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American Helped Bomb Somalia Base, Web Site Says

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 01:00 AM

I saw this article, and I wanted to run two plausible scenarios past Ya'll; make no mistake both end in war.

The article references one US American, and then loosely implies that his US American "buddies" are in different US cities. Simply, there are a lot of People, or foreigners from all over the World in the continental United States, and why? Our government brought People in for decades with work, and handouts. What major city isn't filled with foreigners, but this article has to make mention of 1 US American. The question is obvious, Why does the article single out the American?

Besides this article the Internet is filling up with all sorts of non sourced, or non credible sourced warnings from different govts. across the World of impending terror attacks. Specifically the US Govt, and German Govt. are putting out several warnings without any credible sources, or reasons...... just mystery warnings.

I think the key is that in the past year, or so the targeted terrorist is the average US American Person, and the reason is We somehow are working with Islamic fundamental terror cells. This kind of new story with a flare, and spin of the terrorist being Your next door neighbor is becoming very popular.

It is my opinion We all are being conditioned via Psychological Warfare right now for a possible false flag event in the near future. I say possible because no dates are ever written in stone; except tax day
The war which will be perpetrated from this coming attack will be against primarily the American People. It may not be announced as; "You are the enemy, now die", but as the Patriot Act has shown We have been turned into criminal society as to how the government perceives us.

This article is nothing more than a psychological tool designed to infiltrate Peoples minds, in order to prepare their thought processes to except coming tighter restrictions. This will be based off of the fear that Your neighbor is the terrorist.

We are seeing the beginning, or "prequel" to the Problem, Reaction, Solution. Call it the set up.



NAIROBI, Kenya — A Somali Web site is claiming that one of the suicide bombers who attacked an African Union base last week in Somalia was from the United States, which, if true, would make him the second known American to carry out a suicide attack.

According to, a mostly Somali-language Web site, the bomber lived in Washington State until 2007, when he left the United States to join the Shabab, a terrorist group with growing ties to Al Qaeda. Several suicide bombers penetrated an African Union base in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, Sept. 17, killing more than 15 peacekeepers, including the second in command of the 5,000-strong African Union mission in Somalia.

The bombers used United Nations trucks to slip into the base; they apparently had inside information because they struck precisely at a time when high-ranking Somali officials were meeting with African Union commanders to plan an offensive. Some witnesses said the bombers spoke English.


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