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The confusion about Good and God

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 02:27 PM
I was thinking about morals and values in ones life and started recalling all the times I heard a person say. "Why do I need god, if I'm already a good person?". I started thinking about it. It turns out that it is a score board. Let me make a case for you to consider.

For every Negative and dark thing we do in life, there is a negative impact on our score. For every good thing we do, there is a positive impact on our score.

So if we find ourselves helping and loving someone else, the score goes up. However, when we remember all the people we've violated and hurt in our past or any other wrong thing we've done, we realize that our balance is still negative and that we have a long way to go before bringing our balance above the surface.

If we Die while still in the negatives, we will have done no Good in our lives, for the balance that remained was not a positive one. We can easily understand why it is important to do more good than we think we need to, because we have a lot of catching up to do. Then, you might ask "Why do I need God to do good?" then I'd ask you to consider this.

Human's are faulty creatures. We often have done more bad things through selfishness and darkness, then good. So without God, we can never bring our score above water, no matter how hard we try. The pains and suffering we've caused to others in our lives are usually of higher magnitude to the positive changes we've ever made in anyone else's life. At least for most people. So Alas, this brings us to God.

God asks that we do good to help others, and that we come to him to cleanse our spirits and do Good in his name. The only way for us to truly do Good in life is to ask God to zero out our account so that we may start anew. And try yet again to keep it in positive, so that others may follow and bring the World out of darkness.

Many people say "So I can just do bad things and then ask for forgiveness over and over again? What's the point?" And I ask that you consider this point.

A man that is forgiven by God is only forgiven if when he witnesses the darkness and pain of everything shameful he's done. he humbles himself and acknowledges that it was wrong and that he should be a better person that never repeats this again; Never hurt this person again. This shame comes to us when we are being real with our selves and it can bring you to tears.

If you remember the time you told your mother or your wife to go !@#$@, or physically hurt someone or break their heart, you will remember how they reacted. With pain, hurt, shock, darkness. Their reactions often stick in our minds. The torture of those memories haunt us and bring us into depression in the late hours of the night. A self feeding loop that is difficult to stop.

Their is only one power that can start the process of ending this torture. That power is called self forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves is the only way for us to begin healing the pain and dark memory flashbacks of our lives. We acknowledge that we can not change the past, but we can vow to never repeat it. That is the first step, but we still are sitting within a negative account...

How does one truly have a positive life through self forgiveness, when they are sitting in a negative account? How do they zero out their account and start anew in this new life?
When we reach this stage of our journey, where we want to do something useful and good with our lives, we then may come before God. We ask for forgiveness from him as we have already forgiven ourselves. This act of self forgiveness is a very powerful and emotional stage in life that can take days, weeks and months to go through. But, the insincerity of fools are easily spotted because they have no intention of taking responsibility for anything they've done. But for those of us, who sincerely ask him to forgive us after we have truly forgiven ourselves, God will zero the account. And mental freedom and enlightenment will be unleashed to us. The truth DOES indeed set us free.

Finally, you may say "Can I just do this over and over again?" This brings me back to the Fools I mentioned earlier. Will God ever forgive a man who foolishly and wrecklessly asks for it with the full intention of repeating the same act again? No he will not. If we think God is that foolish, then yes.......why would you follow a fool?

God only forgives those who truly are trying to do the best they can, even if they falter from weakness, they are not condemned, because he made us imperfect so that he can see what we do with our hearts and faith. If our heart is in the right place he will gradually work on our weaknesses to make us stronger; To make us grow. This usually comes in the form of self purpose, self esteem and self awareness. A person going through this process will ultimately find himself walking different, talking different, acting more like a person from angel.

Through this process of cleansing, God can see his found children, (the ones who've forgiven themselves) and his lost children who are the ones who have not.

The ones who are found, come into the light and live fulfilling and abundant lives. The ones who are lost ,are forced to go through the same lesson repeatedly, until they wake up to the fact that they can not do this on their own.

It's sad to think that there are people who live within the confines of their society and their thinking. They rely on their own strength to do great things in this life and expect it to last forever, usually it comes at a high cost that can be too much to bear.

The purpose of doing good is to make the world more like heaven, so it is a process that is not just for your own life, but it is for others. As long as we have human beings who close their minds and think that they are just offspring of monkeys with race superiority complexes and arrogance, the world will never be as good as it was meant to be.


posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 02:44 PM
I like your post, your intentions are well placed, and you speak from the heart.

However I dont agree that humans are faulty creatures, and can only truly be good through god, ... and the system of forgiveness.

Forgiveness changes nothing, ... and god does not need to grant it, ... the only tangible form of forgivness comes from ourselves, ...

I do not see the seperation between god and ourselves, perhaps its through my obe's that I have closed the gap, .... but we are made of his image, and essentialy are a part of the whole.

Good and Bad are relative terms based on perception. And in the realm of the absolute, ... cease to exist at all. Some of the worst things done have been carried out with the best intentions, .... remember, Hitler thought he was doing good.

So at the end of the day, good or bad, .... the only question that exists is " Who do I want to be" .

God does not require forgiveness, there are no punishments, There are natural checks and balances in the universe.

God is the profound, ... the profane, ... and everything in between. The alpha and the omega. .... There is perfection in all of this, no hero's, no villains. Every slot occupied, and every story told. God is simply the sum of us.

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 05:38 PM
Great post IntastellaBurst, allow me to respond. God is indeed all encompassing and is the granter of all living things. I believe that he creates us in his image as pure as the driven snow and it is our own weakness in our minds and perceptions that send us into faulty beings. This is the test every man must go through, because one must strive for the perfectness of God, through God's devine guidance, in order for them to be written in the book of life and given abundance that will help him in his steps.

That is why I believe that in order for a person to be as close to the One who provides all things, he must drink from it's source which is He. Otherwise, why would God offer himself as a source for you, if you have always remained perfect?

I agree, forgiveness changes nothing of the past, as I had said in my previous post. What it does, is release us from the daily tortures of it's affects on our lives and those around us. Blind people only feel the effects, but those who are found actually see them.

You speak about supernatural , the Alpha and the Omega, yet you limit your perception of forgiveness on "tangible" things. You are right, the only tangible form of forgiveness DOES come from ourselves, but I am talking about the super natural. I am not talking about what you can touch feel and understand on your own.

No mind is full of purity, therefore it's capacity to cleanse itself is limited to the remains of whatever is still good. The mind works with the capacity it has remaining, and often that energy is being used to fight the negative energy within you. So self forgiveness is the first step to truly cleansing your soul, but it is not enough.

You're right there is no separation between God and ourselves when we recognize him, but you can sure bet that there is significant separation between those who proudly denounce his existence.

I agree, Good and Bad are relative, but only in terms of the magnitude of Good and the magnitude of Bad. The perception you speak of sounds more like an attempt to rate the Good or Bad within life. In the "realm of the absolute" there is ABSOLUTELY an existence between right and wrong, some people fail to see a common demarcation, however fuzzy it may be.

But as I refer to it, Good is good.......Bad is bad. Fools like Hitler, have taken evil action based on their inability to make the distinction between Good and Evil. How can the intentions of a madman give you proof that Bad is relative. Relative to whom? Would you say that beating someone's daughter could be justified to you as "Good" based on the relative views of the assailant? Would you pardon anyone who has done anything dark in this world just because there are different benchmarks to right and wrong?

If you do not know the difference between right and wrong, in terms of the large consequences of your tiny actions, it's affect on others and on yourself, then you are a lost soul in a lost world.

You talk about natural checks and balances in the universe and I agree. Consequences can be punishment or it can be reward. But there is no natural check and balance force within our minds. Sure, we have logic and hopefully the ability to check ourselves., but we can not manage to NOT be the product of our environment. God's purpose in you is not limited by your environment, nurture or nature.

I think the human mind is too busy reacting to it's environment, which is full of interlinked webs of consequences and waves of probabilities. It weaves it's way through life navigating within it's own waters. However, the bigger picture is that the story is often hidden behind the trials and tribulations of our stumblings.

Only until we enlighten ourselves and go beyond the limits of our feeble minds, do we start to see our story and begin to finally DO what needs to be done. A person could very well end your life before you accomplish your calling. God does not control the will of man, he can only work through the good will of man.

The slot you refer to as already occupied, are only slots for the found ones. There is no slot for the loss people in this world. As you will see in the Book of Revelations, that it is only the found children who get their story written in the book of life. It is said that those who do not ask for him are written in the book of death. How's that for a story?

I disagree that God is the sum of us. God is not the total of Good and Evil that exists in our minds or our World. He is beyond your mind and your capability, not what remains of your righteousness and good will.

If God is everything, and you are not. Then what makes you believe that you can provide all that he promises to give you? If we can provide all that God says he can, then why believe in God at all?

The fact that you believe that forgiveness is not in the equation towards freeing one's mind from the bondage of darkness, means either two things.

One, you haven't been taken down these paths yet, as many have not. Therefore you do not come to realize the true nature of your so called strength. Or two, you have not done anything which you can not let go of and which tortures your spirit and soul.

Being a believer as I think you are, the Book is loaded with the importance of forgiveness. A person shouldn't take only that from the Bible which allows them to retain their false sense of control and strength. When God speaks to us, we will come to realize our capabilities and the true despair we feel buried within our fake smiles and automatic responses.

However, if a person's source is not from God, then I wish them luck in their random journey.

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