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Whats with the homegrown terrorists lately??

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by hangedman13

Why do you think every military in the world will "recruit" 18-19 yr olds? Lots of aggression and they think their invincible!

Well there you go, your making my point, he is young ext... that's one reason FBI chose to setup this KID!

You turned it into a issue of nationality

No, the media turned it into nationality, don't you watch the news?

No because fools will make excuses for the actions of others!

Exactly, your using excuses defending an unjust system?

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 10:23 PM

Originally posted by whatukno
It's a false flag fear campaign designed to ensure that defense department and CIA funding stays high. In all reality there probably is no plot, it's just that the government needs to keep people afraid of an invisible outside enemy so that they don't look inward. It's been the policy of Washington for a long time.

Look at the cold war. We were all so busy fearing the commies that few looked inward to the enemy within our government.

I am quite skeptical about these terror plots.

You make some excellent points. I'm not sure whether to hope you are right, or hope you are wrong.

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 10:39 PM

Originally posted by RRconservative

What is Mr. Obama doing?

He is still campaigning and doing Late Night interviews.

Just when you thought he would close Gitmo, POW they pull him back in.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 01:51 AM
It's just the 'religion of peace' at work again. It will continue to get worse until the whole world is caught up in a conflagration. Unfortunately it increasingly appears that Islam will win this battle, until the end that has been decreed on this satanic religion is fulfilled.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by imitator

You are jumping on this being the fbi set him up. Heres one for ya. He is a stalking horse to get American authorities away from the real threat. You are jumping on this as being a fbi set up. A little anti-authority are we?

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 03:41 AM

Originally posted by hangedman13
reply to post by imitator

You are jumping on this being the fbi set him up. Heres one for ya. He is a stalking horse to get American authorities away from the real threat. You are jumping on this as being a fbi set up. A little anti-authority are we?

Nah....FBI foils their own terror plot by simple design.... they gave him everything he needs... I'm sure the FBI coerced him. The real threat is the FBI brain washing these gullible people to further a bigger agenda.

Now if you compare the tactics of the Texas and Illinois "FBI Plot" you will see eerie similarities between the two, such as change in names of the suspects and the same FBI setup etc.

It's almost the same as 911.... except on a minor scale by unsophisticated means, with unsophisticated people.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:07 PM
Homegrown terrorism: now, in 2010 it is pseudo-Middle Eastern Islam radicals. The 9/11/01 'incident' catalyzed the anti-Muslim movement we still experience (ie. backlash to the building of a mosque 2 blocks from 'ground zero'). The law(s) are here, in print, guiding legislation and judicial decisions now as we speak, and being used to teach law in universities now.

Homegrown terrorism: let us say in 2030, what will it be? Anti-Muslim movement will be dead, but HGT will be be in the books, PDF files, etc, and Americans will be acclimated to the concept. Also, technology will be much 'better' (some say worse), but better in the context of capabilities. Can anyone say thought crimes? Face watching? Personality profiling?

I don't know what life will be like in the USA, but I currently live in a progressive state funded college university town which I think sheds some light. Every week, especially after I haven't been to one part of the city in a while I notice more cameras. People walk around like pathetic zombies scared to look at anything besides their feet when they walk. Whether at gas stations, electric company, school, there are always men with 'evil' faces. These guys are huge and they always wear black and dark blue clothing. If it rains or they need to be outside, they always wear those neon-yellow jackets. I know these exist everywhere, but in my city they are highly prevalent. They patrol in groups, and if students don't wear their name tag (issued by the security office on campus) we are escorted out of school (and believe me they're serious, it happened to a class vice president).

I heard the Arizona immigration bill referred to as the 'papers please' law, yet when I began school this fall (I'm in a graduate professional program) and I heard about the name tag (it's actually a plastic badge with a computer chip in it) I looked at my friend and said "Papers please". So it's already here, in 'friendly' environments.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 10:50 AM
Well it really depends on what you believe to be true, if you believe the MSM and talking heads of our government, then these incidents are an act of islamic radicalism then the answer to why these incidents are happening is quite clear.

If however you choose to ignore the MSM and government propaganda and actually dig deeper and look into history and the current under handed actions of our government then the answer is much more complex.

The reality of the situation begins around 1913 and has to do with power and money. The islamic radicalism aspect of the whole plan began shortly after the formation of Israel in 1948, it sprouted further more from the Iranian overthrow, and the
Continuing changes in mid east interests, such as the iraq situation as well as the "radicalization of islam", additionally the funding of the mujahadeen and creation of alqaeda.

Sept 11th was the point where this plan became clear, those pulling the strings finally had the justification they needed to seize power and manipulate the public with a common enemy to rally against. New laws have been and continue to be put into place which are justified with this enemy but in reality have little affect on the "enemy" and have all to much affect on the general population.

Since the 11 september attacks we have all seen these laws put into place as well as the consolidation of power justified by the threat of more attacks and by the scare tactics that if we don't support such things then more attacks will happen.

The media tells us to support the war, to support the war time president etc, etc, etc...

Since early on after the attacks, the seeds of "home grown" terrorism were planted, they began with the anthrax attacks which upon deeper investigation prove to originate rom U.S government facilities.

Continuing on with the further militarization of our police forces as well as the well known brochure which was distributed to police agencies which classify nearly every possibly group as a terrorist threat.

Additionally the 2008 elections and the tea party movement which has since been hijacked by TPTB and turned into nothing short of a left right war rather than the anti PTB efforts which it began as.

As we have seen lately and as I've posted about in speculation in my previous posts here, these efforts and the new laws being put into place will eventually take hold of everyone of us who has any objections towards these actions. The problem facing the PTB is "how do we go from arab-islamic-radical to white middle class citizen?" And that answer is home grown terrorism, right now we are seeing the beginning stages of this new direction, over the next several months we will see further attempts and possibly completions of attacks by "home grown" terrorists, these acts will at first be committed by quasi radicals, and eventually they will fan out to alleged members of the tea party movements and similar, those attacks will be associated with gun owners, anti war protesters and further blur the line between the enemy we once knew to the enemy that could be our next door neighbor.

These attacks will of course all take place under the democratic administration which will support the republican talk of a weak presidency under obama, this will lead to the general public rallying support for a strong republican leader who promises to stop the attacks, and to close out borders and better protect us.

Once elected even more liberty will be taken...

The goal essentially is wealth and power and to ahicve this goal they know the general population won't simply say "here ya go" so they are manipulating the general population to the point that not only will they willingly give up liberty in exchange for the protections these puppet master will over, but they will beg for their "help" and do everything that is asked of them, including turning in "terrorist neighbors" aka the guy next door with a hunting rifle and a Known dislike for the governments policies, also turning in friends and even family members

Its nothing short of what began in post WW1 germany when the germans were indoctrinated over a period of time, they were fed propaganda, they were given a common enemy to rally against because that enemy was the cause of all of their problems, it eventually lead to the point where most germans viewed the jews as less than human, which as a result made the "final solution" something that didn't have much affect on the general population.

We are facing those early stages right now, will it lead to the extermination of innocent people as it did then? No, it will however take us in a similar direction where "terrorists" and anyone who poses any opposition to the status quo will be perceived as threats and most of the population will see them as different, not americans, but enemies, not worthy of the same rights and privileges of an american citizen.

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