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Space Battles In Earth Orbit!

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 06:03 AM
Hi all! this is my first post here so be gentle with me .
Ive enjoyed this thread
it has put things ive seen into new perspective.

I live in Scandinavia on the countryside so in winter time it gets really dark
here and you can see the night sky quite clearly without light from the ground affecting view.

So i have witnessed a lots of strange lights,flashes ,"satellites" just changing direction and speed suddenly ,theres even one anomaly which i can see almost every day and have seen it for years ,object flashing red and blue, moving around sky in different directions, my ex wife used to laugh at me that that was a satellite (like satellites would move like that yeah) ,and just the other day my oldest son
saw it too for a first time and was amazed.

These things you just have to see with your own eyes, if i took video of these things happening up there would only look like pixelated lights moving around without any reference of movement and relation so who can make any kind of conclusions about that? i wouldnt believe it!

Anyways something is going on up there and i myself dont rule out the possibility of something/s fighting it out ,the idea is very interesting.
Get out there, watch the sky with your own eyes youll see for yourself at some point!

Apologies for my english cause its not my main language

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 01:36 AM
- The Symbols of Alchemy are of origin to *Natural Disaster*.
- Each element in relation can be viewed in every sacred text in religion. Lucifer - Fallen star, Comet. As well as other demonological beings.
- Many many secret societies use these ancient symbols in practice with a mix in one to create symbology, or spoken word in symbol(s)
- 2012 can be commonly tracked in the history we already know manifesting soon, 2012 or not, one way or another.
- *2012* End of Times(Fear/Control), Final Bout Between Good and Evil over the future of a galaxy. (Who is the true king of a domain)
- Humans, Mental Slavery and its been bout.
- Pre-programmed society to feel (Lost, fight self over freedom of self, fight self over knowing/ascending self shallow)
- Chipping humanity like the scum that *We are far from being in our truest reality*
- Intigration past "Chipping" and implanting non-human humans into society as back-up.
- Youve been programmed to be aggressive and see your fellow man as abomination or not the same
- We are all brothers and sisters in our true light
- You do many things daily that are overlooked but when looked out cant truly ever answer, "Why did i do that, or say that to that person?"
- It's not up to anyone but yourself to be free. It takes work, it can't be shared directly, rubbed off onto, given or bought. You have all been programmed with a job, and its not your true job, its a cover-up so they may have as they please with no fight. Its as bad as robbing helen keller, and we are that helen keller right now. We have been stuck for ages in the same place in evolution, and this is not our truth. I know the truth, and the truth brings much much unwanted attention and danger. But i'd rather die like the light i am then what they call *Easy Prey*
Look, whether you like it or not, your all mindless drones to a degree, but, you can change if as so really wants. Its not a easy path, it takes lots of work and realization and analyzation of things in relation inwards to outwards, outwards, inwards, and outwards to inwards. Its very clear for your own discovery. Yet, im very distraught over fellow man, i believe everyone of my fellow man deserves to choose his path as i did.
- - - Chipping (Metaphor for a implantation into body of control) - - - P.S. Sorry for the long write, i really needed to say this, the topic was right for it.
edit on 24-8-2011 by iescapedcreation because: Hope, Saving Face

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 01:13 AM
loadin fine for me. mite be ur connection

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 08:18 PM
hmmm. very interesting.

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