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Pyramid, Hologram structure and the NWO

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:08 AM
Before I start off, I just want to say this is my opinion, no references to back it up, take is as you choose.

The society we live in is in a pyramid scheme. ie: food pyramid, society, etc, to give you the idea of a pyramid scheme. You can either have a King, Queen, President, Sultan or whatever on top. Below the very top, you have the courts, parliament, etc, and at the very bottom, you have the population. Now image the pyramid scheme as Jenga, the game. If a piece is taken out when it's not suppose to, it will collapse.

Now the hologram scheme. Imagine 20 Jenga towers. If one falls, there will be 19 others to take it's place because every tower is a image of the other. The perfect example of a holographic scheme will be the military. Each military base mimics the other; if one base gets wiped off from a meteor (hypothetically), there will be many more bases to takes it place so that one wouldn't be missed because each base are self sufficient and are mirrors of each other.

A pyramid scheme will be the US economy. Because someone tried to take the *finance* Jenga piece out back in 2008, the economy almost collapse affecting the whole world, or the Jenga tower. If every country mirrors each other and someone takes that piece out and the tower collapse, you still have all the other countries to hold up the society.

Now if you think about the NWO, and if creates a society that mirrors each other without the *walls* to keep everyone separate, then you would probably have a holographic scheme. To get to this, you will have to demolish the pyramid scheme first which everyone is used to.

If someone knows how to bake a cake and if that person dies, no one else would know how to make a cake (you can practice and try to figure it out yourself.) Now if that person passes that knowledge to others, and if that person dies, you still have many more people out there to *take his place* then everything will be peachy.

I was thinking about this when I was trying to explain to my girlfriend on how our society works. If you have any thoughts on this let me know.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 01:42 PM
Think i get your drift.
Here's my take for what its worth.
As the level of power increases, the individuals or corporations holding that power decrease. After all not everyone can be top dog, who would take out the garbage?
The system just cannot support it. It would be too top heavy and crumble. This is the pyramid.
Those holding the most power and control are few. They are the overseers, the eye. By design the places at the top are few.

The hologram scheme sounds like a hive or cell system and i think we already have that too. Doctors, electricians, soldiers, are all given the same training and knowledge and in reality it is the training and knowledge that is important and that can be used to create another. this applies to the systems we live by also.
societies are similar the world over. money systems, power, water, food, i would imagine all work on the same principals. They just don't necessarily all speak the same language, monetary or otherwise.

I don't think it is a case of either or. Even with a hive or cell society there will still be an over ruling higher power even if this is only a unifying ideal. More likely you would still have section heads and controllers, presidents etc in essence the pyramid will always remain.

i think the aim of the nwo is simply to make the system more universal so that it is easier to manage, and to gain more power and control over that system.
It is just unfortunate that the power and control they crave is over us and the world that we live.

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