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How does cancer develop, how does the DNA change/why does it change. Anyone know???

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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 11:44 PM
This thread might already been covered and this question might sound uneducated but I am dead serious. Maybe the sources I’ve checked are bad, but everyone I went on only says cancer happens when the DNA changes?? Why does it change?? Does it change from carcinogens?? Lack of vitamins, really weak immune system??? Any of you know? I also heard it might be from a particle called a neutrino, even though thousands, millions pass through us everyday I heard that it might still affect us to a certain extent? What are your views on this subject?

One article is from 1996, the other is from 2001 stating that neutrinos do infact damage out DNA.

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 12:20 AM
I"m not a scientist or anything, but I did see a documentary once. Cancer is beleived to be caused by carcinogens and radiation. Their like little wrecking balls that constantly shred DNA, ... like a rope. And although the tears do get fixed most often, ... it never repairs them completely, so over years of exposure eventualy the dna mutates, and becomes rogue.

Isn't Cancer basically out of control cells that keep multiplying ?? If people ate the way they were supposed to Cancer would not be so prevalent, .... as it cannot exist in an alkaline enviroment. Try to eat as naturally as possible, without preservatives, chemicals, colors, etc.

but even if you do get cancer, ... not to worry, besides the cures that have been discovered in canada cancer can be cured with diet and herbal remedies.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 01:27 AM
Magnesium is essential to DNA repair.

Cancer is in most cases the direct consequence of a severe magnesium deficiency.
In the same way that you get scurvy when lacking Vitamin C, you get cancer when lacking Magnesium, which one of the most important element of the human body is (25 g in the whole system).

Dr Delbet, Dr Robinet, Dr Neveu established this as a fact.


2/3 modern people are lacking it. 2/3 modern people get cancer.

That is all.


Magnesium Chloride is the best and cheapest way to take it.

It also contributes to CNS health (depression, etc), immune system efficiency, bone structure, soft tissues condition (arteries, muscles) , key organs health and process (heart, liver, intestines, brain), and it makes possible the production of more than 300 enzymes endowing key functions within the human system.

1 dollar per 20 g, 20 g per 1 liter of water, 1 glass a day.

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Maybe someone should make a thread about it (seems there are only some old ones over here).

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posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 02:35 AM
cancer can be INITIATED by a carcinogen/or a virus (they give cancer to rats) that causes the cells to go haywire - or maybe just by a dna malfunction; but whatever starts it off, doesnt mean you cant stop it. Whether it GROWS or not has shown to be a different story. Dr Campbell in THE CHINA STUDY shows that by removing casein from rat diets (casein is a protein found in milk) tumours shrank to nothing. give the rats casein, the cancer cells grew. it was a cornell/cambridge study. the guy is now very unpopular becuz of his findings. he was a very respected scientist in the usa on the board to advise th epublic about nutrition before he did his study. Professor Jane plant cured herself of cancer via eliminating dairy from her diet : Your life in your hands hte book.

reason why : red meat and dairy are linked to INFLAMMATION in the body by mainstream studies. mainstream science recognizes that cancer recurrence is caused by INFLAMMATION.

dont eat sugar either as whethe rcancer grows also to do with ATP of cells - (related to foods you eat); and if its a tumour theres a fermentation /anerobic process going on which is FED by sugar.

avoid alcohol too - studies link to cancer risk.

seaweed is very good. wakame better than a chemo drug studies in rats show. iodine deficiency linked to cancer.

I second what the guy said about magnesium. cancer is related to your whole body malfunctioning cuz it isnt getting the nutrients it needs to have a strong immune system and kill off the cancer cells. if you fix your diet and nutrition intake you should fix the cancer. you have to get everything right and make sure you're not doing anything wrong or it mightnt work. you cant just do one thing as it may not be enough.

some herbs and mushrooms kill cancer. cats claw boosts the immune system and kills cancer cells. types of chinese and japanese mushrooms kill cancer. ask your chinese doctor for some herbs. also try apricot and apple seeds as they contain cyanide which is locked into a molecule thats harmless to your body until it meets cancer; then it unlocks and kills it. explains why apricot seeds are illegal to be sold to people with cancer in the usa. they dont want it cured. the hunza eat apricots and are very healthy. seeds are commonly used in cooking and jams and are totally safe to eat. go easy though. bitter means you dont need much for it to work. almonds are related to the apricot family and also help prevent cancer.

a chinese doctor shud put you on the correct diet but basically: no red meat; no dairy; no hormone filled caged chickens; organic everything; no alcohol no caffeine and no sugar. (no cakes/icecream; cookies; softdrink of course or milk AT ALL).

EAT: vegetables of all types ; green; kale; spinach; brocolli; cabbage; and coloured onces; jurice them; and steam them; eat fruit/berries; eat GREEN TEA: lots of water; herbal teas; eat nuts; SEEDS; dried fruit; lentils; chickpeas; hummus; BEANS; CORN; wholegrains; brown rice; ..

try asian and indian vegetarian food for nice yummy ideas.

its what you DONT eat that might save your life.

NO preservatives or chemicals in your food or cleaning products or makeup...


to get protein you should probably eat an egg a couple of times a week; and if youre not vegetarian, some fish is ok but sparingly - a few times a week thats all. General rule: avoid animal protein and dairy.

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