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Questions needed for former DOD ROSWELL UFO Librarian

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 10:26 PM
I have the opportunity to possibly interview a supposed former DOD research librarian. What I need is for you to first watch this video located here: Roswell Whistleblower: The Real Story, From The Documents! or you can also access it here: Roswell Wistleblower - The Truth About Roswell.

After watching the video and doing a bit of your own 'intelligent history gathering', then come back to this thread and follow these simple instructions please:

First make sure your question has not been asked, If your question has not been asked...

Make your Query based on what you heard on the Video clip and then please back your query with your own information with links to back those thoughts that your presenting or querying about..

Keep the question(s) civil

Please, if you do not have a question for the Whistle blower but want to leave a civil comment, please do so at this link: Whistle Blower Comments page

Lets get our heads together for some real extraordinary exchange of questions for this gentleman and show what ATS is really all about..!


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