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Who are we, and why don't most of us care?

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 11:49 AM
I swear, every time I open my mouth, I'm the only one hearing the words. Is what I'm saying so complicated that even the simplest minds can't understand? I know for damn certain I don't know everything there is to know about anything, but the difference between myself and most the people around me, is wanting to know.

I get god damn tired of ignorance. I am filled to the brim of ability to tolerate these "people". You are the reason this world is turning to #! You are the reason wars are being fought for elusive reasons, you are the reason our children will never have the freedoms we willingly barter with.

It isn't as simple as knowing what is changing, or what to do to stop it or inhibit it. It's complicated really. There were once little people whose voices rang through the airs of liberty and justice, they died for their beliefs. Here, where there is one, in other countries there are thousands unwilling to forgive those who would strip them of the sovereignty, and unwilling to forget the foundations of their countries. In these places, it is seldom that one person die in lieu of an entire nation forgetting what it was they stood and fought for. In these countries, even the ones less privy to their constitutional parameters, stand and shed blood to ensure their integrity be upheld.

Here, you #ing cowards allow yourselves to forget. You allow the mediocrity of a mundane, poisonous mentality to govern your stupidity. If I were to stand proudly and fight for your rights, how many of you would stand with me? If I were to tell you that the laws your forefathers enacted are being dissolved rapidly, how many of you would cringe rather than shout blasphemy? If I were to ask you to care, how many of you would respond, " I do"?

We are a nation built on the backs of slave labor. A nation ushered in boats afloat in the blood of natives. We are a nation created on distorted histories, generic agendas and promises as empty as the current mindset. We forget that the choices we make today, create the reality of tomorrow. We forget that our lack of compassion for the rest of the world does in fact create a void in the fabric of human existence. We walk tall, proud, certain that we are doing something right, something that ensures a sound future, but how many of you can reflect on the past?

Those of us who have forgotten the mistakes of the past, are destined to repeat them. I am cynical because my heart wallows in grief created by the burden of bearing our ignorance. I am cynical because I've opened my eyes to 24 years of blatant misinterpretation. I am cynical because I am one man, who is afraid to stand up in front of the mob of witch hunters, and I am cynical because my love for life is overshadowed by my hate for you.

What will it take for us to care together? Will we ever find what we've lost? I say, "If they give us everything, we'll ask for nothing." I am ashamed to call myself your brother. I am ashamed that my words create anxiety and discomfort. I am ashamed that we are afraid to take back what we are blindly, willingly giving away. I am ashamed to look at my daughters eyes, full of hope and love, and to know that the adults, the people shaping her world, are failing.

When your eyes are open, and you see the bleak reality you've denied, you will know the meaning of your Bible, your Koran, your faith. You will know that while you were certain that your faith in co-dependency would save you from purgatory, your lack of faith in self is where you made your first mistake.

You are the beginning, the end, the alpha and the omega!

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 12:15 PM
S&f, well said my brother. However I think many more than you think share your mindset. You must remain calm, and patiently await the right moment to act. They will take away more rights and freedoms, until the watchful eye of THE PEOPLE decides that enough is enough. The time will come, and the governents will be dismantled, and rebuilt. History will repeat itself. It always has.

I will add however, religion should not be looked at as an "it's ok, there's an afterlife". Rather, it should tell you how to live your life in love. Hate and evil should not be tolerated.

Any religion that says to kill for any reason is NOT a religion.

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 12:25 PM
Sounds like the biggest problem just may be "your admitted hate for those who don't believe like you do".

Perhaps you should slow down and take a think.

Perhaps, those who have a different opinion than you do, feel exactly the same way about you as you feel about them.

If you believe in the bible, Koran whatever, then you know the "hate" you admitted to having, is a tad bit wrong.

Personally, I see hate and intolerance as being one of the big problems of this world, hate for those that don't believe the same or for those who are different, and intolerance for those differences.

Harm None

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 03:30 PM
You are certainly right. I do hold resentment and I do have animosity towards the people who don't think like I do. The thing is, I don't mind if they feel the same way about me! To me, from where I stand, it is my mentality that facilitates change, that facilitates love and an unwillingness to succumb to the degradation of our country.
I am by no means a patriot by definition, but I do understand the foundations upon which our country was formed. I understand that through an naive perspective of life and what is 'real' (given no room for interpretation), people of our nation are failing to uphold that foundation.
I am upset, however my emotions do not transpire into action, rather my anger translates into a disregard for my fellow country man. I am a father who has been told by friends and family that caring is too difficult and it gets in the way of TV! Well, that is that isn't it? You must understand; when you are a simple man, in a room of fools, it's not so easy to make them laugh.

We have been convinced that the integrity one can find so simply in self is nothing compared to the integrity granted by those observing us. We have been force fed lies and ideas that sound so good, but have led us so far from our roots... unification of humanity is the only answer. NOT RELIGION! Lest I ask you to present your god to me to be judged by him while your fellow man creates, kills, rapes and degrades society with his own two hands. I do not knock religion, I simply say it is the faith so many have put into phantom ideals that has taken away from the faith in self; and, if you chose religion to guide your heart and mind, fine, religion has very little to do with my point, which is self determination and self proclamation.

If you can see the world falling apart... no, if you can feel the world falling apart, what really does it matter from what perspective you choose to lay blame? Especially when our perspective is based on our opinions? What we can agree on is that it is the inhabitants of this beautiful planet that are at fault. To the ones that currently create our "reality", we are numbers, not people.

I say it simply, it is not my intention by any means to say that my word is final or true, I just know where my past lies, and the uncertainty of my future. When I look at the adults of current generations, the ones ushering in a new era, I see crippled, meager-minded fools, enthralled in the web of deceptive contentment. I too am in this web, and alas, there are two types here, the ones struggling to free themselves, and the ones content with it's soft, delicate deceit?

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