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Pittsbughers View on the G20 Protests

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 09:31 PM
Well I dont know what and how to put this so I will add it however i feel like it and you guys can sift though the mess on everything.

Yesterday 9/24/09 in Oakland Pa there was a clash between protesters and the police.. I started off there cause when I was in the area where this happened nothing was going on. About 1 hr after I left all hell broke loose. Therefor I got a 1st hand accts on what happened. I am referring to This Post here by warrenb where I added a few comments in there to the effect of pre info that was told to me.. which is here.

Someone I know stated where was working is one of those buildings you see in the vid where the kid gets picked up..

The incident stated as follows.

There were protesters around walking and the police came up and started making them disperse, after that didn't happen they shot tear gas...(notice someone said earlier it was a fire.. well wrong get facts start or dont say anything.) then they came up and took this kid..

After this on Baum there were more protesters and such and they had it blocked off prob about 5 6 blocks..

Today said person I know stated the following.. There are windows all over Oakland that are broken all over.. He also stated hearing on the street that this is going to get a lot worse.. I will not be part of the protests but i will be there to gather images and maybe some video considering i didn't get my hands on a camcorder..

Found Here

Anyway I wanted to know what happened to the kid that was taken by the Military people there so i start off getting someone I know to let people know i wanna chat wit them. This said person told everyone who worked in this area that i was coming today to see them.. I am not giving specifics because i dont want people to harass anyone i know for this stuff here. so you get half ass details on who told me this.. All i will say is that the people where in the middle of this when it went down.

Anyway... I asked them about the kid getting taken by the military people in the car. They told me they didn't know what the hell I was talking about. They told me that what happened was some protesters where busting out windows along baum blvd and were headed down Centre ave which is where the police caught up with them at on Centre and that alley there where you see the kid get taken..
Thanks to warrenb for this vid.


To those who say this is fake..
Here is an image of the police gear some of them were wearing during this summit.

::End Edit::

Anyway there is more after this. Down more near Centre in this alley the police came across and grabbed one of the protesters and started beating the hell out of him.. from what I was told they where stomping his head into the ground and just beating the hell out of him.. Kicking him in the ribs back and so on.. Everyone was actually suprised this person actually was able to get up and walk away. The person who told me this grew up in an area outside of Iraq and he said he was actually scared and the whole seen seemed like a "war zone" as he put it.

So this is most of what happened I couldn't get any info on that particular video above but I have found some video that showed up last night on Baum after this happened.

There were questions asked to me why people who throw rocks through windows if they are trying to peacefully protest and this happens... I told them I do not know but there have been cases where the protesters have started things where it turns out that they were the police. I would like you all to keep this in mind when you watch these videos of people doing stupid things in these videos like busting windows and whatever.. Usually most protesters are peaceful untill provoked to react to something.

For now this is all I have.. I do have images and some video of the Lawranceville incident and the protest on 9/25 also but i will need a couple days to set that up..

Anyway thanks for looking.

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by ThichHeaded

Thanks for the vids. I will be watching them in a few. I am glad many People are keeping up with the situation.

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 11:06 PM
Here are some images of todays protest.. it was a peaceful one so.. this is what I got.

A friend and I in downtown.

The convention center where the g20 was held.

Other misc pics thoughout the march.. 5 miles I walked today..

There are a couple images here i took cause of how Ironic it looked.
The guy in the window at 7/11, they were open but if we got out of the march route would've gotten beat down..(MAN I WAS KILLING FOR A DRINK!!)

The girl looking normal while a riot cop is next to her.

There are more iamges and full size ones on my pic area..

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