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Aliens, a look!

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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 05:13 PM
I've been involved in several discussions as to why we see various things and discussions about why an Alien being would do certain things. This thread is to throw out some logical explanations. Plus the question of whether they visited us at all?

Anal Probing

Why in god's name would an advanced alien race want to stick something into your rectal cavity?

Well, there is a simple answer to that. Males have a gland that is easily accessed through the anus. I'm sure you will have to have a doctor poke his finger around in there eventually to make sure it is healthy.

The prostrate gland.

Stimulation of the prostrate gland induces a very quick ejaculation. It would be a perfect method for the harvest of semen.

Bipedal Aliens?

A lot of people ask why aliens would be bipedal. Several arguments for this include the fact that it is the best design and rebutted with a question as to the odds of a bipedal species evolving on another planet.

Here is an argument against bipedal aliens courtesy of Arbitrageur in another thread.

This was my reply to this in another thread but instead of making it a comment it is turned into a topic.

I would have to disagree with Michael Shermer for one simple reason. Yes we are bipedal primates and yes we are the only bipedal primates but does that really matter?

In order to determine whether or not it is a possibility you would first have to understand as to the conditions that bipedalism arises.

Take for example the tyrannosaurs or the raptors (among many others). They are bipedal reptiles. In fact looking back at history you will find tons and tons of bipedal species many of which where in the earlier stages of evolution. How did dinosaurs develop a bipedal structure? How did we develop our bipedal structure?

You can't even say that being a biped is a rare occurrence because we are far from the first species to walk on two legs. Why couldn't an alien species be a bipedal reptile or even another variation outside of our taxonomic ranks? Perhaps they aren't reptiles or mammals but another phylum altogether or maybe even a combination of two?

Ufo's don't need lights do they?

It often comes up. Why do UFOs need lights? If they are so advanced why would they need light?

My answer would be that it is a byproduct or mechanism of their propulsion system (if it could even be classified as propulsion). Say they make holes in space time, I suspect this would take a lot of energy not to mention the space around the shape could change, time space could cease to exist. We already know bent space bends light. Could this be an effect of gravitation lensing? Perhaps it is the energies on the outside of the ship and in fact the ship might be made of a ultra high energy material anyway. There are many reasons why the ship could light up.

Why Abduct?

There are several explanations for this. The most obvious would be for study. We abduct animals from the wild to study them, in fact we even sedate them during the study. Perhaps they need something from us to repair their genetic structure or even to reproduce.


Why would a more advanced race have to be evil? For them to last as long as they did they could not have the same type of habits we do. I admit there is a chance of an "Independence Day" scenario but why would they have to be evil?

My Personal Favorite - Interstellar travel

I have seen many people say that it is impossible to travel to another star. Yes, you are right, with our current technology it would be.

The earth is around 4.6 Billion years old. The human race is just over 100k. Now we have all seen the technological advances in the last 10 years even. Given another 1,000 or 100,000 where would our technology be? Now imagine a race much older than that. In the grand scheme of the universe what is a couple million years? If a race was say 20,000 years ahead of us, what could they be capable of? They would be well beyond LCD screens and hadron colliders wouldn't you say?

How could they travel amongst the stars? Could it be a manipulation of space time? Could it be an ultra efficient propulsion system that hurls them across the universe faster than light. Sure we can't accelerate to the speed of light or our mass would become infinite, but that doesn't apply to objects already traveling ftl. Do they convert their quantum information and project it across the vastness of the cosmos? I don't know but it's fun to think about.

The part that is difficult for me to grasp

Here is a picture of the Observable universe.

Now lets look at the deep field. The size of the tip of a pencil in space and this is what you get.

All those galaxies with all those stars and we are just one

The biggest question is. Out of all that, how would they find us? What would the odds be.

I will say if they have found us, then they must be from fairly close by.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 05:44 PM
Who says they found us?
Could it be that they helped create us?

Also, given their supposed level of technology, how much searching do you think they could do from their home planet?
We search from here and have found promising places. Surely they will have found many, many more than we have.

That is obviously where they would start.
Couple that with the idea that they could very well be living on several planets, the same species, that is and your odds increase tremendously.

I like the band Alien Ant Farm.

Also, with the lights question, a big part of it could in fact to be to simply blend in.
I'm sure that throwing a red and green light up would be a much better way, energy wise, to hide yourself than would be to cloak your entire ship.


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