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animals in the news for being BAD!

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posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 12:20 PM
I was looking online and stumbled across these two WOW you know we are really in trouble when an Emu is stunned and handcuffed and a pomeranian is kicked out of a

First we have the Emu(s) who were causing havoc in the streets of Mississippi!

FOREST, Miss. (Sept. 22) - Officers had to use a stun gun and handcuffs to capture an emu running loose on Interstate 20 in central Mississippi on Sunday. Police Officer Kiley Culpepper told WLBT-TV in Jackson that motorists had been calling 911 since Friday to report sightings of two emus on I-20 and nearby U.S. Highway 80.
Authorities had been unable to find the animals until Sunday, when one was spotted near an I-20 entrance ramp.
The big bird was dodging traffic. Culpepper and deputies were able to surround the animal but has to use the Taser and handcuffs to finally get it off the road.
After being captured, the animal was taken to the Scott County Forest Coliseum.

Im sorry I just cant stop laughing at this. The other one it seems is "on the loose" and more than likely evading their stunners and cuffs! Too bad nobody took pics of the handcuffed animal


Now we have Gizmo the feisty Pomeranian who has obvious behavioral issues...

ASPEN, Colo. -A Pomeranian has been kicked out of a Colorado resort town after getting in trouble for biting and other bad behavior.
Municipal Judge Brooke Peterson told the dog's owner, Melinda Goldrich, that if the dog is seen again in Aspen, it will be rounded up by animal control officers and put to death. Goldrich was in court Wednesday on a charge of keeping a vicious dog.
An Aspen fitness club employee says the Pomeranian, named Gizmo, bit her in August while it was tied to a fence. The dog served 10 days in an animal shelter.
Goldrich had been under a court order to not leave Gizmo unattended after the dog bit another person in February. She also was cited in 2006 for the animal's bad behavior.
An out-of-town friend has offered to take the dog.
Pomeranians are long-haired and small, typically 3 to 7 pounds.


Seems this dog has problems! First of all IMO the idiot who went up to the animal to pet it while it was tied to a fence is just stupid. I thought everyone knew NOT to approach any animal you dont know unless its owner is there! Looks like Gizmo is very unhappy with his/her life, maybe the owner isnt treating him/her right who knows. Although every Pomeranian I have every been around wasnt too friendly so it might be the dog...Either way I find it funny that the dog is NOT allowed in Aspen...Funny how when a person hurts another they arent banished from their town...

I just found these two stories funny for some reason and thought I would share.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 05:22 PM
As funny as the story about the dog is it is also scary. It sets a precedent for the law to tell you what kind of animal you can have. They kicked a Pomeranian out of the county next step full blown ban on other dogs.


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