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Derren Brown psychic spy

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posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 05:33 AM
Hello everyone, last night here in the UK, Derren Brown attempted to see if the population could actually use remote viewing.

In the show Derren brown asked a lady to paint a picture that only SHE knew what it was, the picture was then wrapped up in newspaper and placed in the London museum and guared for a week, people could come to the museum and try to paint what they thought it was. After the drawings had been checked, 30-35% had drawn concentric circles, a further 10-15% had drawn stone-henge. When the painting was revealed, it was concentric cirlces.

The lady who drew the picture was asked during the show to think in her mind items that resembled her picture so the population could remote view and draw what they thought she was thinking, when asked what she was thinking she said targets and stone henge!

What do you people think to this %?

also i would like to add that there was a bloke from America who was called the BAT MAN on the show, he was blind from 13months old, he used tongue clicks to gauge what was around him, i thought this was amazing, just thought i would add that in.

here are some videos from the show

and here are some videos from viwers

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 06:52 AM
I enjoyed watching it and it was a very good show - I will have to watch it again though. The guests in the field were interesting and I would like to have heard more about the bat man.

Like always, it is a subject he is interested in and which he is exploring further (and appears to be a healthy skeptic). Then Derren reproduces the effects through showmanship and psychology.

He did explore that remote viewing came about in a race to gather intelligence and the opposing powers thought that there was something in it. If someone gives an impression that they can do something, then others will be quick to try and give a false impression back to save face. Emperors new clothes anyone?

First and foremost, Derren is a showman. This is something he tells us on every show and he does not claim to be doing anything else - so lets not get into the "its real" hysteria that some people on ATS get with David Copperfield and other magicians. Their job is to fool us, they trick us - it's not real!!

She was told to draw something simple - I would think that Derren probably influenced her to narrow her choice somehow. You have to watch his body language and what he says to spot this, and also the enviroment in which they are in.

Being told simple limits us to shapes and outlines, which limits us to basic shapes. I think circles are one of the top choices people will select - magicians use this all the time in mindreading tricks. The stonehenge thing may be related to her job at the museam perhaps - and an excellent twist at the end of the show! But again, its all showmanship!!

How Derren influenced the people at the museam I don't know, but I do know he would have steered them as well to some extent like he did with her. 30-35% is still quite low though. I think that above 50% would have been more impressive and given a case for remote viewing being possible.

Deeren influenced the viewers - he told us at the end that the show which was going out having been recorded 3 weeks earlier. He told us what the picture was as it was in all the national papers. The results with the viewers would indicate the percentage of the viewers had read the said papers.

Edited 'cos I didn't have my glasses on the first time!

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