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Terrible Dream Of Pandemic

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 02:25 PM

Originally posted by antar
I realize that we need shelters for disaster, but wow it just made me think of this thread so I wanted to share that. 2 new ones going in in Nixa mo.

HOLY COW!! Guess whats going on there now!


A second person has died in the Ozarks within a week from bacterial meningitis. The Christian county health department tells KSPR News a woman died from meningitis November 18-th. Christian County Health Department Director Karen Potter could not release specific details of the death or the woman for privacy reasons. The lab confirmed bacterial meningitis the day after the woman's death. Potter says the county conducted a communicable disease investigation to treat any close contacts who may have been infected. The health department advised those people to seek treatment from their personal doctor. She did say the investigation turned up another possible case. "We have received information there is another possible case in another county in the Ozarks," she said. She would not elaborate. Last weekend a two year old in Mansfield also died from bacterial meningitis. His step mother and a sibling are still recovering from meningitis. When asked about a possible connection, Potter said to her knowledge there have been no connections between the cases in Wright county and the case in Christian county.

Two have died and two are sick. They are continuing their investigation to see if more are ill. Major epidemic hazard!

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 08:54 PM

Originally posted by antar
I had to add another dream I had several nights ago.

First of all I had a dog named Kysha who was part coyote and other, she was my best friend my soul mate.

She left her body a few months ago and it has been so hard to say the least, everytime it thunders I remember her jumping up and slobbering in fear above me in bed, she would stay there until I got up and just went about doing stuff like dishes or something, anything.

She stayed by my side. Where I went she went.

I believe she was with me as a child, in fact I have a picture of myself at 10 snuggled up on the floor with "Pooge" who was the same exact breed, color markings everything exact copy.

I have shown the picture to people and said yea, Ive had her since I was a baby. They would always do a double take and say "Hey! Wait a minute, thats not possible!" She couldnt be that old!

Well true enough but in my life many stranger things have happened than having a dog find me again after all these years and become my loving mate once again...

Anyway the other night I had a dream of her (not the first by any means)

I was in a serious situation, people were standing around and we were talking about 'something', Kysha was standing before me and as always her golden haired self looking intently at me.

Then all of the sudden she began to transform into a grey and then pitch black dog!

It was not just her color that changed it was her energy as well, it was like an Omen of some kind and I woke sucking in my breth and jumped up out of bed.

It was similar to the dream in the OP, I dont know how but it really left me feeling like something very bad was on the horizon and that Kysh was trying to warn me of it.

Any ideas?

My beloved dog kysha turned black, like she was covered in oil! I just wonder if this was the BP warning? Will people become ill and die from some poison which travels on the winds?

In the dream people would be overcome by it and begin bleeding, loose their ability to breath and die.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 06:56 PM

Originally posted by antar
I did go ahead and follow some of the advice here, I used salt in doorways and windows with blessings to keep negative forces out of at least my home.

I met a strange person yesterday, I could see the depths of the soul through the eyes. I wont go into it unless pushed, but yeah, interesting times.

Antar, was this person yellow? Like, yellow-looking clothes, yellowish-brown hair? Were the clothes out of style, not quite right? Was it a man? Did the person say anything to you? Were you by yourself or with others? Did the person seem to just appear out of nowhere or seem to be watching you? Were you afraid to keep looking into the person's eyes for fear of being sucked in somehow?

NotThat and I have seen a man like that back in 1994. I'll never forget it. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about when you say you "could see the depths of the soul through the eyes." I'd be REALLY curious to hear more about this strange person.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 07:07 PM

Originally posted by antar
reply to post by whaaa

Sorry I am sleep writing...

The person is connected, on every level.

A GREAT insider to events which affect us all.

I saw in the right eye, a bottomless pit, a place where souls converge.

Cant go into it right now, but I was and am not afraid.

It is not always there, only in certain light.

The entire eye socket becomes deep, swirling and void.

Cant say more now.

Much much getting ready to start.

Yes, a black bottomless pit. Void. Yes. As if the eyes were a funnel and you were suddenly being sucked down into darkness. Sucked like a vacuum cleaner. My instand reaction was "Whoa!" Like you're standing on the edge of a cliff and you feel yourself being sucked in and you immediately back up. A sense of danger, of things being unnatural. The swirling pitch black pit was so deep I was afraid I would get lost there and not be able to get back again.

"A place where souls converge." I never thought of it that way, but that makes total sense. I felt like my soul was being sucked up, would be sucked up if I kept on looking. Like I'd lose myself. I knew all of this in an instant.

I freaked out and immediately looked away. I did NOT want to look in his eyes again. I knew he was a "person" to avoid. NotThat spoke to him. I never heard him speak. He spoke directly to her, in her HEAD. She responded. He came for her and made sure he went out of his way to speak to her. We wrote about him briefly in the thread about the grey room.

I have no idea who/what he was. I'd like to compare notes with you.

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