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bipedal walking robot : help wanted

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by harrytuttle

I hope your engineering skills are better than your spelling/grammar skills.

I'm not being rude, I'm telling you like it is. No one is ever going to take you seriously if that's the way you communicate in order to drum up work.

So if you are wondering why no one ever takes you seriously, now you know why.

That being said, if you don't want to improve your writing skills, then you better have some very impressive real world functioning machines that demonstrate your craft if you want anyone to notice you.

Good luck.

in fact my engineering skills are quite limited , I might go so far as to say non-exsistant .

however , that said , what I know of robotics is quite a good deal greater than engineering .

I am the equal to a current day car mechanic , in the time when ford made his first proto type .

I am not selling myself , I am selling a design that was 50 years ahead of today , 15 years ago .

frankly , speaking ... the only changes in the design in the last 15 years , have come about because of capablitys that didn't exsist befor... and even then , nothing has fundimentaly changed in the design .

the vidio you see on youtube at

is simple for a reason , the whole design is simple for a reason.
the closer you look , the simpler it gets ...
you will end up saying to yourself , any one could have come up with this its so simple ....

what you fail to see... is that it will be cheap to build , hard to kill , and easy to work on , fix and operate ....

it is in short , well design'd

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by TheRedneck

vno2o6n7 vmos fet , 4 power chips in a ceramic case , 5vdc input signal , 12.oo each .... it took 3 years to find them they handle 6 amps at 60 vdc .... I hear you bros.

my design started out with machining , blocks of plastic and high precsion... now its welded tubing , and low tolarance .

but a strange thing happened on my path .

vulture capitalists , box's of proto type tests , and drawings in collage rule note books .... cryptic beyond understanding .

my child took on a life of its own , I got out of the way and it suddenly began designing what it wanted to be... and not what I wanted it to look like .

ATMEL's on a usb LAN , multi function multi operational , adaptive componance... if they are hard to build... they will be easier to brake...

my friend... disipline is the reduction of a outcome to its simplest elements . reduce your part count , make every part do a dozen things , and make it simple . reduce it to a simple math problem , build a proto type on the practice of the concept... blow it up , throw it away , and learn from each test...

what youhave in the mind... they can never take out of your hand ....

...and always remember...

the diffrence between waiting and marking time.... is what happens when the waiting is over .

you will likely get only one chance... be ready for it... if you make one mistake... the door will close again , and unlike a dancer , or a cello player... you will never ever get the second chance.

people will give billions to a painter or sculpter...

but guys like us.. who might create zero point energy , design tidal energy , robotics or telepresents... are on our own .

bill gates did it all with not a single bit of help from foundations , or pel grants .... ford never got any help he did not struggle , beg and humble him self for.

upon our sholders is the future buildt , and we will be punished for it .

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by readerone

vno2o6n7 vmos fet , 4 power chips in a ceramic case , 5vdc input signal , 12.oo each .... it took 3 years to find them they handle 6 amps at 60 vdc .... I hear you bros.

Obsolete part. It looks like they discontinued the whole VN02 series.

Try for something like IRFIZ14GPBF... 60V 8A N-Ch MOSFET in a TO220 case. You can stack them to infinity, and my supplier (Mouser Electronics) has them for $1.01 each single quantity.

MOSFET design is changing so rapidly that part numbers change faster than designs. I have a ton of old IRF511s that I still use, They were plentiful a few years back and rapidly becoming an industry standard; now they're obsolete.

my child took on a life of its own , I got out of the way and it suddenly began designing what it wanted to be... and not what I wanted it to look like .

All good designs do this. Sometimes you have to reign them in, however, before they grow out of control!

upon our sholders is the future buildt , and we will be punished for it .

Truer words have rarely been spoken....


posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by TheRedneck

honestly , I have 4 class's of robot designs , 1) walkers 2)crawlers 3)hawler 4) 'other'

the youtube is called the binary , I have a dragon , 'walker', micro ,and strider .

a)the binary is ballscrew / electric , b) the dragon is pure pnematic , and has a back bone of 5 link motor cycle chain. c) 'walker' is the big boy , bent tubing , deisel/hydrolic , 4 arms , and systems that would take decades to fully discuss, much less understand . d) micro is a process to make nanobots ... e) strider was a early design that used soliniods and springs and has a heck of a time standing still... but can run like the wind .
( honestly... stride falls over when it attempts to stop or slows down to much )


crawlers have diffrent kinds of tracks or 6 legs ... what makes it a crawler is that it is a platform for a extending craining arm .
this class is more stable than a walker , less energy hungry , but can't deal with uneven surfaces, stairs or obsticals .

functionaly... they are what you send when you need a walker , but the path is clear .


hawlers are your standard robot/remote controlled cart.
they take a walker to where it can't go any further , or take cargo from a dock to a dock .

its all auto-pilot, power , guidance and drive ... wheels with a mind of its own .

good gas milage , simple and no bells or whistels .

hawlers come in three flaviors a)indoor electric / 2 wheels and a wagon b) out door / gas-hydrolic ,two wheels and a wagon c) 'other'


with in the first three class's... I have about 10 very well developed designs shovel ready . and about 20 less refined

I also have non class design's for ocean bottom farming/mining , air craft/hover craft , space station mantainace , off world applications .... and other stuff that is pretty strange .


my heart is 'walker'

his fuel is deisel , that pressurizes the main hydrolic lines , which winds up metal springs ... so...
technicaly speaking... it is spring powered / hydrolic .
the hydrolic fluid is deisel oil .
the hydrolic piping is bent and spot welded into the fraim , the arms are made up of only springs ( tubing coils which deliver or return hydrolic fluid ) and liniar actuators ... the hands are welded bar stock and linc'd hindge spring load'd closed power'd open .

and if you don't think you undertand everything about him in 15 seconds... you are quite dull witt'd .
there is just a few tiny things that you will not understand...
and frankly speaking , the more you know , the more questions you will ask... untill you suddenly reolise ... there is a heck of alot more going on here than meets the eye.

95% of him is so clear and easy to understand , its childs play... its the deal with the last 5% that will make you gasp .

I have a liniar accutaor design that has 14 parts , only 2 are machined to +/- .oo5 , and 4 are machined at all .
this accuator encodes lenght, decodes PWM digital lenght , pressure regulates both gas or liquid , between 700psig to 50psig ... is self ajusting and self calibrating...

one wire gose in , the body of the accuator is its ground...

this one design is worth hundreds of millions of dollors , when you understand it... it is simplicity itself...

the robot needs 48 of them and I couldn't afford the technology of the 1980's ( wait a moment , he has been sitting on this for 35 years !... yup ) ... it gets better , I have 12 patentable ideas in this one robot .... awaiting some one to sponcer me .

the binary is a throw away , he is a good little beasty , but frankly , I can do a great deal better .

I can sell you a 1000.oo robot that can take your garbage out , collect your mail or walk to the store .... if I have an air breathing hydrogen fuel cell .

or a robot that can walk about for 15 to 20 minutes with no new technology ...

frankly speaking... some one is going to tell me... put up or shut up some day ... and its going to be very intresting for every one.

I have come very close a few times , but each time , something happens , I give up , throw everything away , tell myself I am done forever more... then throw my self into the flame again... like a moth to a candle ....

inventor agencys who take your money , sell hope and steal your soul . vulture capitalists who work you like a pimp when the fleet in in port , univercitys that just want you as a student publish or parrish , friends who want fame and money , but have no intrest in doing anything for it .....

.... and then the solitude... the vast stillness as you work with not another living soul who can even understand your success's... however willing , your no smarter , not even a tiny bit more clever... but it took years to get to the problem , and then more years to find a solution...

what they see is intresting ... what you see is solitude

invention is a kind of maddness

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by readerone

invention is a kind of maddness

So why do we do it?

It's been 3 hours since you posted, and you know what I have been doing? Sitting here in front of a computer, laying out a circuit design for the instrumentation for this latest prototype... finalizing parts lists... trying to determine the best way to arrange the parts for a 'knock 'em dead' appearance (assuming I get anyone to look at it).

The other day I was stranded for a few hours waiting on the rest of the crew to finish up. I found a scrap of cardboard in the van and started drawing out a circuit.

Today I covered three pages in my pad already with a mixture of schematics, calculations, and parts layouts. I have $140 worth of parts ready to place on order, and I'm trying to figure out if I missed anything.

For crying out loud, this is my day off! What am I doing?!?

A kind of madness indeed... a cross between OCD and masochism, I suspect.


posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by TheRedneck

in the movie " a beautiful mind" a crazy math guy stated as his goal in life ... he wanted to have an original thought ...

neal armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon .

seeking the perfect cord in music ....

you and I myfriend walk in the unknown country of the mind , we have singular first time ever original thoughts .

we are so far out there... we have no one to talk to .

the diffrence between madness and genius is...
the genius has ego , and has a direction from with in .

you , my dear friend , dance to a music others can not here...
and for that reason , people look at you strangly , point and say you are crazy .
people like use dance to a music the world can not hear .

then they call you a over night success , when your child comes to life , and they suddenly have that "AH , oh my god " moment , and suddenly feel your mind move with in their own.

never assume maleviolance when ignorance will explain it .
forgive them , they don't know any better .

coral castel was never understood for what it was .
loanardo da vincie was a crazy person in his own time.
mozart died a failure in his own mind ...

suisidal thoughts are the stock and trade of great thinkers .

great spirits often encounter violent oppision from mediocre minds .

we do it because we can , others ridcule what they can't do , or even understand .... and think we struggle against the ebb and flood of a great ocean to insult them and their pride .. when we breath because our lungs hunger for the air beyond a womb of ignorance....

you do it because you are waiting .
your not marking time .
...and when the waiting is over... you will have a clue what needs to happen , and what to do next .

hope is your air... hold on to your hope , that is all that can save you , and hope is all you need to keep you .

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 07:51 PM
(post script)

...and somewhere.... out there in the darkness

there is a soul who made their money in real estate , made more money than they can spend in any life time .
and wants to leave a legacy , beyond property that the vultures rip and fight over upon their deaths .

save the salmon , hug a tree , name a building or fill the air with a music that no one will hear beyond the dark seats of a theater ...


take a chance at doing something , don't give money , don't even ask , don't even sponcor a contest or invest ...

no... its a put up or shut up , you offer .

you own everything , get everything you see , the inventor gets the patent , minumum wage , room and board .... and a percentage if it goes to market and sells ....

you want a 16 hour day / 7 days a week , and you take it all if the inventor walks away ...

you provide a book keeper that sign's the checks , and a manager that counter sign's ... two people who will tell you what is happening ,and tells these little guys... put up or shut up .
your not pay'n for attempts... your paying for success .

this isn't a collage , its not a goverment grant , and your not santa claus .
you have a american inventor movie at very least .... and you very well could change the world .

as for me , thats all I ask for ... a put up or shut up offer from a person who won't lisen to excuses , is not intrested in buy'n a basket ball team , or a radio station ... has little patience for wallstreet or vacations where every one looks like a made for tv mini series ...

and you want to have something to hold in your hand that has never been done befor.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by readerone

Beautiful words...

And words I needed to hear. Thank you. Never forget those words, as you may need to hear them yourself one day.

I placed my order. I now have everything I need either here or on its way here. Now, while I hope and pray that this works like the numbers say it will, I am adding you as a friend.


posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by TheRedneck

By the way.. what is it that you are building?

something tells me it is robotic... but I am having a hard time thinking what it could be .

can you discribe what it is

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 11:45 PM
FYI , you might enjoy a tinyn bit of fiction.

when I posted it... it got remarkably little attention... you might enjoy reading this.

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