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It has Already Begun

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posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by jackflap

I must say I love this. You've done an awesome job here Edrick. I do have a few things lingering in my mind from your work here though.

1. Intelligence. From your explanation, which I really do like, I can only deduce that those people who are not educated (Think of countries where education is not a priority from childhood) should be seriously enlightened. Well they're not.

Can this be explained? I believe so. Could it be that the PTB keep them chemically altered from early on so as to have the resources of the place for their own? Or is there another way to explain how those countries where education is very scarce isn't full of brilliantly creative minds?

First off... thank you.

Secondly, Yes, there ARE intelligence limiting factors at work here.

Intelligence is a capacity.

Just because you have the Capacity to be intelligent, does not mean you posses the skill to use this capacity.

You must train your mind (Education) to be able to access this intelligence.

Also, it should be noted, there are cultural factors involved...

These Cultural factors limit the Genetic selection for the Capacity of Intelligence.

If a society does not Value intelligence, it will not "Breed" for it.

Such is true in societies where obedience is valued, and intelligence is feared.

Most of your third world nations do not have a culture that facilitates the education of its people, and thus, its people do not know the bennifits of intelligence.

Not knowing the benefits of intelligence, that trait will not be valued when selecting a mate for reproduction.

Such is becoming (or has already become) the case in Western societies...

This is merely a reflection of the occurrence in third world countries.

It is a self amplifying problem. (Catch-22)

The only way to reverse this situation, is to Educate for critical thinking / Creativity, and reward those who have that capacity.

Typically, capitalistic models reward Creativity, and this becomes the self reinforcing paradigm, where intellect flourishes.

Unfortunately, what we have here in the west (and in third world nations) is NOT capitalism... it is plutocracy.

Where those that have all of the resources, make all of the rules.

These rules are typically constructed to give the plutocrats more power, resources, and intellectual rights over their citizens.

This is most clear in Third world nations (Dictatorships) where intelligence is a threat to their power, and thus, those who are intelligent (Who can see what is going on, and try to stop it) are outright killed.

There is an interesting parallel in history, between the Druids and the Romans.

When the romans conquered the Druidic cultures, they cut the tongues out of the druids.

Since the Druids knowledge was never written down (To prevent theft) the only method of passing it along was through oral tradition.

Cutting out their tongues halted this process, and destroyed the educational traditions of the Druidic Culture.

It should be said, that Societal Values, shape the Genetics of the Society.

Control the Values, and you control the Genetics.


posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 01:39 AM
ok, honestly, i've done my research over the past few years, followed events, and a lot of it seems true. then again, doomsday dates have been predicted over the past 100 years and nothing ever happened.. this is my question to you people, do you honestly believe the world is gonna end or we'll be thrown in concentration camps? everyone on here seems to think whats the point of going to work, school, doing anything productive anymore? are the majority on this site unemployed couch potatoes who do nothing but browse conspiracy forums all day?

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 02:00 AM
reply to post by thinkaboutit123

then again, doomsday dates have been predicted over the past 100 years and nothing ever happened.

Im not sure that you have posted in the right thread.

I don't think that anyone here mentioned Doomsday.

this is my question to you people, do you honestly believe the world is gonna end or we'll be thrown in concentration camps?

If you are not going to bother reading my post, please refrain from commenting...

are the majority on this site unemployed couch potatoes who do nothing but browse conspiracy forums all day?

Your post has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand, and the Ad Homenim attacks are not only Absurd, Pointless, and Baseless...

But incredibly telling of your purpose here, also.

If you are not going to Address the topic at hand, Offer commentary on the topic at hand, or even ACKNOWLEDGE the topic at hand.... Then please leave this thread.


posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 02:46 AM
i didnt know where to post, i wanted to make my own topic but couldn't, but that's what I get from reading peoples comments on this site. Everyone is expecting the worst, and assumes catastrophe will happen, so why even live your life if you believe that?

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 04:21 AM

Originally posted by D.E.M.
reply to post by DrMattMaddix

He is referencing how the media, and most importantly the education system, act to try and make stupidity and base-ness out to be the most desirable traits, while intelligence is punished and ridiculed.

There are no school that poor thousands into math clubs and science labs, but every school pours hundreds of thousands each year into sports.

There are no TV shows that make intelligence out to be a great thing, but almost all show the light side of stupidity and being a base cretin. Family guy, American Dad, the Simpsons, King of the Hill, King of Queens. All of your mainstream, primetime entertainment values stupidity and mocks intelligence.

Thus, society has formed a distaste for intelligence and now rewards those who are crude. It is most prevalent in the education system, so you are most forgiven for not noticing if you have not attended school in the last decade or so.

LOL OK ... We don't watch those in this household although we have Dish Network and a gazillion channels.

Our prime viewing is DVR Beck for me and some military/history channels (with salt); The wife watches mostly Food Network (and FOXNews with me, while screaming and throwing things at the TV.); The Daughter is down with Japanime... A geeky guy will find her, for shure.

All of those shows that you mention (and many others) are rarely seen here and eyes roll while channel surfing past them. We laugh at a few second clippy if we ever stop long enough to see those shows at all. The wife is the only one that can tolerate most commercials.

Commercials like the one below can be funny but should be shunned! (after a laugh.) I know they aren't really in the genre that you refer... But, you get the idea. Thank God for DVR.

(click to open player in new window)


This family looks down on things done stupidly. :wink: Or on people that embrace stupidity. If I ever come across as snotty it's because I have little patience for stupidity (or ignorance.)

Life is wonderful without stupid. Why pursue it when it has no value?

Granted, We can't know everything! So, to others, this family is probably seen as a mob of uppity know it all's. LOL Well, if others are basking in the retardation of Family Guy... So be it. They've made their choices too.

Thank you so much for explaining that to me.

(My sense of humor is sarcastic and well deserved humiliation of stupid people/things. Why? Because stupidity has NO GRACE.)

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posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by Edrick

Got ya Edrick. Thanks for replying. Just something I was wondering about. You cleared it up for me though. Again thanks.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 08:58 AM
totally agree with all your thoughts.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 11:25 AM
The school system is definetly messed up.

I always got A's or B's on tests but still struggled to pass because I have always refused to do any homework. I did not feel it was the schools position to make me waste my evenings with more work after all day in class.

Just another point were schools aren't actually rewarding intelligence, rather punishing you for not doing what your told no matter how well you did when you are sitting in the classroom.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 11:47 AM
and yet with all this mind control, the ATS site exists. because action is not readily identified, does not mean that intellect is absent. there are millions of people that think "outside the box". and isn't it curious that nobody actually hears about actions that have taken place, that have already prevented some monstrous situation from happening, that involve small, but significant groups; up to and including the entire human race.

maybe there are constant changes for the good that are happening right now, but are not being recognized, because of our limited ability of access, and once known, to actually believe it. there is a mental laziness to believe in the fear that has an easier persuasion over us, rather than to seek and acknowledge accomplishments by people we need to encourage.

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posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by OneDivided

My oldest son is exactly like you. He easily aces any material, and is quite bored with school, and refuses to do the homework. He understands how irrelevant and limiting what he is being taught is to his spirit and path of life experience. It is hard for me as his parent, because I know the conformity that is required to "get the accolades, that get the job" etc., etc., and yet I despise the way it has all been set up to dumb us all down into debt-slavery and toiling for materialistic possessions at the expense of experiential growth, imaginative creativity, and self discovery. I learned more from the internet in a year than I did in 12 years of "structured education".


posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

This is all coming to a head where we will have to realise that it's time to dump the ballast of our society anyway. We don't need kids in school 8 hours a day plus whatever they are thrown with to do at home any more than we need to work two full jobs to be able to afford food and shelter. It's the false logic of money and the missguidance of psychopaths that pushes us into these unnatural rythms.

What we need is homeschooling, community activity and some community schooling and on the job training. Kids need language and math in school, the rest they can figure out themselves. Kids need the good type of child labor, which is helping out their parents at the family business/home. We have a digital backbone that can transmit knowledge almost instantly, time to restructure our educational systems to use it, but with a logic of individual growth and not group enslavement.

I find most corporate slogans a waste of neuron activity, however one company, NIKE, has it right: "Just do it". This should be the slogan for the resistance movement to the NWO. As long as it dosen't harm anyone or the environment, as long as it's for personal growth and the good of others, just do it. Don't wait for approval, don't grovel for help.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 07:39 PM
Uhmm as far as I know the Illuminati are against monarchies, or at least what historical records tell such as "Proof of A Conspiracy Against all Religions and Goverments" .

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 10:55 PM

Originally posted by Szerablyn
Uhmm as far as I know the Illuminati are against monarchies, or at least what historical records tell such as "Proof of A Conspiracy Against all Religions and Goverments" .

They are against All monarchies, that they do NOT CONTROL.

That is the important part of the statement that you are missing.

The ultimate goal of the illuminati is to have a Supreme Global Monarch, with whom their Shadow control system can manipulate from behind the scenes.

The main reason that the Illuminati are Against Monarchies, and FOR a global illuminati controlled Monarch, is because.... from a logistical standpoint, Monarchies (And Dictatorships) are the most efficient, and powerful governmental types in existence.

No red tape, No Bumbling Bureaucracies, Complete Control.

This is why they actively seek to depose monarchies, and why their control system will ultimately BE a monarchy.

The pyramid has but one point on top.


posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 04:59 AM
reply to post by Edrick

Not only that but the psychopathic control freaks at the top want to control even their offspring, so monarchy is a way for them to control their wealth after they are dead, through their family. Such is the mind of a psychopath, a compulsive desire to control everything in the name of ego. To define reality in one's own image.

They want all the wealth in the world and to have it under their name, at least until they can overcome death. This is why we hear of singularity a lot in philosophy and science, because the psychopaths think that they can control nature and be immortal on the physical plain, and they envision a technocratic transhumanistic shift where they become a technological god on earth. Yes, they want to control even nature, hence the chemtrailing and Haarp nonsense. They are, in a three letter word, mad. Stark raving mad. Because Love is nowhere to be found in their egomaniacal ramblings.

They are all aiming for that point at the top of the pyramid, and, like lemmings, I suspect cramming into it is what's going to kill them, as they pile like lemmings into a dead end, stabbing each other in the backs in the process. The death culture we live in, this entropic society, is a negative dynamic, it will spare no one, least of all the lunatics at the top.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride, it's goiing to be a doozy.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 05:11 AM
great talking op,u have my respect,i tottaly understand about this "supress ur emotion so u can see",i mean look what they do with religion,some islamists gather a political party,and the skinheads are all over them with rage = hatred = war = divide and conquerr like a good fella sayd

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 06:58 AM
please explain how they are having their asses handed to them.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 10:27 AM

Originally posted by TheMajestic
please explain how they are having their asses handed to them.

If you insist.

The control scheme involves intelligence, and supply and demand.

The Original wealth of this group was accumulated through Arming both sides of major conflicts and wars, Trading Slaves, and Dealing in illicit Narcotics, and controlled substances.

The primary purpose is to aquire wealth... MONEY, is not wealth, but an abstract representation of wealth.

Their plan, as always, is to use their position as Money changers (and suppliers) to Contract money (or credit) OR expand money availability.

When they expand the money supply, they purchase valuable commodities beforehand.

Once the Money bottoms in value (Due to inflation), their commodities value skyrockets.

They then sell their commodities for inflated value, and then contract the money supply, making their money worth more.

They then buy up more resources, expand the money supply, etc, etc, etc....

You seeing the cycle here?

They had planned on doing this one more time.

Their plan was to buy up gold, sell their stocks, and watch themselves become Richer and fatter off the land.

The stock market was pulled out from under them.

Their wealth was still in stocks when the market crashed, and the value of gold shot through the roof before they could exit the market with their wealth and purchase it.

This is why you see all of the Giant Bailouts to these large Banking institutions, and why the FED will not release WHO got the bailout money.

They are trying to recoup their losses, by stealing it from the taxpayers, and having US foot the bill.

In order to do this (Pass the bailout) the FED had to print trillions more dollars to cover the bailout to these banks.

These new dollars are not being accepted internationally.... they are being treated as counterfeit.

Their manipulation game is Up, the world knows how they pulled it off, and they are not letting them get away with it.

Countries are no longer willing to purchase US treasury bonds... the very bonds that keep the US economy afloat.

The very bonds that enable this nefarious group to continue their strong arm military, psychological, and financial tactics to accumulate the resources of the world.

VERY few new bonds are being bought, and old bonds are being called in for face value.

Their plan was to take all their "Paper" money, buy All the resources of the US, and get out before the economy collapsed.

The economy collapsed before they could escape.

Does that answer your question?


posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 11:56 PM
hey, cool thread, man. this makes me think of so many things that i would get this thread off topic on accident if i started writing all/any of them. you covered more topics than the average brain could process here, bro

you and my other ats friend have had threads on the main page . i need some small advice on my thread format. will u2u u when i get chance. star times five. flags times infinity. (how do i give stars and flags? is there a button or do i just write it out?) i apologize for being technologically retarded.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 02:47 PM
Something that is really rearing it's ugly head more and more, is that fact there is something fundamentally wrong with the moral fiber of Americans.

People have steadily let themselves become jaded, immoral, and outright perverted.

The latest case is the clubbing and beating to death of the young man by an out of control mob of hoodlums, while being recorded on a cell phone for You-Tube distribution...

Another current indication of how insane people have become, is the discovery of the kidnapped female, who was held captive since she was 11, and then raped over and over again by her abductor/captives. She gave birth to two children, both girls, and he also was raping them as well...(which would mean he was raping his own daughters ) To top it off, his wife was involved as well.

Names aren't necessary, because you all know of whom I write...

I have a young guy across the street who decided he was going to park a boat and trailer in the street...(against the city ordinances ) I told him, he couldn't park it there, especially across the street opposite of my drive way.
His retort was; "Oh yeah?. well watch me..." Then he flipped me off! So, I called the cops, and they made him move it...

It would have been just easier to have listened, and not bring the police to his house...But, He had to do it the hard way! Now I have an enemy...for he gives me dirty looks, and is obnoxious with his illegally muffled Camero...
In short, he is a punk, and thinks he can do whatever the hell wants.

This is partly the point. Way too many in general, readily flaunt the laws, or disregard them, because they can't be inconvenienced, or have their fun impeded upon.

So you hear; screw you, "F" you's, eat me, up yours, mind your own business "A" hole, plus the ubiquitous middle finger.

Society is unraveling, and coming apart at the seams. And it is getting worse and worse.

Take the clubbing death as an example; Look at the mayhem in the street, and the crowd mentality. The guys swinging large hunks of timber at everyone, shows how low their moral quality is. They are murderous thugs, looking for a reason to kill or seriously hurt some one, anyone, it didn't matter.

Phillip Garrido had no empathy or remorse for the girl whose life he stole. Jaycee Dugards life and innocence was taken by force. He robbed her soul of everything good and decent. All he wanted was an endless personal supply of young nookie...he didn't care how he got it. He is beyond being a psychopath...he is evil incarnate. He has ruined countless lives...

This guy deserves to burned at the stake in public, with the girls watching.

The guys who beat to death the young honors student, deserve to be publicly stoned to death.

I fear what we are witnessing, with the consistently more heinous crimes being perpetuated against society, and the lack of a moral social fiber, indicates that a huge portion of society had lost it mind, or is mentally ill to some degree. We cannot continue to let all civility and morals rot away, and then continue to call ourselves the standard bearer for the world. It is getting to the point now, where is becoming a joke.

Getting rid off guns isn't the answer either. Has anyone ever seen what devastating and horrific wounds and damage a hand axe, wood axe, machete, bowie knife, claw hammer, dry wall hammer, meat cleaver, butchers knife, ice pick, black jack, leather belt with large buckle, coat hanger, car antenna, tire iron, jack handle, screwdriver, chain, axe handle, broom handle, baseball bat, stave, billy club, broken bottle, shard of glass (excluding all Martial Arts weapons..) can do to someone? Guns aren't the issue. It is the mental illness of the nation. It is also, the staid acceptance of wholesale egregious violence, without public outrage.

Getting even, revenge, and showing enforcement of will against your fellow human is out of control. The Wild West Outlaws, and the Indian Uprisings/War were never as continually violent, as our current times are.

Our females are no longer safe, anywhere, not even out in front of your house. Your private property is no longer respected. Your privacy is long gone. Open intimidation, threats, bullying, and attacks are common place.

This is freedom? This is what America has become, and it is acceptable?
It is a personal freedom, to download someone's violent death, and then make it a public spectacle online? What the hell is wrong with everyone?

It has got to stop! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO OR SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT TO SOMEONE ELSE. I am sick and tired of people claiming they have the right to be total "A"holes, and there is nothing we/you can do about it.

Yet, if you should happen to pack a gun and blow a thugs pink brain tissue all over the side walk, you are the criminal...

Not all that long ago, the citizens of a city, would run any and all undesirables out of town. Even by force if needed. People were Tarred and Feathered for a reason. It was because people were sick and tired of some idiots behavior. And, Boy oh Boy, do we have a bumper crop of sick twisted idiots running around.

How much more of this crap are we going to have to keep swallowing, before we've had enough? What is it going to take, that will finally push the moral and sane, to stand up for themselves, and declare war on public thuggery, and criminal mob and gang activity?

An old west adage comes to mind here: "He just needed kill`n!"
To wit; Phillip Garrido needs kill`n! He isn't worth prison space.

Public hangings need to come back in vogue.

A new world order of pushing people around to be someones else's jackass labor force, is only going to push the insanity to ever higher levels. We don't need overlords and masters...We need to wake up, and take back the right to live in peace and safety.

Whenever someone claims the "Illuminati" are stoking the coals under the collective pot, bringing it to the boiling point, are giving a faceless and formless entity to much credit.

Civil War is coming, and the "Illuminati smart asses "will be some of the first taken out! The Insane, Perverted, Excessively Greedy, Morally Bankrupt Reprobates days are numbered. Judgment Days are coming, and it won't be by the hand of any God. It'll be by the right fist of God, being US!

Something is wrong...very very wrong indeed! Our whole concept of life's purpose has to be redefined, and soon.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by Edrick

A few points: Homeschoolers across the country are being educated, in fact that outstrip public ed by a mile. As to women: even Jesus showed we are equal, but yes it should be a choice. I choose to be a at home mom and I find ways to work from home as I believe they are my greatest work. I homeschool.

Sadly even men have so bought the lie in the Feminist movement. My exes wanted me to go to work, I told them I had a job, being the parent to my children.

I read Silent Weapons, Quiet wars and they talked about the distruction of the family and the community. If we are only out for ourselves, we are more easily taken down. This is the true reason for the war in Iraq. Destroy their loyalties to family and tribe and you control them.

I can not leave this unspoken, Jesus did not come to create a church and a priest class, he came to destroy it. He demonstrated our true power and intelligence. He showed us what to do to conquer all of it. But in the second century, the Roman Church created itself to control the masses and they used his name until they subdued his message and left them thinking they could only talk to god through the priest.

They used punishment and rewar, guilt and shame and they manipulated the masses, that even today so called Christians will fight tooth and nail to hold on to the lie. So just remember when you all speak of religion, leave Jesus out of it. He came to give us our freedom from all oppressors.

And as to emotion, they did a great job, because most humans have no emotion or concern for their fellow humans and would not defend them, help them or give to them.

All because we have a deeply ingrained fear that we bought a long time ago and despite our present day awareness of events and actions taken to subdue and control us

we will not let it go as it would mean unchaining ourselves from the log and leaving the cave.

It reminds me of a story of a group of POW's, they were placed in a shack and told that they could leave through one of two doors, one led to death and the other to freedom. The door of freedom had sounds they were no familar with, the other the sounds they had become aquinted with.

Sadly the chose what they knew, and they all died. Even those on ATS do not have the courage to choose the right door.

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