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Party expects loyal soldier in health care fight with GOP

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 10:29 PM

WASHINGTON - To Democrats, Paul Kirk is a known, highly regarded quantity in the clubby Senate, an experienced and genial behind-the-scenes operative who will closely follow the legislative path carved by the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, his former boss and longtime friend.

Those who knew Kennedy, the legendary Senate leader, and know Kirk, his loyal aide-de-camp, said yesterday that there was little daylight between their political philosophies. That leads Democrats to expect a seamless transition once he is sworn in this afternoon - and to count on Kirk as a loyal soldier in the battle with Republicans in the health care debate.

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This is, admittedly, good news to admirers of the late Senator Kennedy and to advocates of health insurance reform, and probably not such good news to opponents.

At any rate, he is an interim appointee until January, when there will be an election, and then Mitt Romney will have his fair chance at the Senate seat.

I think it's allowable to be partisan on behalf of the "real" (not Blue Dog) Democrats, seeing as there are so many threads against them and the health care bill on these boards. It just evens things out a little.

If I were a Massachusetts Republican, I'd probably be miffed at the blatant favoritism in the appointment, but it's necessary to remember that Mass. is a very blue state anyway. I don't think the GOP expected the interim appointee to be one of their own anyway.

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