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The Elites Are At War, And We Are Being Distracted!!!

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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 05:22 PM

Read the following, and ferment Your own opinion. I think it is clearly laid out. There are many odd occurrences that have been going on, and are continuing. Seems obvious when You start seeing the smoke, and mirrors employed.

There is great panic and ever-growing fear among the Elites. They hate and fear us. Note Nancy Pelosi's recent expressed concern for "potential violence" right? How about the real violence in all of these wars Nancy? Does that bring tears to your eyes? The though of it?

The sight of The Angry Citizen Pitchforks and Torches Brigade, the Internet Community and the 9/11 Truth Movement is causing mad Elitist panic. Think about Obama now saying that the corporate media needs it's own "bailout" right? He supports that. Great. Listen to these recent pronouncements within the corporate media, disparaging bloggers and real journalism. Pick up on that.

The current "dupe the public with the Messiah-figure" program is tanking rapidly, also. Obama's administration and popularity are crashing to the ground as though they were World Trade Center buildings or something; free-fall speed, no resistance and you get the idea. Look at the health-care proposal. The government does hearby order you to surrender a portion of your income to a corporate cartel of insurance companies under a penalty of $3,800 if you refuse. Straight Fascism. Those insurance companies are no different than the Wall St Usurer Community and they are just as bankrupt.

But we have this stunning development now. Israel has been publicly flogged by the US and it is marvelous, right? Ah, but lets not get too excited. Brzezinski's program is to destroy the Russia-China-Iran-Caspian States alliance personified by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Let's hope Brzezinski understands the very, very weak position of the US here and thinks to himself "maybe we should just start dealing fairly with others and treat them like the human beings that they are".

Give it some thought Zbig. The pitchforks are out in force.

So what has been the solution, and what still is the solution??? Distraction combined with divisions of the People by any means necessary!!! Read Below.

The Economy is a Lie, Too

In today’s America, the only incomes that rise are in the financial sector that risks the country’s future on excessive leverage and in the corporate world that substitutes foreign for American labor. Under the compensation rules and emphasis on shareholder earnings that hold sway in the US today, corporate executives maximize earnings and their compensation by minimizing the employment of Americans.

Try to find some acknowledgement of this in the “mainstream media,”
or among economists, who suck up to the offshoring corporations for grants.

The worst part of the decline is yet to come. Bank failures and home foreclosures are yet to peak. The commercial real estate bust is yet to hit. The dollar crisis is building.
When it hits, interest rates will rise dramatically as the US struggles to finance its massive budget and trade deficits while the rest of the world tries to escape a depreciating dollar.

Since the spring of this year, the value of the US dollar has collapsed against every currency except those pegged to it. The Swiss franc has risen 14% against the dollar. Every hard currency from the Canadian dollar to the Euro and UK pound has risen at least 13 % against the US dollar since April 2009. The Japanese yen is not far behind, and the Brazilian real has risen 25% against the almighty US dollar. Even the Russian ruble has risen 13% against the US dollar.

To back up the article above article, and the fall of the US dollar:
Iran Replaces The US Dollar With The Euro...And So It Beginsreplaces-the-us-dollar-with-the-euroand-so-it-begins/

Also, to show how We are being distracted:
Tidal Wave of homeless students hit school

I don't really need to write anything else. We are being distracted left, and right. The Elite feeling like the are almost at the pinnacle of World domination, and control are breaking ranks, and fighting internally over their war on the World!

Peace, and Vigilance,


posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 08:35 PM
The thought of violence towards any of the lying, stealing cowards we call government will bring a tear to Nancy Pelosi's eye, but she could care less about old people and families killing themselves because they've lost their jobs or lost their homes to foreclosure. I've not seen her shed a tear for any of the US military coming back in coffins either.

Republican and Democrat alike, they're all trash!

Great post Sancho

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by Sundancer

Well thank You Señorita. I'm glad at least a couple People read the thread

The article above mentions the rumor that Putin kicked "Mr.Iran", or the Israeli Prime Minister out of his office...... This is where that rumor is from.

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