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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 12:39 AM
Hello my fellow ATSers.

I was checking out mufon and came across the latest sightings page. I know many of you out there are avid sky watchers and if you do happen to see something, this site would be a good place to check and see if you weren't the only one.

Lately Ive seen many posts of sightings of a black triangular object in the NE skys that makes no sound. I've been checking mufon for the past few days and almost every day I read of a sighting like this. In fact, many of the people who report these sightings also include photos with them.

Like many of you, I am tired of filtering through the same old posts here on ATS. I feel like checking the Mufon sighting reports and doing some of your own research will get you a lot further in your quest for truth. Then if you feel necessary, come back to ATS and report your findings

Try searching through past sightings and see if you can find a pattern of sightings. Its fun trying to connect the dots. I read sighting reports of that triangular object all throughout the NE the other night...starting from east of PA, through PA, and across Michigan. All reported sightings of a similar nature.

Also, does anyone know how to get in contact with the people who posted in the latest sightings? There are numerous posts from people in the Indiana area (where I am) of a sighting which created a loud boom. One of the posters said he had a clear picture of it and for someone to email them if they wanted it. I don't know how to find their information though...I'm very interested in this picture.

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