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2012- My Theory

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:12 PM

2012- My Theory

This is my theory based on events and current changes in the weather.

In fact the changes in the solar storm indicate that the sun is in fact responsible for global warming as well as indicated 7,000 years ago.


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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:12 PM
OK we have seen lots of theories on 'nibiru' and yes some are plausible, but are debunked due to a high amount of christianity BS floating around on the net...

But I have read some information on here regarding Venus could be in fact Nibiru... Actually it pretty much is the truth and Ill explain.

See during the 'solar storm' the magnetic feild has an effect caused called the Northern lights, back in 1918 these were visable over NYC... Funnily enough March 9 1918 was the exact same time the lights appeared... and the H1N1 Virus peaked and became much more lethal than ever predicted.

Now what does this has to do with venus?

Well apparently Venus from what I have read crossed the earths path in front of the sun, BUT not as it would with a Transit or eclipse.

So what makes venus nibru?

Well here it is, see Venus is much closer to the sun than us, and its atmosphere is very different. We have seen different effects on other planets recently such as storms brewing on Saturn ect and snow falling on mars.

But your asking "what about the wings?" this can easily be explained by the interferance with the atmosphere similar to that of the Northern lights giving it a winged appearance.

BUT would Venus ever come this close?

Well from what ive been reading lately apparently so...

During the Transit it passes in front of the sun, but in combination with the solar storm it could swing past even closer.

What would the effects be? Now it wouldnt really take that much for something of its size to have an impact on our weather and climate. As we can see from the moon it controls the tides.

So what happens with the gravitational power of Venus effects the earth? Well I dont want to even guess or think about it.

BUT this is as follows... a Pattern...

History is repeating itself, but this time it's amplified.

If the Peak hits when Venus passes in front of the sun or the effects cause it to swing around closer... bad news...

As for the Virus well also got bad news on that too.

(The Vaccinations are useless, I had one in the army and I was forced to have it. They called it a Polio Vaccine... I now have celiac disease and constantly need Colonoscapies to stop me getting bowel cancer or at least delay it.)

I still got the swine flu (went away in a week)

(I highly reccomend catching it NOW, before later)

How the virus works is that the radiation emitted by the sun during the solar storms or even during the solar minimum changes the behaivor in the virus. During a peak it goes bananas as with March 9 1918.

As For the Illuminati's plans well here they are.

There is a pattern that fits with it and it all ties back down to the masonic number and prime number 11 (11 has alot of significance in maths and practically EVERYTHING)

march 25 1911 was the worst industrial disaster/ any workplace disaster before 9/11, we also had a 'depression' and a world war.
each time the solar storm occurs the illuminati/The bohemian grove/you get the idea... gets the opportunity to put private owned businesses into a hostile takeover.

A similar story happened with the Napoleonic wars and Rothchild.. he lied to the stock exchange causing a mass panic and crashed it by spreading lies that Napolean had won and bought up massive amounts of shares in companies.

Same deal here.

As For the RFID Bracelet, they cannot insert the chip into the human body for a number of technical reasons the main reason is that would be nearly impossible to police.

Who is in charge of the RFID? Well VISA and the major Credit companies are heavily involved with Texas instruments and the funding of the project...

and of course we are all in debt with credit.... convienient.

But why cause an event such as September 11? and what proof is there?

Well First off Al Queda does exist... bad news is that they are a mercenary company and were financed, trained, and armed by the CIA as we all know. But the Story of David Hicks an Australian who fought with them shows a different story.

The CIA and the US Hired Al Queda to fight in the Balkan wars to also undermine Russia and other Slavic States in the Region, but also to fight back via a proxy against the genocide of muslims (which was not the main priority)

Chechnya has always been a Proxy war against Russia from the US.

But how can I say these things?

Well first off, nearly ALL of the hijackers in 9/11 are still ALIVE AND WELL, and most of them were never trained by al queda.

the first attack on the WTC was financed by the CIA, this has been documented and proven.

But the pattern is the method that they use when this event comes up to gain more power over the public.

But what they are not counting on is the possible intervention.

2001 was not just any significant year, in fact it was the first year past the 2000 years since christ was born.

I am not a christian, and I do not beleive in any supernatural entities. What I do beleive is that the bible is not entirely a work of fiction, but the story of Revelations is a prophecy for now.

You dont have to agree with me, or blast me for this we are all entitled to our own beleifs and views.

The story of revelations is about a massive war, and intervention from what I can tell is 'god' or what we view as 'god'.

The Topic on Here about the Pyrimids and the Nazca lines making a perfect cirlce around the globe doesnt suprise me.
Nor does the Documentary of Chariots of the gods.

The upside is if I am right, the illuminati will NOT be allowed to succeed at any cost. They know this and have had a railgun stationed in space, but also have been working on defense systems to combat any alien presence.

The one thing they have NOT counted on is that our technology could never surpass a race that is hundreads of millions years old.

There has been some leaks in the past, some of the creators of Deus Ex, have leaked information in their games, dont beleive me... spot the WTC in the first game... its not there. They made a perfect image of NYC, but no twin towers.

Funnily enough the global consciosness project is in fact real as well, and it is tuned into the brain of every human.. How can I say this? Well the two boys who pulled the columbine massacare drew planes crashing into the WTC years before it happened.

people who are sensitive to it sometimes seem insane, violent, or skitzophrenic. Some people as myself are not.

I have had this problem since I was 5, and ever since it started i have been gearing up for this.

The event of the Solar storm, and the Transit of Venus fits a pattern of how the illuminati try to gain more power of the public, either by force, or controlling what you see and know.

Today the first effects are being felt in Australia with a massive dust storm hitting the east cost.

Not long ago another earthquake hit bali.

There is no point on trying to say the possible outcomes as it is impossible to put on a scale of how severe it will be as the sun is NOT PREDICTABLE.

BUT lets hope the Solar Storm is severe, because every last RFID should have its memory wiped from the EMP effect.

Downside is we go back to the dark age.

Currently ET's are trying to Contact The Iranians... problem being is that they are so paranoid they shot one of them down...
(if Iran can shoot a UFO down it can take down an F-16 NO PROBLEM).

How and why would they do this?

Iran is the last hope against the Illuminati and the Zionists... and I am not talking about judaism here... and if someone brings up the holocaust that is insulting to the people who died in the camps in WW2.

Currently Vladamir Putin has been direct 'contact' After his trip to the 'worlds deepest lake' he is more inclined to help the Iranians... At the Lake there have been multiple 'alien sightings' NOT UFO sightings.

So how does all of this relate to 2012?

NYC industrial disaster... insurance claim.... world war, virus, depression, and of course hositle takeovers of non illumini companies.

Where did the money go?

Its still there... and apparently if the truth came out it would destroy the WORLDS ECONOMY.

Iran is not the enemy, in fact they are the closest thing to our savior than you could ever put into your mind.

This might sound INSANE.... but why do you think Iran is a major threat to the USA? The Nuclear issue is not actually that big. Iran has had a Plutonium refinement facility for many years but chosen not to weaponise it.

The Nuclear Power thing is actually quite true. There is a massive shortage of power in Iran where they have to Ration out the electricty.

If Iran Fails to stop the USA and Israel in its tracks, there will most likely be an intervention.

As I have said this might sound Insane, but I have spent more than 2 years putting this together, and what I have written you can simply just google, the information is all over the net.

Funnily enough another repeat, the french are tipping milk out on to the street because of the price... sound familiar?

history repeats itself for a reason.

Good news is this should be the last time it does so.

Feel free to pick my theory to peices I welcome a friendly battle of the brains and any additional theories or information is welcomed.

(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:20 PM
So who is the guy writing the artcile? How does this constitute breaking news?


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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:20 PM
The real illuminati are not known and they are not against humanity.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:35 PM

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 11:47 AM

Originally posted by Mind1universe
The real illuminati are not known and they are not against humanity.

If they are not known, how do you know?

Will the real Illuminati please stand up....

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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 11:58 AM
Interesting theory but could you provide links to back this up? I have been reading a lot about 2012 recently and would really enjoy some links to your theory.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 12:03 PM
I find that most people are guilty of not looking at the "big picture" when trying to analyze some problem.

Well, I don't think I have ever encountered anyone before who has made this kind of attempt to tie everything together. I don't think I have the thinking, reasoning, or telepathic capacity to even make a comment about whether or not you are on the right track.

Its interesting for sure. I always believe that there is a big picture out there that encapsulates everything. Not saying you have it in clear focus yet, but I think you may be closer to seeing it than a lot of people.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 01:11 PM
I must admit that I agree whole-heartedly concerning the intervention thing.. You have certainly been doing your homework.. S&F

I see intervention happening one of two ways; One-The race pulls together and calls on the right ones. [not going to happen] Two-[ Deleted ] Edit because you wouldn't understand. That ones off the wall for you..

I was going over some Pink Floyd videos on youtube where I found one that said[Written into the video] that people dying will not make a difference; but the right person dying will make the difference. Can't find it again yet. But they know the same thing that I have learned about.

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by DoctorLaVey

Feel free to pick my theory to peices I welcome a friendly battle of the brains and any additional theories or information is welcomed.

This is the only potential error I can find in your theory:

2001 was not just any significant year, in fact it was the first year past the 2000 years since christ was born.

2001 wasn't really 2001. It was later than that, because our calendars are off from the actual year of The Christ's birth.

Iran is the last hope against the Illuminati and the Zionists....

Iran is not the enemy, in fact they are the closest thing to our savior than you could ever put into your mind.

This might sound INSANE.... but why do you think Iran is a major threat to the USA? The Nuclear issue is not actually that big. Iran has had a Plutonium refinement facility for many years but chosen not to weaponise it.

Yeah. I was wondering about this myself. Glad to see you've said it! Interesting how we turn our focus away from Al Quaeda; turn the war to Iraq and rid them of Saddam Hussein; still fighting in Iraq; now our govt is looking to fight wars in Iran and N. Korea.

Good news is this should be the last time it does so.

I've read the same thing about 2012 in new age / alternative science books. And 2012 isn't really the big change. It's just a sign on the road like a mile marker. We are already in transition of the change and will continue the process until our species has finally evolved into peaceful beings, everafter.

Great thread! S&F

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by Copernicus

Originally posted by Mind1universe
The real illuminati are not known and they are not against humanity.

If they are not known, how do you know?

Will the real Illuminati please stand up....

[edit on 23-9-2009 by Copernicus]

Well you won't find out in society or books. Like most people keep falling for.

The real illuminati are not seen and are so for a good reason!

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 08:15 PM
OK for those of you who still have not worked out who the illuminati out how about I do the hard work for you.


the IMF



funnily enough they are all tied together with a very quick wiki search.

Sure if you have any questions on this subject I can answer them.

Now I deliberately did not put articles, but I did put dates and events, which you can very easily google search without any problems.

the correlation of march 9 1918 is a very important date.

the virus works on the radiation emitted from the sun similar to that of a season like winter or autum.

I gave SPECIFIC DATES and events, I am not going to make this easy for you IF you want the truth.

The truth is out there, there is a massive amount of information and I cant possibly list all of it.

If you cant deal with that take your trolling somewhere else.

You want the truth you earn it yourself and all im doing is giving you a step in the right direction.

by intervetion I am directly referring to the end of days and an ET intervention. (sounds far-fetched) but is consistant with Nostradamus and the bible (as much as I hate it)

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by Nivcharah

It does not need to be specific nor does christ have to had exist for the prophecy to come true the 2000 years could also have been symbolic or a mark of when things are to come.

so try to think outside the box

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 08:23 PM
two earthquakes have hit

Samoa and now Indonesia, Australia has also been blasted with a major dust storm which is out of the ordinary.

I have BAD news....

Its starting....

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 08:32 PM

Originally posted by Mind1universe
The real illuminati are not known and they are not against humanity.


OK first off, BILDERBERG?

major hint about one of the most important meetings was in Canada.

Take a look at the time on the Canadian 50 dollar bill and what date was it when the meeting ended?

This is where the number 11 comes in to play.

it follows them like a bad smell.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 12:32 AM

every 11th president of the USA has been a democrat.

but why 11?

See 11 can be used in geometry to make a PERFECT triangle.

Ie an illuminatus

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 01:07 AM
You are correct about war!
We know no different. We like it. Well, some do anyway.
Lotzza profit in it for sure!

Gets good ratings!

It's purdy obvious to see whats coming in 2012.
When the right wing takes over again, we will have plenty more war.
THATs whats the deal with 2012. My theory.
This time it will be with nukes. Got biosuit?

Or it could happen when we start running out of stuff.
Or a natural disaster could set it off.
Here George explains it well!
Potty talk warning!
Maybe its not so obvious after all......

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 03:20 AM
Well I'll explain on the natural disaster.

Now I have only just become aware of the possible natural disaster regarding the moon IF that is in fact if the moon is hollow, but I strongly disagree with this as the moon as been pulverised non stop by metorites for thousands of years in fact its been responsible for saving our ass multiple times.

As for a huge explosion causing the moon to go off by about a few degrees and screwing with the earths tides well thats a plausible theory.

The main problem is in fact the solar storm, and the effects from a massive CME, alot of people find it hard to beleive that the sun is in fact the source of global warming.

We started hearing about global warming back in 2000, funnily enough that was around the same time the sun started going into the solar minimum, it reached the solar minimum back in 2006.

Now how does this relate to global warming?

Now during a CME the north and south pole's of the earth and the sun become less focused and move directions as it would normally (true north and true south) But as we approach 2012 the movement of true north and true south become more and more erradic jumping not a few cm as per usual but meters of kilometers.

So how and why? and since the core is responsible for the north and south pole?

See we will never truely understand why the poles move in relation to the core of the earth or how the sun is able to effect the direction of how the core of the earth moves.

But when this happens the core changes direction gradually causing the mantle to also change direction causing earthquakes and other geographic disasters. (see samoa and nations that are currently being effected around the ring of fire)

Gradually this change will also mess around with seasons an example is El Nino.

But what will happen?

and is this permanent?

Well I cant answer that question in regards to permanence or if this will be a pole shift which I strongly beleive no one can predict, but as for a gradual scrambling of the poles which is currently underway I can tell you straight up that this is happening. As for a pole shift it is gradual and not some instantaneous event.

What will happen?

At first there will be more airliner disasters than normal (which we have already seen) caused by navigational failures which cannot be explained and other problems regarding that will happen. There have been multiple incidents of this so far and I suggest just turning the television on and I guarantee hands down that you will at least see a few coming up.

in relation to Samoa and the Tsunami... the south pacific Tsunami watch was deliberately cancelled moments after the earthquake for what reason I would not be able to guess fully.

Basically it boils down to this,

Navigational failures, natural disasters, and eventually electrical grid failures when in conjunction with the H1N1 Virus you are looking at an apocolyptic senario.

As for Aliens on 'Nibiru' aka Venus we wont be able to find that out for a very long time. Those of us which are familiar with life forms which do live in space itself can understand that not all living creatures require air or oxygen to survive, and does not need to be entirely carbon based to be a living creature.

Space is very similar to that of the ocean.

The one thing which also I have a gut feeling about venus was the japanese prime ministers wife and her story about her trip to venus.... sounds absolutely bizzare and straight out insane... or is it?

The effects of the decreasing range of Venus would be directly felt here on earth particularly causing devistating tides and tsunamis directly felt here on earth from the gravity feild of venus.

Nearly everything about venus is Alien to this solar system, there is another topic on here explaining this and even showing why by giving calculations in regards to its orbit, days and the direction of its axis.

In Regards to acending or other spiritual garbage, THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN, there is nothing sacred

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 04:01 AM
People have tried fooling themselves into thinking this will be a 'spiritual experience' giving them superpowers... please lay off the shrooms there is nothing supernatural about this.

Has this happened before?

well taking into account the destruction of atlantis, and noah's flood and the ark's location being now a military base in turkey its highly likely that we are being withheld crucial information to what the ark actually was.

The Ice Caps are melting there is no doubt about that, but looking back into history we have seen this happen again before about 7,000 years ago when we look into carbon dating (another article here on ATS).

Our Ancestors were giving us a clear warning and even dated to when this would APPROXIMATELY occur, There is no specific date so throw the 21st of December out the window.

Am I a Christian NO WAY. I am a buddhist.

People who have not watched the Documentary on the Chariots of the gods I highly advise you do so Part 1

There are anomalies which we cannot explain from this movie.

The whole Idea of Qi Gong is not exactly Insane either, but there is nothing in relation to 2012 just to set the record straight.


During a CME and the weakening of the Earths Magnetic feild we will become more exposed to radiation, and guess what unfortunately for me I live in Australia which is the main fallout area of the earth as it has the largest 'hole' in the ozone layer.

the Main Fallout area for Australia will be Northern Australia and central Australia.

This will not be like out of the movie Knowing at all... that was hollywood crap which has no scientific grounds whatsoever.

the movie 2012 is again more zionist bullcrap which still misses crucial points.

We will not be in the center of the Universe, in fact the milky way is in fact similar to that of a star travelling around something much larger which could be said to be 'a universe inside a universe'

The main problem or reason to as of why NASA is bombing the moon could be a cause to help accelerate a more horrific natural disaster.

SO why are the FEMA camps not in operational?

well think about it, we havent reached the peak yet... and when we do infection rates will soar beyond that of 700%.

What about the Vaccine? well they are urging sick people and the elderly to get in first... and I find that disturbing as that would be a mass cull of the 'weak', remember what the Nazi's did to the disabled or people who were disabled or impaired from an illness?

They murdered them.

Back when the IMAGINARY SARS VIRUS hit, they spent more money on developing a H1N1 Vaccine than the SARS vaccine... funny bout that as well...

What I have touched on here has been the main subject of the bilderberg meetings and especially the one in Canada.

Some people ask me "who is mabus" bad news people Mabus died ages ago who was he, just a normal human being like all of us he wasnt famous, and he wasnt some amazing world leader. He wasnt murdered, he just simply died.

Now I am going to Touch on a subject here on ATS which is frowned on, now to make this CLEAR I am not advocating the use of illicit substances,
but if you watch the Chariots of the gods as above they touch on the "veda" subject in the Hindu Relgion, and Lord shiva the "god of destruction" who was also the god of "cannabis". People have asked me to as of why Marijuana is illegal if all the recent data points out it is in fact both physically and mentally safer than that of Alcohol, and as of to why the HEMP plant even though it is not a drug is banned in the USA and some other countries.

The reason being is that if this was in fact given to us by a Veda this would imply that Cannabis is in fact not entirely as Natural as we might think.

Think about it, a plant that contains a chemical that destroys cancer cells and can help cure physical ailments is made illegal and not even used for medical purposes like the opium poppy.

So why?

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 04:13 AM
The government has done everything it can to minimise influence of extraterrestrials on our society by even removing giant parts of history from our past, it would make sense that something that was given to us as a natural resource for medicine, fuel, fabric, and plastics to be banned.

Again I am not advocating the use of it.

The Governments of the world which are highly influenced by members of the Bohemian grove will comply with the illuminati's demands.

The big picture is that the Illuminati seek to destroy all outside influences on us and have them rebuild society in their image.

The one thing which I can say is that the NWO is very real, and in order for the world to accept such a thing would require a horrific disaster on an unpredicted scale.

They Seek to control society down to one thing, centralisation, not over money, but over you the individual, and in order to do that they need to be able to scare the SH**T out of you.

What we are experiencing now is the beginning of something horrible.

We can only pray that the Iranians and Russia can hold off the enemy.

the BBC has been potraying the Iranian leader as of stealing the elections, this is entirely false. Youth of today are very weak minded people when it comes to politics and have been abused many a time by a politician and example of that was Kevin Rudd, he played the Australian youth into voting for him.

In this case the BBC and the Mossad have been stirring up the Iranian youth and in some instances telling them that "we are your friends" which is complete garbage.

The reason why I say the Iranian leader is innocent is that there is more of a majority of the old in society than the youth in Iran, and they are the ones who vote in Favor of keeping the Islamic Republic the way it is because they remember what the Americans and the British did to their nation.

Anyone who doesnt support American foreign policy is painted as a terrorist and a manufacturer of WMD's.

SO basically you dont play ball your a terrorist.

So I guess there is alot of terrorists all over the world now because we are all slowly waking up to this fact and are not standing for it any longer.

The Intervention I speak of is the Alien invasion to which Nostradamus predicts. There is no exact details given, but from what we understand is that there is a massive war and then eventually peace with the aliens.

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