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My Personal Obama Thoughts, Rants, Just Processing, I Guess

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 09:37 PM
I had friends who were dropping his name as the future president before there was public talk of Obama. Saying he was going to save the country and how special he was. Before he ever announced the possibility of running for president. These friends are "Hollywood" types.
Intrigued, I tried to learn about him. Didn't get much. Basically that our country needed saving, but no details as to how. He did pretty much point out much that was wrong, and did offer some solutions, like going to Iraq and talking to Saddam, that type of thing.
Once it got to the point that he was definitely going to run, aside from the Hollywood types, only three people I know supported him. Because he was going to change the country. One is an average sheep and basically said anyone who didn't vote for him was either racist or stupid. Another is a very intelligent professional who could give me no details as to why he was so enthusiastic about his support. The third was a major disappointment to me as he is intelligent, a journalist, well connected, and majored in political science. Even he couldn't offer any hint of a glimpse of what this man was going to do or specific reasons as to why he should be president.
I reallly wanted to like this guy. I really did. I tried so hard to like him. But I could never get any specific answers to any of my questions. The more this went on, the more worried I got. And honestly, out of all the people I know, and I know a lot! Hollywood types aside, only three supported Obama. To this day, they offer no information to change my mind, enlighten me, correct me, nothing! If I try to discuss anything about Obama with them, and I am always respectful, and they have never had any problems discussing such things about other politcians with me, they just shut down completely. He's like the elephant in the living room.
So, I wrote Obama a letter asking him some important questions I needed answered before I made my decision who to vote for. Mostly about freedom, equality for all, the Constitution, affirmative action based on class, and most importantly, why he wanted to be president. Three weeks later, a white van showed up at my uncle's house carrying three Obama workers, looking for me. My uncle told them I didn't live there and sent them on their way. I was very disappointed they hadn't contacted me directly by email, phone, or mail as I had provided that information to them. Never got my questions answered. Some have mentioned that perhaps they wanted to give me a job!
Next, I got the opportunity to go to an event where Obama was appearing. It wasn't a speaking engagement, but I got to see him. He was much shorter than he appears on TV and my first thought was "Why does he look gray? Is he sick?" I just got the impression that his energy didn't match the hype I had anticipated. He seemed small and insignificant to me.
Next, I got to go to the Obama rally on primary night. Doors were at 7pm, recommended to arrive at 6pm. Got there at 5:45pm. Incredibly long line. Freezing cold. Workers kept approaching us, asking if we'd like an Obama button to wear, or a sign to carry, or a larger sign to take home and display, or a bumper sticker, or maybe even a T-Shirt. I said "Sure.", and was then told the prices were $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $5.00 and $30.00. Uh, no thanks. Really made me angry. Doors didn't open until 7:45pm. Led into a gymnasium. No seats. Only the press had seats on the bleachers. We all had to stand there. He was suppose to come on at 8:30pm. There were big screen tvs tuned to MSNBC all around the gym, keeping us posted on the results. There was nothing to eat or drink aside from the soon empty vending machines. There were many tables in the halls with big glass jars for donations. Most of the people in attendance are under 25, but a few older people have brought their young children, who are in their pajamas...continued....

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by serendipitynow

...continued...some children are now hysterical because they want to see Obama, and "You promised I could see Obama!" It reminded me of going to see Ronald McDonald when I was a kid, only he gave cookies, orange soda, puppets, and balloon animals.
MSNBC is saying Obama is in the lead...blah blah blah. I knew it was too early for that, so I started calling my people. FOX, the local channels, and CNN all were saying Hillary was in the lead. Finally, around 10:10, the AP declared Hillary as the winner, yet MSNBC was still telling us Obama was getting ready to come out for his victory speech. I started telling everyone around me the results and they all got quite angry, some asking me who the AP was! I had to take them over to the bleachers and introduce them. I let them listen to the other broadcasts over my phone. Many people were sitting on the floor at this point. Finally, at 10:30 pm we'd had enough. No Obama, ignorant people, pushy sales people, forced to watch disinformation on MSNBC, nothing to eat or drink, no entertainment or even someone to tell us anything. We left and apparently Obama came out right after.
That just did it for me. He obviously had no respect for other people and was out to scrounge money any way he could.
I've seen tons of other politicians and they, aside from t-shirts and more costly items, GIVE their signs and stickers to supporters - because they are doing them a favor! Free advertising! They will even deliver signs to your house and put them up for you! This guy has convinced millions to pay him for doing him a favor!

Now I just want to know what he is about. I'm still working my way through "Dreams From My Father". It just doesn't flow and I am an avid reader. He speaks of things from a deep personal level, but there is no emotion behind any of it. Very detached. It reads like a court transcript.

So now, here we are. I rarely watch tv. I've caught a few of his speeches. Sometimes he will say things I want to believe. But his actions don't back his words in these cases.

Did anyone catch him on Letterman the other night? He was very good. If you hadn't caught it, Dave put a presidential seal sticker on Obama's coffee cup - upside down. When Obama saw it he almost smiled. When they talked about it, Obama said he liked the coffee cup, and the camera panned in for a close-up of the upside down seal. No one talked about the upside down seal. I honestly believe that Obama really did like that coffee cup. And I'm wondering what is up with that?

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