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posted on Feb, 17 2003 @ 11:22 AM

by Sherman H. Skolnick


An article written by "Ru Mills" (pseudonym) and published in Conspiracy Nation (CN 12.08) gave details on the arrest of a "George Mearah" (apparently also known as Oswald LeWinter) for allegedly trying to sell top secret CIA documents to Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Al-Fayed who died with Princess Diana in a suspicious car crash on August 31, 1997. This development was covered in several wire service and some newspaper reports. For example:

"A man was arrested in a hotel lobby in Vienna as he tried to sell documents to Mohamed Fayed that allegedly proved that his son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales, were murdered." (Electronic Telegraph, 4/30/98)

"The suspect, a 67-year-old man whose name was withheld, had been peddling documents which purported to be evidence of a supposed murder plot, by implication involving British and U.S. intelligence." (Reuters, 4/29/98)

A further update on the situation was reportedly broken on May 14, 1998, in a story appearing in the London Mirror newspaper. The Mirror apparently included one of the purported secret papers in its May 14th edition. Here is an excerpt from the blockbuster story:

Mr. [Mohamed] Fayed believes the Diana papers, said to originate from the US Central Intelligence Agency, back his conviction that the British establishment masterminded a conspiracy against his son and the Princess . . . . Mr. Al Fayed said yesterday, "I intend to establish the truth behind the tragic events in Paris last August." . . . MI6 Director David Spedding is named in one telex and a squad from the Israeli secret service Mossad, referred to as the "K-Team", appears in another.

[The documents] were seized in an Amsterdam hotel room three weeks ago when Mr. Al Fayed's security chief, backed by two FBI agents, met a middleman who was demanding 10 million (Pound Sterling) for them. The intermediary, 67 year old Oswald LeWinter, was arrested and is now in solitary confinement in a Vienna police cell.

Here is a copy of one of the purported CIA documents, apparently published in the London Mirror:


REPORT CLASS: TOP SECRET REPORT NO: 00.D 831/173466-97 COUNTRY: France DATE DISTR: 17 June 1997 SUBJECT: File overview: Diana Princess Of Wales-Dodi REFERENCES DCI Case 64376 SOURCE: CASParis/CASLondon/COSGeneva/CASKingston/UK citizen Ken Etheridge

1. Relationship initiated between Diana POW and Dodi aF according to reliable intel sources in November 1996. Intimacy begins shortly after they meet. (Report filed)

2. Reliable source reports Palace seriously disturbed by liaison. PM considers any al Fayed relationship politically disastrous. Edinburgh (Prince Phillip -ed) sees serious threat to dynasty should relationship endure. Quote reported: "Such an affair is racially and morally repugnant and no son of a bedouin camel trader is fit for the mother of a future king," Edinburgh. (Report filed)

3. Request from highest circles to DEA attache UK for 6 on Dodi re: Cocaine. See File forwarded to UK embassy DC. (Copy filed)

4. US liaison to MI6 requested by David Spedding for assistance in providing permanent solution to Dodi problem. Blessing of Palace secured (Twiz filed)

5. WHuse (White House -ed) denies Spedding request. Harrison authorized only to arrange meeting for MI6 representative with K-Team Geneva. (Twiz on file)

6. Meeting in Geneva reportedly successful (Report filed)

7. al Fayed Mercedes Limo stolen and returned with electronics missing. Reliable intel source confirms K-team involved. Source reports car rebuilt to respond to external radio controls. (Report filed)

8. COBGeneva reports that on May 28, 1997 heavily weighted Fiat Turbo . . . . (end of page text)

posted on Feb, 17 2003 @ 11:23 AM

by Sherman H. Skolnick


Were Princess Diana and her intended new husband, an Arab, Dodi Al-Fayed, murdered?

Heiress to a worldwide banking fortune, Diana was about to merge with big Arab money: a disaster for the financial powers of the western world. On August 31, 1997, Diana and Dodi died from a car crash in a tunnel, in Paris. On the same day, the London Sunday Mirror had already gone to press with a story that, at the request of the Queen of England, British counter-intelligence, MI-6, had prepared a report on the goings-on between Diana and Dodi, which tended to further undermine the Monarchy. Being considered was the possible exile of Diana. =But=, her older son is in to be the new King of England. The British paper also said the Queen was planning to damage Harrods, in London, by stripping it of her royal approval. A large department store, Harrods is owned by Dodi's father, Mohammed Al-Fayed. It does big business with the royals.

Myself and the Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts (773-731-1100 for recorded message) did stories about how U.S. and British Intelligence jointly conducted "Operation Clydesdale" to snuff out porno kings, pedophiles, and other suspected low-lifes, without a judicial trial, using the team's specialty: faked-up car crashes. Their headquarters is now reportedly in Bristol, as well as elsewhere in the United Kingdom. A member of that unit was reportedly Gunther K. Russbacher, who has dual citizenship in the United States and Austria. [Mr. Russbacher denies any involvement with the unit.] Gunther Russbacher called me from Bristol and warned me to shut up.

In April 1998, Dodi's father sent his chief of security to meet in Vienna, Austria, with someone offering to sell documents for 10 million British pounds. The documents reportedly show that British Intelligence had asked the American CIA to help murder Princess Diana. Apparently, in a cynical trick to surface the whole mess without paying big money, the CIA and FBI were asked to monitor the meeting. Thereafter, the CIA and FBI had the mystery man - the one offering to sell the documents - arrested. [1] He reportedly is a retired officer of the U. S. Naval Intelligence (ONI), reportedly knows ONI Commander Russbacher, and is well-informed on Operation Clydesdale-type assassinations.

The documents had apparently been stolen from the FBI's counter-intelligence wing, Division 5. British and American covert operatives were in the team of cars which pushed Diana's Mercedes up against a pillar, causing the death of Dodi and Diana.

The American agents in Vienna claimed they had jurisdiction to arrest the mystery man, because stealing the documents violated U. S. national security. Among the secrets contained: that Bill Clinton, as president, had offered to assist Diana-in-exile to become a U.S. citizen, along with her new husband, Dodi. So, the new King of England, Diana's eldest son, would have been raised in Los Angeles under the wing of his step-father, an Arab - unacceptable to the Monarchy.

The trial of the arrested mystery man is to be in secret, in a soundproof court, in the District of Columbia.

Some, but not all, of these details were in wire service stories. But the mass media pretended they didn't exist.

posted on Feb, 17 2003 @ 11:24 AM
Death of a Princess.

The Investigation
by Thomas Sancton and Scott MacLeod

In Death of a Princess, Thomas Sancton and Scott MacLeod investigate the questions everyone has been asking since Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Al Fayed were killed in a Paris car crash in the small hours of August 31, 1997.

How was a drunken, drugged, nonlicensed driver allowed at the wheel of the Mercedes?

Why was the driver, off-duty Ritz Hotel assistant security director Henri Paul, called back to the hotel that night and assigned a job that was not his?

Didn't senior officials of the Al Fayed - owned Ritz know that Paul was a chronic alcoholic and that he was drinking in the hotel that very night?

What was the role of the paparazzi who had stalked the couple all day long and pursued them in that final high-speed chase?

Why was Dodi so spooked by the photographers, to the point of changing normal security procedures and exposing himself and the pricess to unwarranted risks?

What do skid marks, paint, and glass fragments tell us about the involvement of a second car?

Who was the driver of the second car, why didn't he stop, how did he escape, and how did the police organize a nationwide manhunt aimed at tracking him down?

posted on Feb, 17 2003 @ 01:37 PM
Certainly Mohamed Al-Fayed has been an out spoken proponent that his son and Princess Diana were murdered in a plot against him. I've heard much about the Windsor family wanting to stop any relationship between the Princess and Dodi for fear that it would affect the Royal Family & future lineage. (Heaven forbid that someone whom the British Government won't allow citizenship, should get connected to the Monarchy).

Below are some additional conspiracy links that may provided additional food for thought:

Hoping the Windsors & MI5 never get it in for me,

posted on Feb, 17 2003 @ 01:45 PM

Thanks for the info.

I must say i am not conviced that there was a conspiracy.

But it makes for a good read.

posted on Feb, 17 2003 @ 02:49 PM
Righto quaneeri

All the Best,

posted on Feb, 20 2003 @ 12:05 PM

posted on Feb, 20 2003 @ 03:00 PM
The Conspiracy Theories.

1. MI6 Killed Di

Rogue elements in the British secret service decide that Di is a threat to the throne, and therefore the stability of the state. They take her out.

a. Recent revelations have shown that there are rogue elements in the secret service who act as more or less autonomous cells. Some of these have been revealed to have a pretty strange view of what constitutes a threat to the state. For instance, they have files on John Lennon, current British Home Secretary (Interior Minister) Jack Straw and they once tried to destabilise the 1970s Labour government. It is not inconceivable that the same agents who believed Lennon was capable of leading revolution also believed Diana was capable of fomenting popular unrest.

b. MI6 is suspected of bugging Diana throughout her years in the Royal limelight, and many believe they were behind the leaking of the 'Squidgygate' phone tapping tapes which damaged her image during the break up with Charles.

c. Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was a former member of the crack Parachute Regiment, one of the most toughest in the British army. He also completed two stints in Northern Ireland and served in the Royal Military Police, just the kind of background that would have seen him come into contact with members of the secret service. Theorists cite the fact Rees-Jones survived the crash as evidence that he was in on the plot to snuff out the Diana threat.

Likelihood: 3/10
Few doubt that the nutters at MI6 are capable of anything but surely even they would have had qualms about bumping off Diana, if only for the reason that her death might bring on the very things they most fear, the drift toward a republican state in the UK, as Charles loses still more popularity.

2. Target Dodi

Business enemies of Dodi and his father Mohammed Al Fayed assassinate Dodi, with the death of Di a magnificent cover for their operation.

Al Fayed has not got to the top without making some serious enemies along the way. The owner of Harrods fought a bitter battle for the top London store some years ago and has also been denied British nationality after question marks were raised about his business practise. His activities have included under the counter payments to Conservative MPs. as his oldest son and heir, Dodi would be an obvious target for anyone wanting to settle a score with Al Fayed.

Likelihood: 1/10
With Di involved, the police operation is likely to be one of the biggest in Paris history so any assassin would be taking one hell of a risk by cutting the break cable, say, of Dodi's car. Then again, the day of the Jackal is a Paris story.

posted on Feb, 20 2003 @ 03:03 PM
Did MI6 Kill Diana?

The Two Main Theories:

a) One or more rogue "cells" in the British secret service construct and carry out a plot to kill Diana.

b) An official campaign by MI6 to assasinate Diana, sanctioned by elements of the establishment.

The Possible Motives
a) The rogue elements in MI5 (National security) or MI6 (International security) decide that Di is a threat to the throne, and therefore the stability of the state. They take her out.

b) With similar motives to the possible rogue elements, the official campaign is driven by a fear of Diana's possible to conversion to Islam (Dodi being a Muslim) and the implication on the Church and State were the two Princes, William and Harry, to follow their mother's lead.

The Evidence
Circumstantial it maybe, but put together is it capable of raising sufficient doubt that this was an accident?
Below are some of the questions and doubts that are raised by the investigation so far

- The rapid disposal of the bodies of Diana and Dodi. Diana had no post mortem prior to burial in Althorp. Victims of sudden death require a post mortem by law in the UK.
- The missing white Fiat Uno: With such a large-scale investigation by French authorities could only secret agents have evaded the police's net around Paris? We know the car hit the Mercedes used by Di and Dodi, thanks to traceable paint marks on the Benz. Witnesses refer to the car lurching around the road at varying speeds as both it and the Merc entered the tunnel of death.
- Henri Paul, driver of the Limo. The mis-information surrounding this key figure is enormous. First he was said to be driving at up to 120 mph, recent reports by professional crash investigators suggest 60 mph, even less on impact.
Was he really drunk? It is accepted that he had two Ricard drinks at the Ritz, but no other evidence has emerged to support this claim, beyond questionable results from a blood test from his corpse. Why questionable? Because it is common for the alcohol level to rise in bodies after death regardless of consumption. The test also showed a very high level of carbon monoxide (20 per cent) in his blood. Experts say this would have incapacitated him before he set off on his fatal journey, and yet the hotel's video evidence shows him walking around and talking normally. An alcoholic? Well , as a pilot, he passed a rigorous health check two days before the accident. His liver showed no signs of abuse on post-mortem.
Then there is the question of the multiple bank accounts Paul held, with balances showing income far in excess of his 20 000 UKP salary as acting head of security at the Ritz. Some friends have suggested he was a long term "sleeper" agent for a secret service agency, almost certainly French intelligence.
- Trevor Rees Jones (Fayed bodyguard)- The only survivor. One time member of Her Majesty's armed forces, rumours suggest he may have been a "sleeper" agent for MI5 or MI6, particularly as the establishment were keen to keep tabs on Mohammed Al Fayed. Why was he the only person in the car to wear a safety-belt?
- Explosion, followed by Bang- Immediately after the crash news was broadcast, witnesses appeared on US TV saying that they heard an explosion or bang before they heard the car crash. Was this a gunshot, or a bomb?
- White Light- Other witnesses describe an extremely bright white light, much stronger than a photographer's flashbulb, illuminating the tunnel before the crash sounds. Powerful anti-personnel flash-guns are available to private citizens for as little as 250 UKP. The security forces have access to much stronger tools. All of which are capable of blinding a victim for several minutes - easily enough to cause a fatal crash. Crucially there would be no physical evidence left for investigators.
- James Hewitt- Former lover of Diana claims he was warned on several occasions by elements of the security forces and a member of the royal family to stop seeing the Princess or his health would suffer! Hewitt has been exposed previously as being very willing to exploit a situation for his own ends, as in the publication of a sleazy book about Diana to which he contributed.
- Paparazzi- Initially blamed for the crash, most witnesses seem to agree that the bikes were not close enough to the Mercedes in the tunnel to have actually interfered with its progress.

NB These are just a selection of matters which cause concern for investigators. Many other points are raised by the "accident" but for reasons of space are not dealt with here.

There are many questions that arise out of this incident. The most plausible explanation still appears to be a tragic accident - Paul who was driving to some degree under the influence of alcohol, tried to accelerate away from the pursuing photographers, lost control going into the tunnel (after the slight curve in the road, and maybe as the Uno impeded his progress) and crashed into the tunnel's thirteenth pillar.

This maybe the most plausible explanation, however, we feel that without dramatic new evidence , such as the Uno and driver turning up, this will never be certain.

While there remains doubt as to whether it was an accident it is reasonable to question what the possible alternatives are. The most plausible of these has to involve members of the UK establishment and secret service as few others had anything to lose from Diana and Dodi's relationship. To keep such a plot secret we believe it would have to be the work of a small, isolated cell working under its own auspices within the system.

Former agents have told of a plot to destabilise the then Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson in the Seventies. Wilson did indeed resign from office, shocking political commentators at the time. We know that our intelligence service keeps records on Peace campaigners and Union officials for the "threat" of being radicals.

If the service really does operate as efficiently as James Bond films lead us to believe, which we doubt very strongly, then there would be nothing to stop them orchestrating Diana's death AND making it appear to be an accident.

But as yet there is clearly more evidence to support an accident than a secret plot. For us though, the jury is still out.

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