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The dead end kids.

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 01:49 AM

Originally posted by silent thunder

Originally posted by zorgon
One thing that is really different in this economy that makes a HUGE difference in getting jobs...


Things are so bad right now here's how it goes. Burger King gets one cash register opening and they put up an online ad. They get 4,652 applications in their email "inbox," all of which they delete. They get 549 paper applications, 90% of which they randomly toss in the trash. They then go through the 50 or so remaining paper-and-stamp apps and either choose the people with the Ivy League educations to come in for a face-to-face, or they simply call up their cousin and ask if his daughter is still looking for a job because one just opened up.

LOL. That's the funniest thing i've heard all day.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 01:56 AM
Have any of you seen this?

millions of people can't even find a job and this prick complains because $10,000,000 a year isn't enough.

Type in "Dunta Robinson yahoo sports" in google

It will be on the 2nd line

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:02 AM
Hi All,

Great post Loam, as this brings to light the challenges that our young people AND we older people will have to overcome. I am sure the problem is not just laziness, or stolen jobs, or even corporate greediness, although all of those are contributing factors. It goes much deeper than that, and honestly I can can almost see a sort of "grand design" aspect to all of this.

It is almost like a cause & effect type of scenario, and I can imagine that the great "fix" to our current plight is just around the corner. Can you see it? The answer that no one would have ever accepted had not things gotten so bleak and desperate? I wont speculate on what that answer may be because any guess would be just as good as mine. I will admit thought that that is my "tainted reality" view of our current situation.

My optimistic view is a bit more pleasant. Our young people, we adult people, and some of the older people challenge the current system with ideas so brilliant and awe inspiring that it brings about a serious change in the course of humanity. Good change I should add! The change would have to be that big and dramatic so as to completely make our current system obsolete.

Sounds a bit utopic and dream-like doesnt it? Almost too far out there to be a viable reality for some. Not for me though, because isnt that where the greatest inventions and ideas come from? That place that only a few will dare enter, because no one else will? I will be honest with all who have read this far. I am actively looking for my door to that place, and I am determined to find it. I am determined to find it because the change has to start somewhere so why not with me? My apologies to those who may find that a bit too ego-centric. I assure you I do not mean it that way. It comes from my viewpoint of seeking leadership within instead of in someone else.

While I am searching for that door however, I am also dealing with the same situation that many many of you have posted about. Applying for jobs that 200 other people have applied for. We have two children to take care of so their immediate needs are what take priority. I am also trying to teach them about the reality of our world so that they are "aware", but teenagers are often too distracted to pay attention to us "old" folks!
Some of it gets through to them though.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by grayhawkz1

Don't they have busses there? I used to have to take two busses to work before I could afford a car.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:19 AM
reply to post by FritosBBQTwist

I have been applying for plenty of the positions advertised with a massive sign out the front saying "NOW HIRING".
A massive majority of them (like 9 in 10) have said that they've had hundreds of applicants for the position, and that they are still accepting resumes. I've asked them what the shortlist will be like, and most say about 1/3rd of applicants will get interviews, and usually about 1/5th will get a position.

Not a very uplifting prospect, applying for an advertised position where you know you have a one in 15 chance of getting the job.

So by that logic, we should apply for 15 jobs and will get one of them? That would be assuming that the positions you are applying for will be using TOTALLY RANDOM methods of applicant selection.

Of the 300+ jobs I applied for this year, I've had two interviews. One of them emailed me a month after I applied, for an interview the next day, and I didn't see the email till a day later. The other interview was with a large chain store that had approx 300 applicants for 30 positions, and wasted my time with a phone interview, an online application that took almost an hour, a group interview, and a personal interview with a group of managers that felt more like an interrogation by the CIA than a meeting of the minds.

As for the comments people have been making in this thread about differing generations being to blame for this problem, I would like to point something out that will not be PC:
In Australia, we have over a hundred thousand international students come in every year, more than half stay for over five years, and it's been this way for almost a decade now. They only go into the major cities, ie. Melbourne. These students come from the middle-class of their country as their parents can afford $20,000 per year for tuition, as well as paying their rent and living expenses. These kids get bored, and have no work experience whatsoever, so they apply for all the minimum-wage entry-level jobs they can find. They get all the jobs that our kids used to take whilst in highschool, in their mid twenties! So we have a city filled with international students studying post-grad masters' degrees, working for $12 an hour at a supermarket doing 20 hours a week.
In some places, ie. Chadstone and Oakleigh, you can walk into a supermarket or a fast-food restaurant wholly staffed by Indian mid-20-somethings, and a large portion of them are doing fulltime study as well.

Last year, I did exactly the same thing that I am doing now, to apply for work, and I was getting an interview a week, applying for half the amount of jobs I am going for now:
I would send off about five emails a week, fax off a half dozen resumes to random companies after calling their HR department, and every day I'd be finding a new business to ask their managers if they had any positions and if they were taking resumes.
I have been doing TWICE the amount of work that I did last year, and have had no luck whatsoever. What's changed? The companies that I used to get temp work with, are swamped with applicants; the temporary seasonal harvesting jobs are being filled within minutes of being advertised; job advertising webpages run by the government have half the advertised jobs as the same time last year.
The icing on the cake, is that in Australia, we have unemployment benefits, and until July of 2009, we had an integral government program designed to get unemployed people work experience and contacts with employers. That ended in the new financial year, and now you have to be unemployed for SIX MONTHS before the job network agencies will even blow any hot air your way.

To create a strawman argument here, I will now attempt to pre-empt some of the responses I will get to this post:

No, I do not have the 'wrong attitude towards work', nor am I 'lazy', I have been busting my arse for the past six months to get work. I've chewed through two laser printer cartridges from all the resumes I've printed out and distributed, and used up god-only-knows how many hundreds of dollars worth of phone bills at the job network agency.

No, I will not 'get a trade', if I could afford to go back to study, I would have stayed in the course I was doing before I was almost bankrupted. I have ten years worth of customer service experience in various methods (retail, telemarketing, inbound helpdesk, computer repairs/maintenance). I am a 'cusper' of Gen X and Gen Y, so like everyone else my age, I am very competent with computers, which alone in itself is not enough to get you any work.

No I am not 'going about it the wrong way', I am doing exactly what I know has worked in the past, and what the multi-billion dollar government programme states I should be doing to be successful in applying for work.

No I am not going to 'look at different industries', because I have already lost track at how many different industries I have applied in. Here's a short list of what I can think of so far: Telemarketing, retail sales, forklift driving, housecleaning, office cleaning, picking/packing, nursery apprenticeships, public toilet sundries distributor, cemetary maintenance, garbage disposal, grafitti removal, dog washing, slaughterhouse labourer, farm hand, apple picker, cleaner of chicken poo, receptionist at a brothel, street-sweeper driver, etc etc etc.

I am out of ideas, and I am learning how to become self-sustainable. I have started to steal things from the nature strip (the grass between the footpath and the road) during hard rubbish collection day (twice a year the council cleans up old stuff for us, like fridges, mattresses, branches, etc), repairing them and donating them to friends who repay me with good food and good company.
I am good at repairing old bikes, computers, televisions, furniture, etc.
I know a decent amount about building small vegetable gardens in backyards and growing your own food.
I am good on the phone and talking comes naturally to me. I can call up corporations to get the HR managers on the phone and get them interested in what I have to say, to brighten their day.
I have the uncanny knack to get random people interested in 'did you know' scenarios when talking with them at their place of work, ie. telling people at the post office about the bond tracking numbers on the back of the birth certificate, and about how the electronic 'e-passport' system is not mentioned anywhere in the Passports Act whatsoever. When I talk, people listen intently.
I am bloody good at getting people on the street to donate time and money to charities, especially ones that are locally managed.

If anybody has any idea whatsoever as to how I can get a viable income from a synergy of the above skillset, please let me know in a PM, because it will probably disappear into the void that is this awesomely long thread.

Kudos to loam for starting discussion on yet another excellent topic. ^_^

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:43 AM
I am hoping this situation leads to a lot of suicides -- population decrease.

Give it some time and they'll get arrested. That will take them off the streets.

Or we have Obama's draft coming up. That will take a lot of these slacker kids and turn them into responsible adults, or get rid of them, one way or the other.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 03:20 AM
I fall into this age bracket and I'd have to agree with the OP's claims.

For 19 years I was always taught, if you have a good work ethic, do well in school, and go to college and get a degree, your future will be set. I'm observant enough to understand that sadly, that just isn't the case in today's America. I currently go to school full time, and have a full time job (which I cannot stand), and live with my mother. Now here is what has been troubling me since I finished my first year of college: I'm working this job to pay for my college, so I won't have to work jobs like this in the future right? Yet 3 of my co-workers have BA's in business management, computer science, and psychology, and 2 others have Master's degrees in Finance and Chemical Engineering. Only myself and my friend who got me the job do not have degrees. So my question is, what am I doing in college if I'm just going to be stuck working this same dead end job with nothing to claim for it but a stupid piece of paper and tens of thousands of dollars down the drain?

7 full time employees, 5 with degrees, 2 working on them. you would think this would be a business working it's way up, or possibly a small firm of some sort right?

I work at 7-eleven, making 8.65 an hour, working all kinds of crazy hours, and I can't quit. I've searched far and wide for other jobs, NOTHING. Grocery stores, other gas stations, feed stores, construction work, etc - you name it, I've applied to it. Fast food places think im over qualified, and Wal-Mart won't give me more than 20 hours a week at 8.00 an hour. I feel like I'm doing better than most people my age right now, and I am proud of that, and grateful that I have a job even if I hate it most times, but is this really all that's there for me? Sometimes I really consider just dropping out of college altogether but because I have so much respect for my mother and her wishes I still kill myself with 40 hours of work a week and 20 hours of class, so my questions to you ATSers is this :

1.What the hell is the point of a college degree anymore?

2.How will we ever rise above this?

3.If anybody, has any advice for me, please reply here or send me a PM, this has been tearing me up for over a year now and I really would like someone who is (or has been) in my current situation to provide some outlook that mayber there could be hope in the future for people like us.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 03:48 AM

Originally posted by grayhawkz1
I fall in that age bracket and I am quite disgusted with the tone projected at that age group. Firstly I live in a town that is sprawled out across a long beach and is disconnected by one main highway. This makes it impossible to bike ride to work or simpler means, unless of course if you want to risk getting hit on the highway. In order to get a job I must have a car. In order to have a car I must afford insurance. If I want to get a loan on a car I have to get full coverage which is rediculously priced. So what you see is a conundrum on how to get a job.
However, I speak for some of my age group when I say that most of us detest and despise the system laid out for us. Most people accept the world they are brought into but it seems many of this age group are intelligent enough to look beyond the mechanical system. The societal organism as a whole doesnt need young men to do hard work for incredibly cheap pay, they found an even cheaper substitute.
I reached a point, which I knew I would inevitibly reach, where I wish to no longer participate in the societal organism. The government acts as a parental figure in which, If living under their "house", one must follow their rules in order to sustain oneself. This is rediculous, the last thing they want you to be able to do is self subsistence. Well in my attempt of defeating the societal organism, I am learning to provide for myself in ways completely avoiding the societal organism.
Agreeing with the person that said we should just hijack our own land and create our own society, well this is bound to happen whether it stays amongst the age bracket or effects all living in the system.
My ancestors had no problem living in harmony with nature and I intend to do the same. I do not need 4 years of college to end up grinding my life away for money. I will enjoy my life under simpler means, and all the while, spiritually advancing my self and hopefully more will join, and soon enough we can take a hold of our own destiny as a species and take back what is rightfully ours, the right to live happily and freely off the land that NO ONE owns, and no one has the right to say how and in what way I can choose to live.

I look at the system and see a barbaric system of ownership, and just like the natives, I cannot comprehend why the white men fence in the land, its not their's to say "MINE." It is this idea of ownership that is the foundation of our system, and it's flawed to say the least. The evolution of man has been put on hold for greedy people. So next time you think to yourself, "man I need a job," think about how you could live happily without one.

A true utopia is one without money and greed and one in which everyone provides for themselves with enough to give back to community. Many anti-capitalist rave about kicking the monetary system and all sorts of things, but not many actually envision the next system without money. Community is important but not if it perpetuates self enslavement, community, or a new societal organism, must be worked from the ground up. Starting with all learning to provide for themselves, and then to provide for the community.
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Couldn't agree more with this statement, beautifully put.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 04:07 AM

Originally posted by THX-1138
I am hoping this situation leads to a lot of suicides -- population decrease.

Give it some time and they'll get arrested. That will take them off the streets.

Or we have Obama's draft coming up. That will take a lot of these slacker kids and turn them into responsible adults, or get rid of them, one way or the other.

If that isn't sarcastic I'm speechless. Lets kill young kids because they are "lazy". I don't think they make drugs for that kind of sick.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by THX-1138

I wouldn't be too cheery about that if I were you.

We're all broke- we can't just go out and buy a gun, or even ammo for the gun we already have, or even a rope and a stool for that matter. So we'd really have to figure out some way to get other people to kill us. And since we all know that if you want something done right you should do it yourself, we'd have to take into account the fact that you might not be able to kill us all, meaning we'd have to provoke you into it by doing things that we'd enjoy doing just for their own sake even if they didn't succeed in getting us killed.

So I imagine that first we'd sack the grocery store and go have a big company cookout for all the people who don't actually work for a company right now. I suppose it's possible that the police would just use teargas on us, but they couldn't arrest us all without hiring at least some of us to build more prison cells, so if things didn't go according to plan we'd just try Plan B the next day.

Seeing as the day before we all got pepper sprayed and beat to hell and still aren't dead, and a lot of us have been sleeping on couches or floors for way too long and can barely remember what it's like to live in a house where the AC could overcome the accumulation of bodyheat or where the water heater could supply everyone, we'd probably want to lounge around and rest even in the midst of attempting suicide, so we'd file into your neighborhood and occupy every vacant house. In fact, we'd stand a much better chance of getting killed if we went for the occupied ones too. Mind you that's not a threat, because if it came to a fight our whole focus would be to lose it. Of course if you didn't have enough ammo for all of us that would be OK, you could hire the half that doesn't get shot to clean up the corpses of the ones who do, and the whole problem is solved.

Obviously this little situation would plunge the value of your home into our buying range, but let's face it, you'd never sell for that little and we'd never buy a house that screwed up (i'm sure you have a lovely home but your neighborhood couldn't possibly support all of the unemployed without taking a few dings) so the only real upshot of that is that your bank has less to borrow against, which forces them to admit to you that they don't actually still have your money. We'd be like financial vampires: we bite your bank and you become one of us.

And that's a problem, because even though some of us are dead now, now you and your neighbors are in the same boat as those who survived, so another day ends and we'll have to come up with Plan C.

Getting drafted really isn't an option, because the troops are all young and underpaid and disillusioned with this country too, and what's more they know the government can't keep their pay up if they take on too many new guys. And they certainly won't kill us, because they need us to eventually get jobs again and start paying taxes, or that big green gravy train might run out of steam.

Next, since we're having such horrible luck dying, we'd have to find something that makes us even dumber and less healthy than we already are. Preferrably something that's got a little money in it. I'm guessing it'll be narcotics. But they already tried that once before, and all it really got them was some of the best music ever made, so once again the world is left crawling in us poor ne'er-do-wells.

So I guess the bible is right- the poor you have with you always. Sorry buddy, you'll never get rid of us. You'll be doing quite well just to keep from becoming one of us actually.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 06:46 AM
So what. Are there not enough clothes, food and shelter for everyone ? In fact there are a lot more than everyone needs, and it does not matter, the total unemployment could be at 80% and still these basic things would still be there and enough for all. But you gotta turn the planet into trash- find a job, be a slave, sell your life else no food for you !

So what do I want ? What do I mean by "share" ? Communism ? No. I mean : share the work for the basics and share the basics. No money involved here. Rest of the time - free time for all. To obtain whatever more they want. Even use money, and sell their lives to get a nice TV if that is their choice. But having the basics - with very little work, because we have this technology, most people would take it easy. Do stuff that matters.

With only 10% of the work of today we could have food, and clothes and the machines that make these fast. For all. Of course - no more hotels, electricity, personal cars, nothing. Only food, clothes and some basic items like knives, and other stuff you would need when going camping. Produced and sent to warehouses all over the country. Nobody would take more than they need - first because it would be looked down upon, then because he has nothing to do with them. Nobody to sell to, because everyone has these.
Now you can sit and enjoy life helped by technology, the way every inventor thought about when he invented things to "help people", working in turns it's something like 4 years of work to produce the basics. The you have them for free for life. You are replaced by the next shift - then the next.

Machines can save labor, but only if they go idle when we possess enough of what they can produce. In other words, the machinery offers us an opportunity to work less, an opportunity that as a society we have chosen not to take. Instead, we have allowed the owners of those machines to define their purpose: not reduction of labor, but “higher productivity”—and with it the imperative to consume virtually everything that the machinery can possibly produce.

Or - you can be very unhappy about all this freedom, and find yourself a slave master and sell you life for more comfort. But I am sure that with all that free time, people will end up creating quite comfortable homes, have free time to just live, travel, party, create, whatever and laugh at any slave master attempting to "hire" them.

Workforce - not population , CIA world fact book:

agriculture: 1.2%
industry: 19.6%
services: 79.2% (2008 est.)

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 07:35 AM
reply to post by whistler16

I know there is nothing wrong with doing what it takes to survive. So I feel I need to clarify my post. I was typing it late and my wife was calling me to bed.

The guy that got the job averaged at least two complaints a month. He did not know how to access the inventory log. This meant he was constantly pitching products we didn't have and causing customer issues. Plus the people that worked with him did not respect him. The only reason he took the job for $2,400 less than the other guy was, he didn't know what to ask for. He didn't do his research.

The other guy was well respected by all of his fellow employees. He had repeat customers that brought him cookies and sent him Christmas cards at the store. He was a solid salesman that maintained his quota. No he wasn't going to "sell the lights out of the place." He was never in a positionto lose his job though.

However, he asked for what the company SOP said was the minimum for the position. So, he didn't get the job. He was the better canidate all around. The the other guy met an arbitrary mark and failed to do his research. So he got the job.

Then you had the companies like Circuit City. They kept cutting comissions and restructuring pay scales to cover bad decision at the executive level. When that wouldn't work they called in all of their commision employees on a monday morning. They fired nearly fifty percent of their commisioned workforce without warning. In fact they had just pledged to support the commision structure and employees the month prior. What motivation did the remaining employees have to work in the company's best interest?

There were commision employees that had been with the company nearly twenty years. They were released because they were earning too much. In other words they were too good at selling stuff. Does that make any sense? All remaining sales positions were then salary capped. What incentive does a salesman have if he knows he will never make more than X dollars? Why does anyone want to invest in a career with a company that isn't going to compensate your dedication?

This is the current state of American business. This is a big reason our economy is collapsing. Workers are not only disenchanted, but depressed. They have no reason to strive for excellence. Why excelle if you are not going to be rewarded? If you're going to be capped while the CEO makes bigger and bigger bonuses every year why try?

People with no intentions of dropping off the grid feel like they are caught in a death spiral. Heck even people that don't even know about the grid feel cheated and abused. When the parents learned that it wasn't worth it too strive the attitude got passed on either intentionaly or not.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 07:41 AM
as far as working goes I left pretty early to join the military. now I have a few months left and plan on using my bill to put me through college. also with the money I've saved up I plan on starting a porn business. as sleazy as it sounds, I think I would thrive in an entire nation of bored,overworked depressed peoples. if that doesn't work my education and military skills and experience will more then suffice to land me any job. also with a little creativity I think any small business can thrive.

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 07:53 AM

Originally posted by YarlanZey
reply to post by grayhawkz1

Don't they have busses there? I used to have to take two busses to work before I could afford a car.

Honestly in some areas public transport isn't a choice. I have lived in areas where it would have been a five mile walk to catch the bus. I have lived in small rural towns with no public transportation and few jobs. So if you didn't have a car you caught a ride to work at the gas station (or fast food joint) or you stayed home.

There are towns in this country that have absolutely no transport for anyone. Some only have it for the medically needy that happen to also be indigent.

A whole other class of town is the "bedroom" town. You live in a town twenty miles from the city because you can not afford to live in the city. There aren't enough jobs in that town for the people that live there so kids compete with adults that have less education for a minimal number of low income jobs.

There are a million types of towns out there. Unfortunately a large protion of them do not offer any form of transportation for citizens.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 10:49 AM

Originally posted by fordrew
German history books will not say whether they started WWII and lost.

Of course they do!
And quite extensive too.
In Austrian classes you would even have discussions wether Austrias status as "first victim" is justified or not.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 11:33 AM
Thank you 'Loam' for starting this very contraversal thread. Very enlightening.
I made thencomment on the first page about '...sheer laziness...' which I think opened up a big can of worms! After getting caught up reading these 8 pages(wow!), I had so many posters I wanted to resond to I'd just fill up another 8 pages but I will respond to one that I feel was a direct attack towards my comments-

Originally posted by The Vagabond
reply to post by geo1066

You either live in a very unusual area or have had the luxury of being sheltered enough to believe those few bits of media garbage you've got there.

Now 'Vagabond', I do consider where I live to be 'unusual'. I love living here and the area has alot to offer but I don't quite understand the 'luxury of being sheltered' part. Let me give you abit of my background-
I'm 49 yrs. old and although I was raised as an 'Air Force' brat, Pops retired when I was 16 and also that was when my parents got a divorce. Us kids(six of us) lived with our mother who had to go to a JC to get an associates in medical records to support us. I also got my first job at 16 pushing a broom and stocking shelves at 'Longs Drug Store' and have work ever since. I only graduated HS but when I turned 20, I was then working on a road crew laying asphalt in San Antonio, Tx in the middle of July and decided I needed to do something better with my life.
So I went to the want ads to see what was needed. Being that I like to work with my hands I saw the need for electical, plumbing and HVAC helpers. Well I figured I needed to learn a trade...Hmmm, what should it be.. well with HVAC I would learn electrical and plumbing but niether of them would be able to do HVAC so I went to a 4night/week for 6 months tech school while working as a PT sales rep for a tobacco company which was a fancy title for somebody that sets up the cigarette racks in the stores. After finishing tech school, I got into the Apt. maintenece buisness, became a supervisor and did that for about 9-10 yrs. Got married and the wife didn't like my line of work so back to the ads. There was an ad for a 'on the job training' position being a 'Dental equipment Technician'. I went to apply and this being an entry level position, I was considered over qualified. I pleaded for the position stating that I wanted a career change and got that job. Got divorced, gave my ex everything including my clothes and the whole state of Oklahoma and moved down here to New Mexico. Pretty desolete area compared to all the other areas that I lived in. No apt. complexes and not that many dentist so now what? Construction or public services(ie-resterants, etc.) is all that's around so I went to work as a 'nail bagger'. Worked for others for a couple of years and got my own 'contractors licence' and have been self employed ever since(about 15 yrs. now) So 'sheltered life'? I don't understand.

For the alot of the other posters that won't take a job that they think is beneath them. How do you think these CEOs got started? To get to the top of the ladder you got to start on the first rung.
For the posters that say the job isn't satisfying enough to have. Grin and bear it till what you want comes along. It will. I personally don't live to work, I work to live. And by living I mean I enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, going to community events and just being active all of which do require the 'almighty dollar' so off to work I go.
For the 'lets get back to nature' posters. Fine and dandy. More power to ya and I hope you achieve your goals. This is not going to happen over night. So meanwhile what are you going to do?
For the ones that have all the applications in with no response. As an Employer, let me give you some tips that may help-
Apply for a job in the morning preferably when work starts. It shows that if your there first in the morning, you're more likely to show up on time. plus I really don't have the time to talk to you once my day has started.
Ask questions just don't answer them. Show that you're interested and can think for yourself.
Check back often, it shows interest.
Just remember, you may not like what you're doing now but it can open doors for you later on. Look for them. Stay Positive. Life is easy, don't make it hard!

Anything is better than nothing.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 11:57 AM
We recently posted a job listig for a part time data entry tech for $14 per hour 30hrs/week 6 month term. And we had over 500 responses. We had another listing for a UT tech trainie and just a year ago we had one of those opening with only 4 applicants for the $15/hr job. Now the new posting was $14 per hour and we had 200 applicants. It's hard to get HR to take a young person into a junior position when older people with tons of experience are also willing to take those entry level positions. I've been argueing that if the economy picks up those "senior" people will flee for senior jobs for more money, while junior people would be more likely to stay. It's a hard sell.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:34 PM
Jobless rates spike in my London,On. 11% and we have a teaching University and Colleges. It's almost impossible to get a part-time job anywhere.
I assume that it is even worse in the USA.
My girlfriend spent 10months of re-training for a good paying job with a good placement outlook. Guess what. No JOBS.
It's like, oh sorry you just spent 10K on school and now you have no job, no future.
4 months later she finally gets a # job at Tim Hortons. You can't live comfortably on min. wage.
This jobless culture is going to cause a lot of low level income earners.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 01:55 PM
I myself, being 23 fits into the category. While I have only been unemployed for a little over 2 weeks due to quitting the job I did have(washing dishes) because my boss was completely out of his mind. I am a computer technician and am in the process of opening my own shop. All I need is 1500 to secure the location but getting a loan right now is next to impossible for me. My family has lost half their savings and the banks will not give me a loan even one that small. Its discouraging. So I will have to get another minimum wage job and try to save money which is impossible due the cost of living in New York state namely to taxes. This recession has hit me and my family who are lower upper class very hard.

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:31 PM
Are you paraphrasing Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations?"

Do I get a gold star?

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