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Are you prepared to sacrifice for foreign policy change?

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 08:06 PM
When it comes to foreign policy I agree with some of my fellow conservative ATSers. While I believe in the war in Afghanistan, disagreeing with the "truther" theory and reasoning, I do agree on the fact that the United states has allowed herself to have her hands deep in the global pocket. We have military basis in Japan, Southeast asia, Britain, Germany and I think South america as I am to believe. We also have many troops based in places of the world other than Iraq and Afghanistan. We have also allowed ourselves to become dragged down due to our alliances with Israel and in addition to that our relationship with Saudi Arabia has only shown that the reasoning is merely based on resources. I believe that it is time america withdraw her global military involvement, cut the military budget and focus instead on the defense of our own nation.

I believe in the peace keeping in some nations in cooperation with the UN but in very small doses as a sign of out committment to peace and justice but at the same time we cannot take the role of policing the world, it is not our duty neither do we possess that ability any longer.

You want to talk about government spending? Lets also look towards our overgrown military. We spend nearly half the worlds expenditure on "supposedly" defending our nation when other powers like Russia and China spend a fraction. Who are we trying to prove here? We added an additional $1 trillion to our military expenditure during the entire Bush administration, that is most than during the cold war and that is excluding the Iraq war costs. Alot of money is going to foreign issues. If people want to start pointing fingures, look towards the costs of the military that has assisted in increasing our debt. I believe in a strong defense, but that isnt an excuse to continue feeding and growing the military industrial complex. You want to talk about an overgrown federal government that has increased over the years? How about an overgrown military that has also increased its power? How about the reasoning that has gotten our nation bogged down in other matters around the world, foreign matters that is costing that tax payer in addition.

So, hypothetically if we were to withdraw our troops globally , and possibly in time afghanistan as well as Iraq, and that includes ending our favouritism and military aid to Israel in favour for a middle east focused policy, would you be willing to sacrifice this countries foreign influence? Would you be willing to sacrifice millions of oil in special military agreements held with Saudi Arabia and Iraq? Would you be willing to sacrifice these for the sake of bringing down debt and getting back to full focus matters on the domestic front? I am prepared.

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 08:35 PM
We give our money to almost every country in the world to buy whatever favors and then we park our military all over to guard whatever it is the Elites think needs to be guarded.

The US used to be totally independent..we needed naught from anywhere.
We were rich and progressive. We had several years store of grain.
All our food was "Organicly" raised. We had scarcely any of the now common physical and mental conditions.

So just what exactly is it that I am supposed to sacrifice for changes?

The change I'd like to see would be of benefit to the US people, not sacrifice.
Cut all foreign aid. Send no money, no food, no military secrets....Nothing! What did they do before we came along?
Bring all our troops home to guard our borders, which is what they are supposed to do. Our borders, our country, not Israel, not Poland, not any other.

Why did we give the A-Bomb info to the 40's?
Why did we give China our guidance system for their rockets?
After WWII why did we go in an rebuild those countries?
If they were so evil that they had to be destroyed, then they should stay destroyed.
We not only rebuilt them, but we built up business for them.
We sent our domestice manufacuring to Japan. After the war they started making some really find Cameras and our own White Sewing Machines.
Prior to this anything from Japan was junk trinkets.
Somehow it seems they they OWE us.
And yet it is we who are the debtor....
Something is very wrong here.

I think I and others have sacrificed enough.
It is time to get something back.

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by OhZone

Lets be real here OhZone... cutting our military involvement globally will force new changes we will have to come use to. Its so easy for people to demand that we not get ourselves involved in matters around the world but lets not forget that the spoils of our involvement have been passed on to our nation and we have grown up under these spoils, we have come to see them as our "right". Believe it or not it is as the result of our global involvement, our deep hands in the middle east that has contributed to us having one of the lowest costs in gasoline, that has allowed us to dictate resource distribution for decades.... and now as the nations like China and India take a more influence involvement in world matters tension is becoming more and more so. I agree with you on most points my friend, but lets not pretend that this kind change in our foreign policy will not effect us significantly.

Remember that when we pull out our military involvement in the middle east, so does the influence of the allocation over our resources, and no doubt that China and India will move right in where we leave off. To be frank I dont care whether China and India begin to take a more influencial hand in the middle east once we withdraw, because this nation is able to sustain itself with the need for our foreign involvement, but there will be many negative changes as a result, and goodness knows the warhawks will come declaring the "end of america's power". There will be sacrifice, but in my view sacrifice is necessary for the greater good of this nation and future generations. We can argue about matters concerning the federal government but we cannot use this as an excuse to ignore our overgrown military industrial complex. We need to focus of defense... domestic affairs..... we cannot do this any longer. One nation cannot be left to police the world. If the UN wishes to take a more cooperative role in global affairs they would step up with other nations including the United states.


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posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 07:24 PM
Our messing around in the Middle East has gotten us Low gas prices?
You are kidding, right?
It was thanks to Henry Kissinger that OPEC was formed that caused the price to rise in the first place.
Yeah, the Henry that has attached himself to the US.

It is a little late to just pull out suddenly. Now that we have given all those countries our military equipment. We should have just let them aloneā€¦.they would still be 3rd world countries back in the 18th century.

Agreed - we should not be policing the world.
The problem is that now that we have made military powers of so many other countries, we need our own to be large. We created the problem, now we have to deal with it.

What kind of sacrifices are you talking about?

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 09:42 PM
OhZone.. nothing that USA has done was for free or good will. Every move has a reason: money + power. The outcome has changed that's why the population is now pissed but you can't blame other for that.

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