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Thinking Outside The Box

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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 08:16 AM
Im going to make a prediction right here on Global Meltdown and watch it as it all goes down. Im going to start with this...

After almost 100 years the FED is having an audit hearing to audit the FED's books and the books of their board. For almost 100 years they have avoided this through their money and power. Even Ron Paul who has been trying himself for 30 years is just NOW making headweight on this issue. Why are they finally allowing this to happen? Is it the power of the people? I doubt it and Ill explain why.

For the past couple months we have noticed investors buying a TON of short term debt. Why? When you have a stock market rally why continue putting money into worthless treasuries?

Why did helicopter Ben come out and say as of October QE is coming to an end. Why would he say this? Does he think the US is not going to need more debt? OR does he think that there will be a rush to buy treasuries in October. Well for that to happen there would have to be a TANKING in the stock market. We have green shoots though what could possibly lead to an excuse to tank the market in October?

9/25/09 is the hearing on the audit the FED. What more of an excuse do the banks need to swindle money that sheeple pounded into the market thinking "green shoots" were here. Im calling it RIGHT NOW that we will come close to hitting $10k on the Dow but the end of this month, October, and who knows how long after that is going to be a tanking like we havent seen in years. The excuse for the tanking will be "because the banks are spooked from the audit the fed and this is what will happen if you do" Think of this upcoming tanking as a warning shot from the banks.

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