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"Insurance companies need to over charge for their services. How else are they supposed to cover th

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Mods, I know this is satire, so feel free to move it to BTS if absolutely necessary. I just feel it rehashes most of the flaws in logic over not offering a public plan for health insurance.

Here is a "Protect Insurance Companies PSA" on Will Ferrell's website. Enjoy.

Protect Insurance Companies

Here are some of the biggest problems I have with the people who don't agree with public healthcare, or rather, my arguments towards them:

1. No EMPLOYEE of any company should be making 50 million dollars a year. If you build your own company from the ground up and end up with that money, like Bill Gates, then okay, that's fine. However, no CEO in any company does enough work in a year to rake in that kind of dough. In fact they probably do a lot less work than most working-class schlubs. Its not a company that does any service at that point. In fact, it seems downright evil when some of that money could go into helping their clients live.

2. I am uninsured. Why? Because I was let go from my job and they decided they didn't want to send me COBRA paperwork. Just cause they felt like it. And they are within their rights to do so. So I applied for expensive Bluecross/Blueshield coverage. I got a rejection letter.

Why was I rejected? Because I took omeprazole two years ago for a couple weeks of indigestion I had. Know what omeprazole is? Its over the counter prilosec. I took it because it was finals week and I was anxious and it gave me heartburn. Other than that I am a mid-twenties, I run 3 miles a day, and I have never had any other health problems.

This means that the coverage I selected was offered just so they could SAY they offered it. I bet less than 1% of people who signed up for it got it.

3. My buddy lost his job and immediately lost his coverage. He took another job, and had a grace period before he got new insurance. His appendix exploded inside him. $60,000 dollars later, he is a 24 year old with over 100,000 dollars of debt. How can this be allowed to happen in a "great" country?

4. Insurance companies alone only perpetuate the ability for big pharma and hospitals to overcharge for their services. I am all for doctors being rich, they deserve it. But the CEO of a hospital, again, should not be making the amount they are making.

5. 450% increase in insurance company profits in the last 7 years. Enough said.

6. Its not socialist IF YOU VOTED ON IT.

7. Public universities certainly haven't put private schools out of business. Healthy competition.

8. As Bill Maher put it, do insurance companies really do anything but take a 1/3 of the transaction between you and your health? They are middle men. They offer a means to money and nothing else at all. They are not a service.

Anyway, I know these points have been argued by many people on this board, and I suppose the other side has some points to make, but really, in the end, logic must prevail. It will shake things up, and it won't be perfect at first, but I want to live.

If I am diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, what will I do? Probably die at the ripe old age of 25, or bankrupt my family. And believe me, even if I had the money, I'd still care for the small guy, because I know what its actually like to be him.

This country must make the right decision. I am no fan of Obama, but he is right on with this bill.

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