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Unit 11, my version of how 911 was accomplished

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 06:54 PM
They were all skilled operatives, taken from the cream of the US military and intelligence services.

They were few, just ten were chosen.

In 1995 these ten were formed into a special unit, UNIT 11.

They had the necessary skills required, but above all they were loners. They had no families, living anyway, no wives, no children. They had their jobs, and they had their country.

In June 1996 they were given their first orders. Assuming the role of workmen for the Port Authority, they were provided with the appropriate passes, security clearances and uniforms.

That year, with unrestricted access to the WTC towers, they went about their work, their job? Officially they were on site to inspect the steel structure of the two towers, but in reality, they were to get to the very beams and steel frame they were supposed to 'inspect'. Usually at night, they would access the steel, placing the Nano-thermite at the crucial points. The ten of them could do three floors a week. It would only require eight devices on every third floor. The wires linking the Nano-thermite were not connected to the power grid of the building, as it was too unsafe to do so.

Explosives were planted in the basement of the two towers, around the core columns.

WTC 7 was much easier. Being newer it was simpler to get to the crucial beams. Unit 11 completed their taks in weeks. The key to WTC 7 was its main support column, take that out and it would collapse, in seconds.

Unit 11 finished the installation of the devices in all the buildings in May 1998.

Their new orders arrived in June 1998, they were to proceed to a training facility somewhere in Nevada. Four began training in the remote controlled flight of 757s. The other six, began the complex task of enrolling Middle Eastern volunteers, duping them into believing they were legitimate intelligence assets participating in a training mission.

Offered jobs and US citizenship, they came, eleven Saudi Nationals. In early 2000 they arrived. Stolen identities and documents were given to these men involved in the training mission, orders were to be followed to the tee. Their behaviour was to go noted, all part of the act.

They were given cursory flight training, all part of their 'training mission'.

The four members of Unit 11 who were responsible for guiding the flights to their targets, had by now fully mastered the skill of flying planes remotely.

At this point these four received their new orders.They spent the next 6 months, assuming their familiar role as workmen, attaching the charges in the Towers to the main power grid.

Three of the six Saudi 'handlers' left the final preparations to travel to NSA headquarters, in the final days before 911 they had copies of the flight lists. Taking several names they used the vast bugging and surveillance resources of the NSA to record phone conversations of several passengers and crew (they knew from hacking the airlines who was due to be working on those flights) They fed the voice characteristics into the morphing software, so that in real-time, they could have a conversation 'from' the planes, or leave messages on the answer machines of relatives.

The day of 911 was, as everyone remembers a beautiful day. The eleven members of Vigilant Guardian proceeded as usual to their flights, believing they were actually just taking part in an anti-terror drill.

The passengers, crew and 'hijackers' didn't know what killed them, the gas released into the cabin and cockpit rendered them unconscious, then dead in seconds. The button that released the gas into all four flights, also switched the plane from pilot controlled to remote controlled. At this point, the flight programme and control from the Unit 11 operatives guided them to their targets.

Four members of Unit 11 (using the actual flight lists from the day) were kept busy making calls and leaving pre-recorded messages on voice mails.

Suddenly, Flight 93 developed a problem. The Unit 11 member reported to his colleagues that the plane was unresponsive, The plane careered out of control, hurtling to the ground. A cover for this would be created by TPTB.

First one hit, then another, then another. With precision, they had trained well. The PTB had arranged drills and tests on the morning of 911, so that even if the Military responded decisively, they would be too confused, the disorder would render them useless. The basement explosives were detonated at the same time as the plane impacts, with the commotion going on above, these explosions would not be of importance to the police and fire crews. But they would weaken the core.

The devices that Unit 11 had planted in WTC 1&2 were hooked up to ignite only when a huge power surge would go through the buildings. In the chaos of the plane impacts, no one would notice such an occurrence.

A member of Unit 11 had hacked the power company's mainframe, and the huge power surge was actioned. The electrical current passed along the wires, igniting the explosive, just under an hour after the impacts. In the depths of the buildings, most of the explosions went unnoticed. Slowly eroding the steel that held the buildings up.

They fell quickly, the beams and girders giving way, the mission was a success.

Unit 11 had only one more task that afternoon. The same procedure was completed in WTC 7, falling in seconds, destroying evidence and files involving over a thousand SEC cases and other Federal Investigations. How convenient.

Unit 11 was disbanded in 2002. These ten operatives, and maybe a dozen people in Government and the Military were behind 911.

Not the 1,000s that debunkers argue would be needed!

Don't let them make you doubt the TRUTH!

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 07:17 PM
Interesting idea kiwi, i have often pondered if the "inside" people
who were key were somehow set up to be on one of the 4 flights
that crashed or simply executed and left in wtc 7 to be entombed.
I also care to bet that many, many critical documents of the SEC,
IRS, CIA and FBI were prepositioned in wtc 7 as well.
I had read that the accounting department at the pentagon
was the area hit on 9/11 as well. what a clean sweep they made
that day. Got rid of John Oneil too, the former head of the FBI
counterterrorism unit.
As for the Thermite being placed, isn't it possible that it was sprayed
onto the steel beams when they were supposedly fireproofing the
buildings? I will be greatly interested in what others have to say on
these ideas. thanks

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

Hey mate, no worries. I just see us arguing about what happened all the time, so I thought I'd give a truther's version of the entire event!

No proof of course, that's why I put it in Skunk Works!

Lots of room for creativity!

you are right, a lot of the events of 911 were convenient for some people in power.

As for the thermate, anything is possible, it's one of the trickiest parts of the whole story, how, when and what, a mystery that I fear we may never really learn the truth of!

All the best, kiwifoot

[edit on 24-9-2009 by kiwifoot]

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 11:56 AM
A 911 training that went farther than the North Woods document
because it was funded by billions of dollars.
I had recent thoughts about the pilots and was going to put up a post
in skunk works.
The idea of the suicide pilots, I did not go over your pilot information
but the topic might be explored.

The Egypt Air had a trained pilot that did suicide.
The JFK JR pilot is suspected of the suicide flight.

So possible before 911.
Then 911 and we get three possible suicide pilots.

Now were the pilots the regular pilots and the 'hijackers'
going along for the ride.
This eliminates the idea the 'hijackers' had no flight ability
since they were not needed.

The airline pilots might need scrutiny under these hypotheses.

ED: Remote takeover of the planes seems, to me, too risky
especially when ether real 'hijackers' or airline pilots can
be made to crash planes as a pilot.

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