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A weird connection just clicked.

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 10:30 PM
William Lyon Mackenzie King. Prime Minister of Canada, 1921-1926.

I live down the street where he use to live my age, i go to the high school he attended, coincidently i decided to go at the last minute, i was sappose to switch to my girlfriends school but when the Principle asked me here or there(BCI or KCI) i picked KCI for some odd reason, not really wanting to go there. KCI is his high school.

I was walking past his house, there was a plack out front, and i felt like he knew the kind of reality i knew. the spirituality, life after death, but no such thing as hell, reincarnation, eternal now, just felt like he had some significance to what i was going through.

then i read this.

I have much respect for Benjamin Fulford, i know he does not play around with facts, he gives them straight. and this letter just gave me a kind of shiver, for it explained my weird sudden connection with King. the fact that my last name is also King doesn't seem very...meaningful, just an actual coincidence.

any responses to this?

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 11:12 PM
Yes. I'm glad someone mailed this to David Rockefeller:

Dear David,

Here is a humble suggestion. We would like to see your Armageddon. It would be a fitting way to announce a fresh start for the planet Earth.

Please, turn on your hologram machines, bring out your flying saucers, fill your screens with your best computer graphics. We want to see the greatest show the planet has ever seen. But please, no hurting people and no vandalism. Although perhaps it might me neat to watch you zap an Antarctic mountain or two with your earthquake machine and any other toys you may have stashed away. We want to have a party such has never happened before.

After the party is over, how about hosting a Global pow-wow to decide how to carry out an intensive, unprecedented, three-year campaign to eliminate the 5 curses of humanity: war, poverty, environmental destruction, ignorance and disease. At the end of those three years, every child on earth should have a full stomach and a full mind.

It would also be a wonderful thing if we as a species could divert as many resources as possible to the task of ensuring immortality for all humans on the planet. Of course we would need to enhance our intelligence and release all the hidden technology that could benefit the species if we are to be able to take care of all these new immortals.
Once this accomplished, humanity will be able to reach for the stars and beyond in ways we cannot even imagine.


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