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Russia's Chechen chief blames CIA for violence

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 04:03 PM
Russia's Chechen chief blames CIA for violence

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Kremlin-backed chief of Russia's turbulent Chechnya region said his forces were fighting U.S. and British intelligence services who want to split the country apart, according to an interview published on Thursday.

Former rebel-turned-Moscow-ally Ramzan Kadyrov said in comments to Zavtra newspaper reprinted on his official website that he had seen the U.S. driving licence of a CIA operative who was killed in a security operation he led.

Chechen authorities have previously said insurgents following the radical Wahabist form of Islam receive support from international Islamist groups sympathetic to al-Qaeda, but have not accused the West of instigating violence.

Wait a minute, this so-called CIA operative carried around his US drivers license!?

I'm no James Bond, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be standard protocol. Why would a spook need his drivers license in Chechnya?

Now this I can believe:

The West sought to attack both Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the country as a whole by targeting the country's weakest regions, Kadyrov said in the comments republished prominently on

Breaking News on Reuters, they are going to try and make a big deal about these accusations, I'm sure.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by kiwifoot

Yeah right, just like the BS when Khamenei said Iran had westerners causing trouble during the protests, and later he refuted it himself by saying there were actually no such evidence of that, and only evidence of internal dissent.

I think the only breaking news from this is the Russian Chechen chief overdoing his daily allowance of vodka!
CIA here, CIA there, but somehow managing to get away without leaving any evidence behind. Maybe the US has secret alien technology to leave without a trace!! But why then would they not be carrying out every single job with perfection, instead of every "job" being botched up!

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posted on Aug, 14 2017 @ 04:58 AM
Former MI6 Chief Admits Defeat to Putin on the Russia Fragmentation Strategic Plan

Just nine years ago on such days, the 5-day conflict in Georgia took place which had several political, economic and geopolitical effects. Accordingly, in an exclusive interview with The Guardian, former MI6 chief John Scarlett revealed some of the behind-the-scenes stories surrounding this issue and also the Rose Revolution in Georgia after several years. According to him, the Rose Revolution was a collaborative effort of the CIA and MI6, and it pursued various goals.
He elaborated: “it was supposed that after bringing Saakashvili to power, based on the plan, the strategic fragmentation of Russia and its re-disintegration to be carried out in three steps. The first step was establishment of military and intelligence bases and the deployment of military and security officers in South Ossetia. At the second step, radical Islamists were supposed to come to power in Dagestan, Chechnya, North Ossetia and Cherkes. This part of the plan was followed by joint appointments between the CIA, MI6, and senior security officials of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. If political power was held by Islamists in these regions, practically NATO forces could get access to the northern mountains of the Caucasus region.
The third step was considered to begin after the stabilization of the military and security base in Ukraine. A fictitious quarrel between Ukraine and Russia was supposed to take place based on the coordination of the U.S. and British security services, and subsequently the control of the North Caucasus and all of Russia's shores along with the Black Sea to be given to NATO with the intervention of the US and British forces. This phase of the operation was supposed to be concluded with the formal acceptance of the membership of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO, and practically Russia would face another collapse."
John Scarlett continued: "Georgia's revolution ended in victory and Saakashvili came to power. He called for NATO membership which was listed out of place on the agenda of the NATO summit with our mediation. However, unfortunately, the 2008 Georgia war was an iron fist of Moscow against our biggest strategic plan in the Caucasus. The CIA's bases which were assumed to be stationed in South Ossetia were incapacitated in Tbilisi. On the other hand, the initial steps for the second phase were prepared that Putin's next blow in Chechnya and scorched-earth policy disrupted all the plans in the North Caucasus.

Although the crisis of Ukraine and Russia became worsen in several phases, Putin landed the third deadly blow on this strategic plan by integrating Crimea to Russia; and disappointed us in Russia’s fragmentation and practically the entire operation was terminated.”
"I must admit that the two Georgian and Crimean wars, the most strategic plan of the U.S. and Britain over the past several years for collapsing Russia, ended with failure,” added the former MI6 chief.


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