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America Under Holographic Siege

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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 02:20 PM

ALEX COLLIER - Awake and Aware in LA

It seems we have been divided and conquered by a cabal of non-human civilizations, according to Alex Collier. In these videos recently recorded in Los Angeles September 20th, he tells us about the pervasive hold on our world, and the historic and systematic theft of our Sovereignty as a species.

Those responsible are species from the dregs of the galaxy and are targeting America because we have (originally had) the most progressive freedom, now lost to us due to this holographic power structure. We have the most potential for leading the effort to re-gaining our freedom because of our peoples great intelligence and creative abilities.

But, things are about to hit the fan according to Alex, and our intelligence and creative “out of the box” abilities are about to be put to the test with the breakdown of the American dream, collapse of the dollar, eco and planetary challenges for our very survival.

Alex tells us there are massive alien ships, some in the Saturnian system, one “20 mile” mother ship above the North Pole as we speak. Watch the videos, parse the data and remember that we have the capability to survive and retain our Sovereignty. We will however, according to this information, be challenged to the last of us.

I am not signing off on these, just passing on the information to do and think as you must. Some very good and practical ideas are in this series of videos, so at the least entertain the ideas, and retain your own objectivity. Not having the information could cause you to panic and rock boats we need to save our brothers and sisters from this series of challenges if they transpire, and at least a few of these challenges are already due according to common knowledge already.

There is much to discuss, and I am looking forward to our sharing our thoughts and corroborating data, but most of all, sharing our ideas for our survival while retaining the values and precepts our nation was founded on for freedom and justice for all.

America was created to bring all together while celebrating our worlds unique and societal beauties. It is in our differences that make us special. We humans, in our many geographic and political places cover many modalities and have great knowledge we have yet to bring together. There is no need for one government necessarily, just a consensus that we are the human race, and our diversity is our strength. We can survive this great challenge and become a single species of diverse and rich cultures.

If challenged, we have it in our ranks, the answers, the strengths and the brilliant creative abilities to evolve forward. So do not be dismayed at these or other doom-gloom scenarios. Find it in yourself to be ready for anything, by being informed, educated and aware of such news as this, whether imagined or true. It is information. It is Knowledge.

Here are the video links to Alexes talk this week. Enjoy and have faith. Whatever you place your faith in.

NOTE: These videos are hosted by The quality is not great, but the content is quite functional. I have linked each below for your convenience, but all can be accessed from once you are there.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Video Part 3

Video Part 4

Video Part 5

Video Part 6

Video Part 7

Video Part 8

Video Part 9

Video Part 10

Video Part 11

Video Part 12


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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 03:01 PM
What ever happened to grass roots ufology...the more I read on ATS the more I switch off.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 03:06 PM
Classification for content here is simplified, but the issues seem in the area of exopoitics. Spans much more, but Skunkworks seemed inappropriate.


posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 03:31 PM
I thought Alex did a good show, it was nice to see he was still safe and well. I have a lot of respect for him. The guy has wisdom in spades. Take away the aliens and you've got a very wise, very perceptive philosopher with all the right ideas.

Maybe one day Alex realised that to get his message noticed, for the greater good of mankind, he'd have to make up some alien contact story. Alex if you're out there and that's what you had to do then fair play to you mate I'd do the same.

The whole Project Camelot thing was good too, I'm on my third evening of Camelot interview videos thanks to the first 'awake and aware' thread. Loads of lovely new research to bury myself in.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 03:52 PM
Le Sigh.

Every day, it seems like people are more willing to shift the blame to anything, anything at all instead of bucking up and taking responsibility for their own creations. It seems like it has just gotten worse in the past few decades, as the selfishness of society grows

No, aliens are not responsible for the problems facing the world. No more than the CIA, the Illuminati, or the Knights Templar are responsible. You know who created the global economic collapse that is tearing our civilization apart at the seams?

You did. You, your parents, and even your children. Every Man and Woman on this planet that has sat around and done nothing for 50 years, enabling us to get into this situation. UFO's didn't give you a credit card, and UFO's didn't fill out the application for another when you maxed that one out. UFO's certainly didn't entice you into taking out a mortgage on a house that you knew you could never pay back. Hell, even I am certainly to blame for this mess. Everyone is.

Blaming Aliens for the worlds problems is simply the ultimate form of shifting the blame out of a deep seated psychological inability to accept that you and your peers are to blame for enabling this mess. You might as well go blame Zeus, or Loki, or a long-bearded Christ for causing the credit collapse.

Not Aliens, You. Now stop giving into the delusion and spreading this ickian ilk around and accept that it is us, the people, who created the problem and it is up to us to fix it.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by D.E.M.

We can appreciate your thoughts. We can even agree, but this seems to be covered in Alex's talk and in our own understanding of personal awareness and the responsibility that comes with that awareness.

We are, by all accounts, even SETI, NASA and astronomers and our best space sciences community agree, we are likely embedded in a massive galactic civilization. That is just the logical math. We are however largely clueless for the bigger picture in which we need navigate as a planetary civilization. Where do we access such information and intel?

If in fact, we are infiltrated by "pirate" species, or hidden structures of exo-political control that are leveraging technologies, methods and knowledge we have no information about, we might need some help in the way of knowledge and wisdom from mentor species who know our situation and can augment certain individuals whom are receptive. This might be needed to try and inculturate the new ideas, contexts and understandings, including our true nature as powerful and loving conscious spiritual beings needed to regain our sovereignty. Also to survive the results of our ignorance.

To dismiss any such information is the seed of ignorance. Because the food doesn't fit on the plate we starve? We need to expand our ideas of what our plate (world) is then. Awareness demands our attention. Let death be our adviser.


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