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OBE's through dream-state and the Vegetable Garden

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 08:53 PM
Hi everybody!

I would like to share with you all an out of body experience (OBE) that I had recently, I will keep things brief not to bore anyone and hopefully some of you can weigh in on some of the questions I'm having.

My journey began about 2 months ago when I got into a Lobsang Rampa reading frenzy which lead me on to further books of an esoteric nature, in particular pertaining to astral travel. I picked up a book called Journeys Out Of The Body which is an extensive account of one mans out of body experiences through lucid dreaming.

Without much effort, I was becoming aware of my dreaming states during sleep more frequently, and sometimes attempted to control the course of these dreams, but without much success. I decided that I would attempt to meet an old friend whom I had not met or spoken to in about 10 years. I decided that I when I met him in a dream again (as he was a curiously frequent feature of my dreams at this time) I would try to 'wake up' and tell him to remember a number, which if successful delivered I would ask of him the following day through facebook. Proof is of course what I needed to decide for myself about this astral stuff!

Soon I met him, and miraculously I managed to 'waken' in the dream, I remembered what I wanted to, so I grabbed him by the shoulders, the entirely of the dream seemed to dilate as I did this, until it was just him and I in a dark vacuum. I shook him and shouted 'Daniel! Daniel!' and as I was about to tell him a number I realised I had not pre-prepared one and as I tried to think of one I woke up in a start.

This was the first experience I had, a very brief and insufficient one.

A few weeks after this I emigrated to a new country, a hot country! And here I had sleeping difficulties because of the heat. But here within the space of a week I have had my first two full OBE's, I will try to be quick and describe them.

The first was the most intense and beautiful. It resulted from very strange dreams I was having in which I dreamt that I was constantly waking up in dreams and questioning the nature of the reality of the dream, whether I was actually awake or whether I was still dreaming. But these were all dreams themselves, dreaming that I was waking up within a dream.

But suddenly I really did wake up, I snapped to full consciousness and I changed location from where I had been in the 'dream' state. I am hoping that regarding this location, some experienced travelers may be able to elucidate where I was experiencing.

I was in a garden. It was intensely beautiful and intensely radiant. The plants all over, in fact everything I saw, exhibited an oscillating 'shimmer', almost electric in nature. As though the very essence of their life was wriggling around before my eyes. The shape and appearance of the plants and flowers will be difficult to describe, things resembled the lotus flower, sharp-tipped petals and leaves, converging on central points in a fractal manner.

I had read much about the ability to 'fly' in the astral state, or rather that this is the means of moving about, so I decided to float around, and I did so with some ease. I then decided to allow my body to pass through some object, as I have also read that this brings an interesting sensation. My mind was boggling at this point and I was suddenly rushing with all the possibilities of places I could go. I immediately thought that I would try to fly as high as possible over the Earth, or wherever I was, and try to reach the moon. But at this point I became intensely aware of the fact that I was wearing the most intense grin of pure contentment, and in an instant I wondered whether my sleeping body was lying there with a wide smile as well.

I immediately woke up with a start.

I have read somewhere that I now cannot remember about a certain 'Vegetable Garden' on an astral plane and am wondering if this is where I had visited.

I would appreciate if anyone more knowledgeable about this has any bells ringing that may be able to tell me something about my journey. Either way, it was a most beautiful and intense experience.

I'd be happy to answer any questions also.


posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 08:58 PM
I would like to add something I forgot to mention. I encountered two creatures during my visit in the Vegetable Garden. One of them sent me bad vibrations, as though it was a forlorn spirit, a small rather harmless thing, that nevertheless disconcerted me a little. But I encountered the second creature at the same time, it was 'friendly' and I mentally held onto it for assistance.

They were quick to leave and move onto other things and the encounter did not last long. But it was a vivid moment meeting the non-descript 'entities' that did not really hold physical form, but definitely left some sort of 'visual' impression.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by The_Modulus

I would like to offer you some confirmation. I posted this several weeks ago. In your dream did you notice you interacted with the molecules in the air the plants, etc. like it was all made of the same thing?

On the night of August 15, 2009 I laid down for bed. I closed my eyes and immediately I was standing in a field of grass, looking out at a few trees. It was daylight. The trees and grass were shimmering/vibrating almost as if communicating with me. The vibrating was like a connectedness with all of everything, like NEO saw in the Matrix. This reality seemed more real than the reality we live in. In sudden fear, because I thought I was dieing, I snapped my eyes open. All I can remember thinking was that was the real reality, that is where I can do whatever I wish that would bleed into our current reality. This whole experience lasted only a split second, but has left me thinking about this place ever since.

Has anyone had anything similar happen to them?

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 01:54 AM
To be honest I would not say that I felt a connection with the things around me, but I did feel as though I was looking onto this place as though it was nakedly being revealed to me. I assumed that what I was looking at was just some real location on Earth perhaps, but that I could 'see' its 'true nature'. I felt like I was in connection with life in the sense that I could see it so vividly.

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