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School of witchcraft opens in Taiwan

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 07:33 PM
Just a quick one I thought some would find interesting...

A school of witchcraft has been started by an aboriginal tribe in southern Taiwan who fear that their ancestral rituals would otherwise vanish.

“Passing on psychic acts to the young generation is a good way to understand Paiwan culture. We can go back to see how ancestors lived.
“The most sticking problem is that we do not have a written language. That makes it hard for young Paiwans to learn the ritual.”
The Paiwan tribe numbers about 86,000 people but has fewer than 20 witches, a decrease from more than 100 half a century ago.

This quote:

Wong, who comes from a witch family, began a campaign to preserve the traditions last year despite opposition from her mother, an 87-year-old witch who held the traditional belief that witchcraft is inherited through blood lines and not learnt in a classroom, the Taipei Times reported.
Eventually her mother and three other witches were persuaded to open the class, which is held twice a week.

Reminded me of a certain somebody form this book. Hehe.

Imagine a witchcraft college in your local community. Maybe there is one already?


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