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Chief 9/11 Mythmaker, Philip D. Zelikow. MUST READ!

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posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 05:46 PM
Thank you for the work put into this. Gee, wheres all the coincidence theorists now?

Philip Zelikow, another short name on a long list.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 07:30 PM

Originally posted by OmegaPoint
reply to post by Seventh

I'm not sure that's going to be all that helpful to this thread, those pics, although I do appreciate your effort and contribution.

Just removing a rather annoying pest bud.

Appears to have worked

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 08:01 PM
I believe 911 was an inside job and love the kind of comprehensive post the OP provides. I would also like to be studying both sides of the argument to assure myself I'm on the right track...So along comes weedwhaker but his info is not full coverage, more opinion than anything with no links or backup to the argument he provides...Doesn't help me! To cut and paste from the OP's statements and simply say "wrong" gets me nowhere. Wrong according to who?...Weedwhacker? I need facts from both sides Mr. Whacker!

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 08:28 PM
I'm hopeful that one day in the near future, a former Bush cabinet member(I'm betting on Powell) will write a book that will shed a lot of light on the truth behind that day and expose many a lies.

While I was stationed at Ft. Meade I was on the QRF(Quick Reaction Force) for Ft Meade, and while 80% of us were immediately deployed to protect the gates of Ft Meade and NSA, the Pentagon called asking for units to send some personnel with TS/SCI clearances to help clean up the classified material all over the parking lot and floating into Arlington cemetery and 395. A few marines were sent there and upon speaking with two of them, both confirmed that they DID NOT see big plane parts, such as a wing, engine, tail wing, ANYTHING but some scrap metal. Now they got on scene approx. 75 minutes after impact.

Also, IF I was a gambling man
, I'd probably bet that the plane that went down in PA had a little help from some rude pilots who may have been tailgating too close.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 08:48 PM

Originally posted by Seventh
As it flies past the West side of the North Tower, this happens....

Uh, yeah, WHAT happens there? I don't see anything peculiar. The fires keep burning, smoke keeps billowing... I don't notice anything? Laser? Nope. The building sagging or something? No. About the only thing I can see is the frame gets brighter/washed out some more (and it isn't confined to one area of the picture), which most likely is due to auto-exposure features of the camera used. But other than that I do not see anything amiss here.

So what am I supposed to be looking for here?

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by OmegaPoint

If Satam al-Suqami was in fact piloting that aircraft, it would have to be. Either that or a Wandering Albatross.. (said with a grin)

Satam al-Suqami was in fact NOT piloting that aircraft, Marwan al-Shehhi was.

But either way it would have to be a HUGE bird or a very large piece of paper and it should be noted that it also passes the face of the far foreground brown building which is probably about a mile from the South Tower.

Jenefer Spell filmed this video at lat 40.4100.55n lon 74.0021.56w elev 12ft that is 1.94 miles from WTC2.

The camera was on telephoto and the paper was just a few hundred in front of the camera, The paper was no where near the WTC.

Oh the brown building is 1,300 ft from the WTC.

Any tunnelvisionary blind enough to mistake a fluttering piece of paper for a targeting laser obviously has the short-sightedness to lead this kind of witch hunt.

Twoof on, bro!

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 11:15 PM
I am shocked that none of our resident debunkers are here trying defend Zelikow's honor I mean he's one of the main architects of the official storyline.Don't tell me that our OS supporters don't have an explanation for his actions as the staff director of the 9/11 Commission?

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 12:34 AM

Originally posted by FewWorldOrder
Excellent, thanks, OmegaPoint.

And who else was a member of that "Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group"?

From the OP's link:

Graham T. Allison, Jr.

Zoe Baird

Vic DeMarines

Robert Gates

Jamie Gorelick

Robert Hermann

Philip Heyman

Fred Ikle

Elaine Kamarck

Ernest May

Matthew Meselson

Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

William J. Perry

Larry Potts

Fred Schauer

J. Terry Scott

Jack Sheehan

Malcom Sparrow

Herbert Winokur

Robert Zoellick

Emphasis Mine.

Oh no, nothing to see here, move along quietly...

[edit on 26-9-2009 by FewWorldOrder]

Very interesting. Robert Gates.. and they kept him on, gave him a rather large promotion.

I don't know about you guys, but the information contained in this thread about Zelikow, is the most freightening and disturbing thing that even I've ever seen here at ATS (even though I posted it) and now we see that Robert Gates was also involved with Zelikow, throughout this entire scripting process, and of course there were the PNAC boys as well, with Cheney being the common thread, as well as Condaleeza Rice. The self professed "Vulcans".
[insert picture of the entire gang as a crew of Vulcans here. Edit: cancel inserted pic because that would be disparaging and dishonourable towards Vulcans]

I don't think that we'll be seeing Colin Powell come out about it at any point, but we might, you never know, as these guys start to consider the latter stages of their life. It is possible, that this 9/11 truth movement info, might some day take center stage, and I think it will once enough time has elapsed, to put it all into perspective and into it's 'appropriate historical contextual frame of reference' (said like Zelikow) BUT, in a manner whiich is quite diametrically at odds with the "universe" Zelikow has sold you,

One that is entirely congruent with truth and reality as it really and truly is, and in so doing reclaim the spirit of authentic freedom once again (click on my sig).

In other words, Zelikow's "parallel universe" might one day shrink in a VERY big hurry, and if I were them, I would be afraid, when you see what's posted here about you, Mr. Zelikow, on ATS. And we know you probably like to read ATS and check up on us from time to time to see how much we know..

I mean like c'mon, I'm not blind. We're not blind.

Zelikow, is either lying his ASS OFF, and was from the very beginning, or, he himself is a coincidence theory of astronomical odds against, in history, by the very nature of who he was and what was his principal area of study.

It gives a person the heebie jeebies, that this is the person of all people who authors the 9/11 Commission Report.

He's "Dr." Philip Zelikow as well! - his very higher education, ON the manufacture, dissemination and adoption of historical public myths in history!

Chief 9/11 Mythmaker, Dr. Philip D. Zelikow.

He wrote the book on it, and was the world's most renown expert in it, and according to that congresswoman in the video, one of the world's "foremost leading experts on al-Queda"..

It's makes you more than wonder...

It is enough to make you SICK.

I agree with the other poster who said as much, makes you almost dizzy and sick to your stomach, REELING from the implications in history (in REAL history), and it (the story and the truth about 9/11) most certainly CAN be interpreted phenomenologically, in history, in a different way from the way that Zelikow has presented it to us, picked up and promulated by the American mainstream media (is it any wonder no one trusts them any more?).

Makes you feel like the character of Winston in the book 1984!

But soon, every sane and rational person, having examined the evidence for themselves, will conclude that in fact 9/11 really was an "inside job".

We were had, and our brothers and sisters were killed. Then others, many many more, were killed in their name, and in the name of 9/11, and in OUR name and for the sake of our "security".

THe whole WORLD has been victimzed by this.


Who's hands is the blood on one wonders - is it on ours for accepting the myth?

Or on the hands of the one who created it, and then watched it become reality, become policy, and history, something made BY DESIGN, to provoke the kind of "transcendental" catastrophic terrorist event, the "New Peal Harbor" (same line appears in the PNAC Document of Cheney's group of madmen) that Zelikow had envisioned and became a champion for - and, here's the thing


He is either PSYCHIC, or behind it, behind it's cover up.

No wonder he left the United States, in case this all comes out and he suddenly get's lynched!

[edit on 27-9-2009 by OmegaPoint]

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:17 AM
reply to post by OmegaPoint
Heh,Gorelick once said in an interview about the commission that if the evidence had lead to government complicity they would have perused it.Yeah,sure Ms.Gorelick tell us another story.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:36 AM
reply to post by mike dangerously

Gore lick

how ironic.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:42 AM

Originally posted by conar

You are wrong, 9/11 wont be forgotten, ever.
Even if you spread hundreds more tin-foil hat stories to distract us.

Yeah just like Pearl Harbor, JFK, Bush Grandfather Nazi connections....It will be forgetten saddly...

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:42 AM
This may be relevant to that side topic..

Originally posted by turbofan
Evidence Of Remote Controlled Planes At WTC! By Aidan Monaghan

As the aircraft attacks of September 11, 2001 unfolded at the World Trade Center, virtually maximum augmented GPS positioning quality for the entire daylight period was provided to the geographic coordinates for the World Trade Center.

GPS position quality is strongly affected by the number of GPS satellites visible to a GPS receiver and the orbital geometry of GPS satellites with respect to a GPS receiver. Augmented GPS signal receivers and Flight Management Systems that utilize augmented GPS signals for navigation and positioning purposes were scheduled to be contained by American and United airlines Boeing 757s and 767s by 2000.

"Factors that can degrade the GPS signal and thus affect accuracy include the following: Number of satellites visible - The more satellites a GPS receiver can "see," the better the accuracy; Satellite geometry/shading - This refers to the relative position of the satellites at any given time. Ideal satellite geometry exists when the satellites are located at wide angles relative to each other. Poor geometry results when the satellites are located in a line or in a tight grouping."[1]

more here:

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:53 AM
reply to post by Ray Amuro

But it IS vitally important HOW it is remembered, however dimly, in history.

It's the formative event of the beginning of the 21st century. By it's very nature, and historical significance, it's right there before our eyes, and I say Good Job on the 9/11 Truth Movement, for keeping this issue sqaurely on the table and not letting it go.

And as the reality surrounding it, morphs from Zelikow's universe, to reality when under simple observation, it still retains its power, but in a much much different way, in service to the invididual, as being of supreme value.

What a waste and tragedy though, to have to go through something and a history like this, needlessly, when in all truth, another path could easily have been chosen.

As as terrible error and a mistake on the part of whoever was behind it, when understood in history - there is justice for the countless victims, and there is a spirit of authenticity, mixed with a very severe warning to those who planned and carried out this monstrous act against humanity, to forward a socio-political agenda, on our very PERCEPTIONS, an agenda which was created by design, to "sere" and "mould" our interpretations of our immediate past.

Zelikow and these guys were therefore involved, intimately, in the biggest RAPE in human history!

And it touched everyone, and we WON'T forget. Can't. And as this generation passes away, thanks in no small part to the work of the 9/11 Truth Movement community, there will be an eventual transformation, as the next generation comes along and takes a look at it, and LEARNS from it, beginning with precisely WHAT it reall was - a "transformation", not in military or security affairs, but in HUMAN AFFAIRS!

We MUST reclaim our innocence, our pre-9/11 happiness and move forward recognizing 9/11 as nothing more or less than the worst policy blunder in history, mixed with mass-murder. Yes planes hit and the buildings fell and people died, but that is all that happned, and the rest of it, the way it's been "contextualized" has no power, and no life, and wasn't even based in reality to begin with. A public myth, which will NOT ultimately be adopted, due to the first true patriots of the 21st century, yes the 9/11 Truthers. You or your progeny WILL thank us, for making a record, and a tomb of information available on the Inernet, bypassing the mainstream media altogether in the process.

If we can LEARN from it, then and only then is justice served. (click my sig)

Best Regards,


It has a happy ending this story as they all do.

Sorry Zelikow, in the larger historical framework within which we are all emersed, we end up winning at your experise, as one universe collapses (yours), and the real and authentic one re-emerges, and the realm of limitless possibility re-opens for one and all people.

In other words, nothing has changed at all.

We can in this way MOVE ON and ignore 9/11 by simply first understanding it, and sharing in that understanding with others. It's that simple.

History doesn't always move in linear ways as you know Mr. Zelikow..

[edit on 27-9-2009 by OmegaPoint]

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:14 AM
Compiled by Andrew Burfield


One of the more common 9/11 Conspiracy claims is that there was some form of "stand-down" of military forces on 9/11, in particular the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), responsible for protecting North American airspace. The nature of this "stand-down" varies considerably, however the most common is that a number of wargames were scheduled for 9/11 that replicated the attacks, added false radar blips, and essentially distracted and confused the military so they could not respond.

I believe the nature of this theory lies in the incredible faith Americans have in their military. The United States armed forces are amongst the most professional, well trained, well equipped, dedicated, and advanced military forces on the planet. This is all true. But that does not mean they are invulnerable.

I decided to look into the claims of a stand down. More importantly, I was interested in what did happen inside the military bunkers on 9/11.

When Vanity Fair received recordings of what happened inside the North East Air Defence Sector (NEADS) command centre, they wrote an article on the NORAD response entitled 9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes. Finally I could find out what really went on, and address the NORAD "stand-down" theory for good.

At the heart of the Conspiracy Theories are the wargames. The claims by Conspiracy Theorists are far ranging. I have heard claims of "dozens" of live-fly wargames on 9/11. Obviously it is impossible to provide evidence that something didn't happen. All we have are the rare occasions on which officials are asked directly about the wargames.

As such, I have addressed only wargame claims that are supported by collaborating sources such as the media, government officials, and so forth. The primary wargames claimed are:

• Northern Vigilance
• Vigilant Guardian
• Vigilant Warrior

There are a range of other exercises claimed to involve a host of other agencies. However as none of these has any direct relationship to NORAD, I have not addressed them.

My research covers two basic areas:

• The NORAD Mission and Intercept Procedures on 9/11
• NORAD Wargames

In addition I have constructed a minute by minute timeline of NORAD's response to the 9/11 attacks.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:14 AM

North America is surrounded by an area called the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), which is jointly administered by the United States (US) and Canada. This area, which is almost exclusively over water, serves as a national defence boundary for air traffic, as a sort of "buffer zone". Any aircraft that wishes to fly in or through the boundary must file either a Defence Visual Flight Rules (DVFR) flight plan or an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plan before crossing the ADIZ. The pilot must have a transponder and a two-way radio while approaching and crossing the ADIZ. In the US, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) handles these requests; Transport Canada handles Canadian requests. Any aircraft flying in these zones without authorization may be identified as a threat and treated as enemy military aircraft.

The continguous US ADIZ is defined by Federal Aviation Regulation Part 99 section 43:

Sec. 99.43
Continguous U.S. ADIZ.

The area bounded by a line from 43°15'N, 65°55'W; 44°21'N; 67°16'W; 43°10'N; 69°40'W; 41°05'N; 69°40'W; 40°32'N; 72°15'W; 39°55'N; 73°00'W; 39°38'N; 73°00'W; 39°36'N; 73°40'W; 37°00'N; 75°30'W; 36°10'N; 75°10'W; 35°10'N; 75°10'W; 32°00'N; 80°30'W; 30°30'N; 81°00'W; 26°40'N; 79°40'W; 25°00'N; 80°05'W; 24°25'N; 81°15'W; 24°20'N; 81°45'W; 24°30'N; 82°06'W; 24°41'N; 82°06'W; 24°43'N; 82°00'W; 25°00'N; 81°30'W; 25°10'N; 81°23'W; 25°35'N; 81°30'W; 26°15'N 82°20'W; 27°50'N; 83°05'W; 28°55'N; 83°30'W; 29°42'N; 84°00'W; 29°20'N; 85°00'W; 30°00'N; 87°10'W; 30°00'N; 88°30'W; 28°45'N; 88°55'W; 28°45'N; 90°00'W; 29°25'N; 94°00'W; 28°20'N; 96°00'W; 27°30'N; 97°00'W; 26°00'N; 97°00'W; 25°58'N; 97°07'W; westward along the U.S./Mexico border to 32°32'03"N, 117°07'25"W; 32°30'N; 117°25'W; 32°35'N; 118°30'W; 33°05'N; 119°45'W; 33°55'N; 120°40'W; 34°50'N; 121°10'W; 38°50'N; 124°00'W; 40°00'N; 124°35'W; 40°25'N; 124°40'W; 42°50'N; 124°50'W; 46°15'N; 124°30'W; 48°30'N; 125°00'W; 48°20'N; 128°00'W; 48°20'N; 132°00'W; 37°42'N; 130°40'W; 29°00'N; 124°00'W; 30°45'N; 120°50'W; 32°00'N; 118°24'W; 32°30'N; 117°20'W; 32°32'03"N; 117°07'25"W; eastward along the U.S./Mexico border to 25°58'N, 97°07'W; 26°00'N; 97°00'W; 26°00'N; 95°00'W; 26°30'N; 95°00'W; then via 26°30'N; parallel to 26°30'N; 84°00'W; 24°00'N; 83°00'W; then Via 24°00'N; parallel to 24°00'N; 79°25'W; 25°40'N; 79°25'W; 27°30'N; 78°50'W; 30°45'N; 74°00'W; 39°30'N; 63°45'W; 43°00'N; 65°48'W; to point of beginning.
The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is responsible for the intercept of aircraft inside the ADIZ. However, as it is the FAA and Transport Canada that handle the ADIZ clearances, a request for intercept from one of these agencies precedes any action by NORAD against civilian aircraft. NORAD do not, and never have, directly monitored air traffic inside the ADIZ themselves.

NORAD areas of responsibility are divided into three regions – Alaska, Continental USA (CONUS), and Canada. Each region is further divided into Air Defense Sectors, with a number of fighter interceptor aircraft always on alert for rapid deployment.

At the height of the Cold War fighters were located at over 100 alert sites across the NORAD Continental United States Region, however after the fall of the Soviet Union there was not considered to be a significant threat, and the number of alert bases was slashed repeatedly. In February 1993 the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended that the dedicated alert stations be entirely eliminated.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:14 AM
In February 1993, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended that (1) the continental air defense mission be performed by dual tasking existing active and reserve general-purpose fighter and training squadrons in the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marine Corps and (2) the number of Air National Guard units dedicated to this mission be sharply reduced or eliminated.

(From Continental Air Defense - A Dedicated Force Is No Longer Needed)
In a 3 May 1994 Report to Congressional Committees entitled Continental Air Defense – A Dedicated Force Is No Longer Needed it was announced that NORAD would reduce the continental US force to 28 aircraft located in 14 alert stations, on 5 minute response time, 24 hours a day:

NORAD plans to reduce the number of alert sites in the continental United States to 14 and provide 28 aircraft for the day-to-day peacetime air sovereignty mission. Each alert site will have two fighters, and their crews will be on 24-hour duty and ready to scramble within 5 minutes.
By 2001 this had dropped to 14 aircraft at 7 alert bases located on the perimeter of the continental USA, with a 15 minute response time.

At the time of the attacks, only seven locations—around the perimeter of the United States—were engaged in the air defense mission. Each was assigned a pair of Air National Guard fighter aircraft ready to scramble if US airspace were threatened. These alert locations had F-15 or F-16 fighters on the runways, fueled, and ready to take off in fewer than 15 minutes.

(from Air Force Magazine article: The Return Of NORAD, February, 2002)
The hijackings on September 11 occurred within the North East Air Defense Sector (NEADS). The NEADS mission normally had four interceptor aircraft on duty at any given time – 2 at Otis Air National Guard Base (ANGB) in Massachusetts, and 2 at Langley Air Force Base (AFB), Virginia.

None of the aircraft hijacked on September 11 entered the ADIZ. Prior to September 11, there was no formal system in place for military intercepts of civilian aircraft outside the ADIZ. In the 10 years prior to September 2001 there was only one instance in which military aircraft were involved in an intercept of a civilian aircraft outside the ADIZ.

This was the intercept of Payne Stewart’s Learjet 35, registration N47BA, which lost cabin pressure and flew across several states before crashing on October 25, 1999. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report on the incident, communication with the aircraft was lost at 0933 EDT. The Jacksonville Air Radar Traffic Control Centre (ARTCC) directly requested an intercept from the USAF. A test pilot from the 40th Flight Test Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, reached the Learjet at 0954 CDT – a full 81 minutes* after initial communication was lost.

(* note change in time zone from Eastern to Central daylight time)

In comparison, for the four aircraft hijacked on September 11 the duration from first sign of distress to flight termination was:

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

The intercept of Stewart’s Learjet took twice as long as the longest hijack duration on 9/11 – American Airlines Flight 77. Unlike Stewart’s Learjet, all four aircraft hijacked on September 11 had their transponders turned off. The transponder broadcasts vital information including the flight identification. Only transponder contacts appear on the secondary radar screen.

Without transponder information, aircraft had to be located on the primary radar screen which shows a radar signal from every single aircraft in the air – none of them labelled. In order to identify the hijacked aircraft, Air Traffic Controllers had to first cross-reference all of the aircraft appearing on the secondary radar screen with their correlating reading on the primary screen. AA 77, for example, was only located on the

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:14 AM
primary radar screen five minutes before it crashed into The Pentagon.

To truly appreciate the enormity of the task before ATC on 9/11, here is an animation that depicts air traffic across the USA on a typical day.

From the information gathered we can conclude the following facts:
NORAD's area of responsibility is inside the ADIZ
The Hijackings occurred outside the ADIZ
There was no standard procedure for hijackings outside the ADIZ on 9/11
From 1991 to 2001 only one military intercept occurred over CONUS airspace. It took 81 minutes and the aircraft transponder remained on at all times.
Incident-specific conditions on 9/11 did not favour a successful intercept, based on previous experience.

In addition, standard FAA procedure for a hijacking is to hand over all details to the FBI; there is no procedure for involving the military in incidents outside the ADIZ. This is primarily because a hijacking inside the USA is a Federal crime rather than a threat to National Security, thus is under the jurisdiction of the FBI. As such there were delays between the first signs of hijacking, and NEADS being notified. This delay is critical. A delay in notification restricts the “window” of time in which NEADS has to execute a successful intercept.

As you can see from the NORAD timeline, the times from NEADS notification to aircraft destruction are as follows:

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

So from the outset a successful intercept by NORAD on 9/11 was to be difficult. Indeed, an intercept of UA175 or UA93 would be quite simply chronologically impossible. The longest window NEADS would get was 9 minutes. How did the wargames factor into this?

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 02:14 AM

NORAD exercise terms are named in accordance with regulation 11-33 Code Words, Nicknames, and Exercise Names. Names consist of two words – the first designating the agency and the second designating the type of exercise.

Agencies within the Department of Defense are allocated an alphabetical block of letters which denote the first two letters of the first word of any exercise name. At the time of September 11 this allocation was dictated by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual (CJCSM) 3150.29A (this was replaced by CJCSM 3150.29B on 11 February 2002).

For exercises NORAD has allocated first words to specific agencies:

HQ NORAD - Amalgam (FIX) or Vigilant (CPX)

Alaskan NORAD Region (ANR) - Fencing

CONUS NORAD Region - Falcon

CONUS Southeast Sector (SEADS) - Federal

CONUS Southwest Sector (SWADS) - Falling

CONUS Northeast Sector (NEADS) - Fertile

CONUS Northwest Sector (NWADS) - Felix

Canadian NORAD Region (CNR) - Fabric

Canadian NORAD Sector East - Factor

Canadian NORAD Sector West - Faculty

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base - Amazon

In addition, NORAD has identified certain second word nicknames for specific exercise types:

ANGEL - Sector-coordinated Unit Level FIX (ROCC/SOCC Controlled Intercepts)
ARIZONA - Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base Internal System Training Mission (STM)
BRAVE - Region-sponsored System FIX
CHIEF - JCS-approved, CINCNORAD-sponsored FIX
DOLLY - HQ NORAD Battle Staff Exercise
GAIN - Region/sector-sponsored Internal ROCC/SOCC CPX
GOLD - Sector-coordinated Unit Level FIX (autonomous intercept procedures)
INDIAN - Region-sponsored System CPX
KEYNOTE - Region-coordinated, Sector-sponsored FIX
LEADER - Recall of Airborne Forces (FIX)
LIBEL - Region-coordinated, Sector-sponsored System CPX
MUTE - NORAD IG Evaluation
OVERVIEW - JCS-approved, CINCNORAD-sponsored CPX
PIPE - Region-sponsored Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Warning and Reporting System (WRS) Training Exercise
RICE - SOCC-sponsored Internal CPX (Battle Staff/BSSC/Crew training)
SPADE - Region/sector No-Notice AST
UNION - Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base SPACC Training
VANTAGE - Sector-coordinated/scheduled Interoperability FIX with US Navy Units
VIRGO - Special Exercise or Test (FIX)
WARRIOR - JCS-approved, CINCNORAD-sponsored FIX
YELL - FE14A Exercise

There were two NORAD activities happening on September 11. The first was Operation Northern Vigilance.

Throughout the Cold War, when major USA/NORAD/NATO or USSR exercises occurred, the other side would deploy forces to “shadow” the exercise in case it was a cover for an attack. This practice has continued to the present day.

Operation Northern Vigilance was one of these situations. The Russian Federation was holding its largest air deployment since 1993 with a major exercise in Siberia. In response NORAD commenced the operation, deploying units to Canada and Alaska. It is important to note that this was not an exercise, but a real-world operation.

Sept. 9, 2001

CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN AFS, Colo. – The North American Aerospace Defense Command shall deploy fighter aircraft as necessary to Forward Operating Locations (FOLS) in Alaska and Northern Canada to monitor a Russian air force exercise in the Russian arctic and North Pacific ocean…

… NORAD-allocated forces will remain in place until the end of the Russian exercise.

(From NORAD press release: NORAD Maintains Northern Vigilance, September 2001)
As the NORAD press release indicates, Operation Northern Vigilance commenced on 9 September, and was scheduled to continue until the Russian exercise ended. However, in light of the September 11 attacks, Russian President Vladimir Putin notified the White House that he would call off the exercise, allowing the NORAD aircraft to return home.

Also on 9/11, NORAD was involved in a major annual exercise called Vigilant Guardian. As we can tell from the name “Vigilant”, this exercise is NORAD HQ sponsored. It is what is referred to as a “Vigilant Overview” type exercise.

In accordance with NORAD regulation 11-33, the first name “Vigilant” tells us that the exercise involves all NORAD commands. The second name “Overview” tells us the exercise is a Joint Chiefs of Staff approved, Commander-in-chief NORAD sponsored CPX (or Command Post Exercise).

The name “Guardian” denotes the unique exercise name, as this is an annual event. It is usually held in conjunction with two other CPXs – “Global Guardian” (US Strategic Command) and “Apollo Guardian” (US Space Command). US Space Command are not directly involved in NORAD defense operations.

As confirmed by Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) in an exchange with Cynthia McKinney on March 11, 2005 NORAD was involved in two CPXs on September 11:

CMK: The question was, we had four wargames going on on September 11th, and the question that I tried to pose before the Secretary had to go to lunch was whether or not the activities of the four wargames going on on September 11th actually impaired our ability to respond to the attacks.

RM: The answer to the question is no, it did not impair our response, in fact General Eberhart who was in the command of the North American Aerospace Defense Command as he testified in front of the 9/11 Commission I believe - I believe he told them that it enhanced our ability to respond, given that NORAD didn't have the overall responsibility for responding to the attacks that day. That was an FAA responsibility. But they were two CPXs; there was one Department of Justice exercise that didn't have anything to do with the other three; and there was an actual operation ongoing because there was some Russian bomber activity up near Alaska.

(excerpt from Transcript of Representative Cynthia McKinney's Exchange with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers, and Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Tina Jonas March 11th, 2005)
The two CPXs are Global Guardian and Vigilant Guardian.

The Department of Justice exercise referred to by Richard Myers was Tripod II – a joint Department of Justice/FEMA bio-emergency exercise scheduled to take place in New York commencing on 12 September.

The “actual operation” Myers refers to is Operation Northern Vigilance, as previously mentioned.

In addition there was a National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) exercise being conducted at their headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia.

Lastly, Richard Clarke, who was counter-terrorism advisor on the National Security Council during the September 11 attacks, claims, in his book Against All Enemies, that an additional exercise named “Vigilant Warrior” was occurring on that day. Clarke attributes the reference to a direct quote by Richard Meyers:

"Not a pretty picture, Dick. We are in the middle of Vigilant Warrior, a NORAD exercise, but ... Otis has launched two birds toward New York. Langley is trying to get two up now [toward Washington]. The AWACS are at Tinker and not on alert.”
According to NORAD regulations, “Warrior” is a JCS approved, Commander-in-Chief NORAD Sponsored Field Exercise – that is “Live Fly” or involving operational units.

However “Vigilant” is the name reserved for NORAD HQ CPXs, while “Amalgam” is the name used for NORAD HQ FIXs (Field Exercises). Hence such an exercise would be named “Amalgam Warrior”, not “Vigilant Warrior”. “Vigilant Warrior” was in fact the name of an Operation that occurred in the Persian Gulf region in 1994, in response to a movement of Iraqi ground forces towards the Kuwait border. The following year Iraq again tested the UN by moving forces towards Kuwait, resulting in Operation Vigilant Warrior II. Amalgam Warrior is held twice a year, in the spring for western sectors and in the fall for eastern sectors. The fall exercise is traditionally held in October, thus was most likely cancelled in 2001 due to the enormous strain of Operation Noble Eagle – the massive NORAD operation to maintain Combat Air Patrols over major US cities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The NORAD recordings of 9/11 include a desperate search by NEADS personnel to locate additional aircraft to supplement the four allocated to them. This clearly indicates they did not have aircraft involved in a field exercise at the time.

In summary, the exercises occurring on September 11 that involved NORAD were “Vigilant Guardian” and “Global Guardian”. According to Myers, these exercise increased the speed with which NORAD responded to the attacks:

These are command post exercises; what that means is that all the battle positions that are normally not filled are indeed filled; so it was an easy transition from an exercise into a real world situation. It actually enhanced the response; otherwise, it would take somewhere between 30 minutes and a couple of hours to fill those positions, those battle stations, with the right staff officers.

(excerpt from Transcript of Representative Cynthia McKinney's Exchange with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers, and Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Tina Jonas March 11th, 2005)
The specific details of the exercises vary from year to year, but the overall objective is to test North America’s ability to respond effectively to a nuclear attack.

According to the 9/11 commission:

On 9/11, NORAD was scheduled to conduct a military exercise, Vigilant Guardian, which postulated a bomber attack from the former Soviet Union. We investigated whether military preparations for the large-scale exercise compromised the military's response to the real-world terrorist attack on 9/11. According to General Eber-hart,"it took about 30 seconds" to make the adjustment to the real-world situation. Ralph Eberhart testimony, June 17, 2004.We found that the response was, if anything, expedited by the increased number of staff at the sectors and at NORAD because of the scheduled exercise. See Robert Marr interview (Jan. 23, 2004).

(from The 9/11 Commission Report, “Notes To Chapter 1”, pg.458)
Ordinarily those participating in Vigilant Guardian would not know in advance what particular events were scheduled. As such, when the first reports of a hijacking reached NEADS at 0837 EDT, a rapid clarification was made with the words “is this real-world or exercise?”

However, as the recordings from NEADS show, once this clarification had been made, the exercises posed no further hindrance to NORAD’s response.

(Note: the exercise was not scheduled to commence until 0900hrs)

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The following is a detailed list of resources used to produce this document. - NTSB investigation of Payne Stewart’s Learjet crash - wikipedia article on the ADIZ - NORAD official website including information about the three NORAD regions and their individual air defense sectors - NORAD regulation 11-33 CODE WORDS, NICKNAMES, AND EXERCISE TERMS - information on AA 11 - information on UA 175 - information on AA 77 - information on UA 93 – Map showing ADIZ areas (from Aeronautical Information Manual Chapter Five, Section Six; National Security and Interception Procedures) – Gateway to Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) – FAR 99.43 (US ADIZ) - Report to Congressional Committees, 3 May 1994, CONTINENTAL AIR DEFENSE - A
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Vanity Fair article “9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes”

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional information that can enhance the accuracy of this work.

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