles and proper movement. That is what i mean by "twitches." Train functions movements: twisting fromside to side with weights (kettlebells are perfect, dumbells work just fine) explosive jumping, deadlifts (great to start with dumbells)

Important Movements
Lifts, sweep, strikes, blocks, traps


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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:02 AM
damn, just got erased by my dumb ass. Lets try and summarize:

Lifts are good for control of your opponent. the point is to get him on the ground. Do this through hip control. This is his center point; all of his weight etc is here. If he resists the leg lift, its usually a good time for a strike. it also leaves the groin open. The leg he is standing on left is a good target for a kick (especially to the knee) or a sweep out. A good push in the chest will bring him down to the ground. Landing on cement could do some serious damage to his back. I used this effectively in my last MMA fight. Taking out the leg or a vicious kick the the leg can hurt your opponent really bad. Think of this: a large group of enemies and you take out a knee, he is now immobilized and a very open, easy target, or just not a force for that large group of bullies.

Sweeps are like lifts. The object is to literally sweep your opponent off the ground. Control of his body are necessary. I'm not great at these, i think its because I don ht have enough Judo practice.

Strikes are blocks, blocks are strikes. Use your Muay Thai 8 limbs: 2 fist 2elbow 2 knees 2 shins. you have knife hands, palm strikes, reg punches, knife feet, round kicks, side kicks, elbows for a great array of hits. use whats hard: make them all hard as rock. Picture yourself punching through walls, doors, crushing skulls, breaking ribs, breaking knees, breaking thighs all with one hit. harden and calcify those bones. Look for openings and take them. there will always be something open. if not, wait or make him open. Everyone be very familiar with a 'stop hit" and "intercepting emotion." this is an excellent focal point and will be exactly how you counter his moves.

traps are good for breaking limbs and weapons. You want to trap behind or underneath the weapon. get underneath the weapon and work to straighten the limb. If you get his wrist for example, you can pull it down to straighten it and put a knee through his elbow to break it. Similarly, a baton to the side of the bodycan be intercepted and a solid twist of the hips can break his elbow again. Trap is the first part always, destruction of that limb or neck or join is next. I think Tony Jaa in the Protector does this the best.

Your goal should be to train 2-3 hours a day, and get a good 4-5 hours in on a Saturday or something. that seems good for me. I go out and socialize with my friends at night. 1 or 2 beers max. They know I like the toughguy approach. Go be a superhero nerds! Go be a barbarian from Diablo II, Maxi from Soul calibur, Liu kang, Tony Jaa, Bruce Lee. be viscious, program your subcensicous midn to be the most viscious martial artist in the world. meditate on George St pierre andhis athleticism, Tony Jaa and Bruce lee, Big guys like rock Lesnar for bigness and bulk etc. Go for it everyone! GO! GO GET EM! GO GET EM! GO GET EM!

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:09 AM
yoo, im starting gym monday (as always)

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by angelx666

Start right now. Seriously, get up and do pushups, throw some punches., knees etc. Seriously, Do it.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:20 AM

Originally posted by vonholland
reply to post by angelx666

Start right now. Seriously, get up and do pushups, throw some punches., knees etc. Seriously, Do it.

i don't have facilities, i need gym, its just downstairs, lol

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by vonholland

S&F Very informative. Have copied all the info for my son. Good videos too. Thanks for all your effort. Good thread.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 09:40 PM
appreciate it. No1 should be scared of a cop. I know Im a tough guy, an mma fighter and a good natural athlete, but I'm not going to take any stuff from any bum riot cops or whatevs. I know im gonna need some backing, and i hop people toughen up b the time ish comes. We all need to get and stay tough.

We have some fellas about 30s in my mma class. you'd be amazed at how far they've come in like 3 months, just 2x a week. Even that has made such a difference. One of them landed an armbar on me today! it was awesome to see, cause ill wiggle and pound and am pretty strong for my size etc. 90 days can def make the difference, and I know they are still partying it up on weekends and continuing some bad habits. Once they are gone, there's no stopping those guys.


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