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How Mx2wire Makes A House Multimedia-Compatible Quickly And Cost-Effectively With No Need to Lay New

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:26 PM
With a range of up to the 500 meter connecting cable, the Mx2wire media converter eliminates the need for new wiring.

Check it out,

In just a couple of minutes, a house or apartment can be made multimedia-compatible simply and cost-effectively with the new Mobotix Mx2wire media converter, which transforms a two-wire cable that is no longer used into a network cable including power supply. For instance, a telephone line, antenna cable or bell wire can be used to connect multimedia devices like computers, network cameras, WLAN routers, Internet telephones or door intercoms without the need to lay new cables or use an additional power supply. The Mx2wire media converter from Mobotix consists of two units connected to both ends of a cable measuring up to 500 meters in length. Using patented Mobotix technology, the two Mx2wire units are automatically configured as a sender or receiver, which then makes it possible to establish network connections throughout an entire building.


Cost effective and wireless...

Then, just add Panasonic's exclusive MEGA Super Dynamic camera technology

The progressive-scan CCD provides full-frame-rate video up to 30 frames-per-second in 1.3 megapixel mode, and 3.0 megapixel video (in JPEG format) at 15 frames-persecond, also supplying clear images with less motion blur and no tearing even if the subject is moving. The Day/Night function features high sensitivity at 1.0 lux in colour and 0.08 lux in B/W at f1.4 in the 1.3 megapixel mode. Auto Back Focus (ABF) ensures easy installation and stable focus in colour and B/W modes. Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction ensures quality video.


Video Motion Detection (VMD) provides four programmable detection areas, 15 sensitivity levels and 10 detection sizes

So you have face recognition and high quality video at your finger tips.
Just add Panasonic’s Virtual Site Manager ,

Panasonic's VSM capabilities include live monitoring and data archiving 24/7/365 of any location worldwide, business analysis with advanced reporting and search features for multiple activities including transaction voids, PLUs and coupon redemptions, and remote programming of POS workstations with the ability to edit PLUs, coupons, product prices and adjust tax changes. The video surveillance component can combat and discourage fraudulent injury and workman's compensation claims by capturing activities in key locations around the store

and in minutes, you can remote view and record in real time, 24/7/365.

This type of package could be applied just about anywhere, setup in minutes, and surely be considered an "all seeing eye".

Those Germans...They make great stuff...


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