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The dead end kids.

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 05:38 PM

It will backfire. And the parents and grandparents keep bugging them to 'get a job' when they don't realize, because of what is happening, WE CAN'T. Unless you have some personal connections into a business or corporation you're basically out of luck. College degree or not, the people will soon realize what it is they have to do.

They will have to learn most peoples god is money.
This will all backfire if people start thinking realistically about survival and becoming self reliant while not obeying the higher influential misguidance of the system.

All it takes is a change of action. If all employed people stop going to work tomorrow there would be a change.

Stop looking to your misguided leaders who misguide you. Because they are not true leaders. They are followers leading you to your self destructive demise.

If you can't lead yourself, find someone who has solution with direction.

This response was brilliant in so many ways. I think without even realizing it the poster pointed out the problem.

GOD is money, which is why alot of us are struggling right now.

A lot of us can't bring ourselves to exploit religion for good wealth.
Religion is the secret to good wealth.

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