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ANYONE who quotes the bible is a LIAR!!!!

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by JesusisTruth

Daniel was talking about a divided antichrist
and about the prince to come.

horns are not negative,
a horn is a symbol for powers

Daniel does not always talk about the 'antichrist'
he talks about the prince (michael) = the prophets.

Daniel was sealed until this year.

come one you are smart people,
start to see god as a good and normal god,
he is normal, he is normal,
he is everything. logic and truth are his names.

searching god means you have to become lost first,
logic confirms the bible is from god,
but only at the end of the search,
until then you have to release your fears
attached to the interpretation of scripture.

God is one. HE can come back with as many faces he wants.
or is jesus not capable to do that ?

The old prophets talked symbols, for them still real,
The new prophets talk abstract, filling in the symbols.
Just as jesus teaches us.
Why does religion go back to a time that has been past.
The bible is everywhere evolution : Elijah - Elisha - Jesus.

Tabernacle: where god has his dwelling
God is one, his dwelling everywhere,
symbolised first, to teach you the abstract of these truths.
The promised land is being one with god,
he is the only one.
To be one with god, you have to forgive god, in his total being.
there is peace, at the end of 'the way' = god = jesus = truth = life = logic

delusion is where the symbols are interpretated as only literal,
that is delusion, and it is the opposite meaning of the abstract both teachings get their reality, the literal interpretations
will get their visions that seem to confirm them, when they are in
truth opposite of what it looks like.

a beast is always divided.

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 02:25 PM

Originally posted by soul of integrity

miriam and fellow panel members (this little thinktank called bts)

i want to answer your question.
you won't believe me
you will believe me better if you do this:

take a poll of 10 friends/people
ask where they go for definition, name of source, name of dictionary.

what is the most common answer?
the answer to this may offer better understanding of the answer to your questions that you ask others about.

no it doesnt. it doesnt explain how using god's word become "my" word.

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