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NAVY and NASA - The REAL "Chemtrails"

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 09:33 AM
Wouldn't one really great way of measuring the effect of scalar waves be to introduce a medium into the upper enviroment that once the "experiment" was started, the power turned on, those conducting the experiment could visibly "see" the results, the effect, that the experiment had on the atmosphere? I'm going to trust my education on this one and know, that I KNOW the difference between, contrails and chemtrails, since I've been looking at the skies for quite along time now, many decades.
If you can look at a geometric pattern in the clouds, a distinct pattern like woven fabric, what in nature can cause that?
All the little pieces make up the puzzle.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 09:38 AM
Great Zorgon, S&F!
In the Chemtrails, one of the Clues is the BARIUM SULFATE

A radiocontrast agent for X-ray imaging...

What they want to see?

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by Annav

I do hope you are kidding, right?

Crop spraying, aerial display smoke and water bombing are nothing at all to with "chemtrails", and are all perfectly explainable.

Furthermore they most certainly are nothing to do with high-altitude rockets shooting chemicals in the ionosphere.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:05 AM
Great Work Zorg.... S&F.

We who lives in places where they do spray and can see them almost every semi day, and some times every day in periods, knows this is a better explanation than just 'water vapour' in the sky..

Those who live in a basement far away from large areas dont see them, cause they are probably not targeted for 'barium Soup'....

Lot of reading here, so I got to start about now !!!

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:07 AM
Excellent thread. Let's not forget the Air Force doc. Owning The Weather.

Figure Page
3-1. Global Weather Network....................................................................................................................9
3-2. The Military System for Weather-Modification Operations. ............................................................11
4-1. Crossed-Beam Approach for Generating an Artificial Ionospheric Mirror......................................23
4-2. Artificial Ionospheric Mirrors Point-to-Point Communications .......................................................24
4-3. Artificial Ionospheric Mirror Over-the-Horizon Surveillance Concept. ..........................................25
4-4. Scenarios for Telecommunications Degradation ..............................................................................26
5-1. A Core Competency Road Map to Weather Modification in 2025. ..................................................32
5-2. A Systems Development Road Map to Weather Modification in 2025.............................................34

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:22 AM
I have to shake my head that people still don't see the difference between contrails and chemtrails.

I also want to throw in here that the U.N. is involved and knows what is going on, this is not a USA thing it is a worldwide thing as I see it.

I would like to know what gives any Country/Countries Governments/Militaries the right to mess with our Atmosphere. If people don't stop all these things life here isn't going to be livable in the future.

I have no doubt this is all being monitored from above and I don't mean the Human Being.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:29 AM
for my two cents i want to say that i believe that HAARP is a way of changing the environment to usual as a military asset. how do u stop communication that goes outside of natural laws in several ways at once? the answer is that you dont. atleast not yet anyway

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 11:02 AM

I would think the term "ChemTrails" is used correctly in this context as the images taken from earth do indeed show trails of chemicals.

Whilst looking around for the EPS system I tripped over this pdf from EISCAT dated March 19 2006


Table 1, Page 9

Artificial ionospheric targets

Neutral atmospheric mass motions can be studied by tracing the radar returns from artificially injected materials (barium releases, nanospheres, rocket exhausts). Different kinds of artificial targets can be created in the atmosphere by ground-based facilities, for example, periodic structures due to HF pumping or powerful acoustic wave transmission.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by Somamech

Now, does anyone remember or have the scalar wave images and sequences showing the pulses and atmospheric movement during the few days before Katrina that were once on the "net"? I know I saw them and would like to see them again if anyone has them.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 11:35 AM
Good job zorgon --- at bringing information out, using the magical and spectacular word "chemtrail", to pound on the woodwork and send the sycophants scurrying.....

Oh....and once that incantation is started, ones without the ability to adequately assess the complex information presented fall back on the "I told you so!" frame of mind.

"deny ignorance"?? No...instigating.

A primer, perhaps in outline form might be helpful, otherwise I'd suggest you risk stirring up complete incomprehension by the majority of readers, here.....

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 11:43 AM
So it's basically a aresol dust cloud? Wait a minute I thought aresol was toxic!

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 11:44 AM

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:32 PM
Wow, that's a lot of information. It gives me the feeling that TPTB are perhaps researching/testing/experimenting with technologies that will eventually allow us to protect the planet with an artificial magnetosphere in the event the Earth's natural one neutralizes to zero.

Would that even be possible? The amount of power to do that would seem to be off the charts.

Or maybe TPTB are just trying to develop the next space based weapons technology to deny the enemy (?who?) from communicating with their satellites/disrupt their intelligence networks.

Or perhaps it's just sandbox time for the scientists to play with their billions of dollars of research funds.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by harrytuttle

I vote for the 'sandbox'.

Really. I'm trying to wrap my head around the Earth. No, not literally, but just calculating the immensity of it, the SURFACE AREA of the entire globe, and then trying to see how in the dickens we puny Humans can hope to make something THAT large and widespread with our current technology....

"Hey, Mort!!! Fire up the volcano, we's got some magnetosphere buildin' to do!!!"

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by observe50
I have to shake my head that people still don't see the difference between contrails and chemtrails.

Well technically there is not any differance.

Heres why.

Every single particle on Earth is a chemical.

Therefore a "contrail" is technically a "chemtrail".

Unless your saying water vapor is not a chemical? Of which you would be dead wrong.

BTW Zorgon, this is a epic research thread and I will be keeping track of your research as I know your onto something here.

Thank you for taking the time to share this information you have uncovered with us. It is a massive onion with many layers and you my friend are peeling the layers away.

Starred and flagged.

Best thread ive seen in awhile. Keep up the good work man!

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker

"Hey, Mort!!! Fire up the volcano, we's got some magnetosphere buildin' to do!!!"

Actually I think that your idea would work.

All we really have to do is create a earthquake under the volcano to possibly set off the eruption sequence.

Hmmm...perhaps setting off a small nuke down there would do the trick?

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
A primer, perhaps in outline form might be helpful, otherwise I'd suggest you risk stirring up complete incomprehension by the majority of readers, here.....

Hmmm well I tend to believe the MAJORITY of readers here comprehend what this implies just fine... It is merely a handful of the more vocal ones that tend to get their dander up

I'll take my chances that the majority is smarter then you give them credit for

Besides I have a LOT more...
but I need to put that somewhere else so as not to confuse you errrr people too much

[edit on 22-9-2009 by zorgon]

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by zorgon

I am listening to The Veritas show as Im posting this, I have NOT seen this Video yet, I will later, but, maybe you will find it interesting..

Credit to alchino23
On the Monday Edition of the Power Hour Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley Interview Ex Government Employee A. C. Griffith who had Top Security Clearance. He talks about CHEMTRAILS and so much more! He and Mike Blair of now The American Free Press over 9 years ago actually infiltrated the program at Right Patterson Air Force Base where the program is now being managed. People who were dissatisfied there helped them divulge what was going on inside this program of aerosol spraying. People have been killed inside this program. One of the key persons who designed this barium salt aerosol program was set up by people in the Reagan administration and he is now sitting in Federal Prison. They still go to him and ask him questions. They call it Program Clover Leaf within the aircraft industry. It is very secretive and people die from speaking of it. He also explains how it works and why he is now speaking out. This is a very explosive and informative interview. A must listen!

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by zorgon
Pegasus Pages

The EISCAT Facility mentioned in the documents The Norwegian HAARP

Ramfjordmoen, Near Tromsø, Norway
+69° 35' 10.94", +19° 13' 20.89"

It is always amazing to learn new things.

And I have never heard about the EISCAT facility.

Now this is something that I will be looking a lot more deeper into.

Major props for bringing this forward.

And the secrets are being revealed at such a pace these days.
It is hard to keep up!

It is amazing how ignorant we are of what is really going on!

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 01:30 PM
This is the HAARP facility in Gakona (Alaska)

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