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My UFO experience, or was it the military? Certainly most terrifying experience in my life.

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 05:27 PM
OK, this is my first post, writing from Switzerland/Central Europe (sorry for my rusty English, I used to be a student in the UK, but that is way back), where I live in a quite remote hilly/pre-alpine area. I have seen strange things going on in our skies before and after the specific event I want to share here, but never in my life have I been terrified more than that night in 2006, and I still have no real clue as to what I have seen/experienced.

I do hope to find some answers here on ATS though. During the years I have come up with some myself, mainly by watching clips on youtube/google video, but I will go into that a bit later.

Here's the story. It was, as I said, in (March) 2006, and it was exceptionally warm for the time of the year. It was around midnight when I sneaked out of the house to the front patio to have a smoke. It was a clear night, and “Moritz”, our (then very young) cat was with me, fooling around between my legs in the darkness.

At first I didn’t notice the light, hovering at about 100 meter distance above a near apple tree in the fields, it looked like a star that was coming up the horizon, no big deal. But it certainly struck me as odd after a while… It was definitively moving up and down (very slowly), and you could see the tree being faintly illuminated.

Then it happened: Moritz was suddenly running off like crazy for no apparent reason and I felt this energy coming towards and thru me which is hard to describe…

I mentioned the videos on youtube/google video before. I want to draw your attention to this particular one, in which I have found the best description of what happened to me. You can find it easily: “UFO - Encounters in australia (part3/3)”, relevant part starts at 3:42 m into the clip.

Here’s the transcription of what that lady in Down Under said, matching perfectly my experience (albeit I didn’t see aliens charging across the field):

“I felt this energy go thru me…it’s like something I have never experienced in my life. It was some sort of low-level frequency that came in waves but it was so dense that I could actually physically feel it going thru my body. And that feeling absolutely terrified me, it’s like, I can’t even explain the horror I felt feeling this…and I began screaming”.

Well, I didn’t scream, but I was scared as hell and as never in my life before, believe! The best way I can describe it in my own words: it felt like being in a microwave oven, that was my first thought. The strange thing however, as this happened, was this distinct feeling that this wave wanted to take over my “soul”.

Sorry, I know that sounds nutter, but that’s it…I remember my effort to consciously summon up my whole will-power to say to myself: no, no way are you going to catch me. After that I ran into the house, shaking in fear for quite some time.

Anyway, there’s a twist to the story, which intrigued me quite a lot: The very next day I went to have a look on the field where the light had been (I remember I was still quite fearful). To my amazement some military guys hung out there with this radar equipment (Skyguard Radar Flt Gt 90/75) which is very outdated but still used to “police” the skies from the ground and other things. Odd was, that the guys present looked all high-ranking, those weren’t the fresh recruits training. I recognized the equipment at once, as I used to be working for a company that converted the paper-backed docs (a room of manuals) for that very type of Radar into digital docs (one CD), which I found odd as a coincidence.

I used to think a lot about this event, not sure whether it was something to do with the military or aliens. Looking back though, I’m convinced this was the “real deal”. What do you think?

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:36 AM
My opinion (based on much experience) is that "bad" equals military, "good" equals....well...the real deal. Many people here at ATS will disagree.

By the way, your English is excellent.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:41 AM
Well I certainly thank you for the story, and I give you the benefit of a doubt that what happened happened, but you most certainly wont find anything more than speculation and ridicule.

Just a warning.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 01:47 AM

Originally posted by Revolution-2012
Well I certainly thank you for the story, and I give you the benefit of a doubt that what happened happened, but you most certainly wont find anything more than speculation and ridicule.

Just a warning.

He's right.

They are like a pack of hyenas picking off a weak member of the herd.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 03:05 AM
Well here's the thing. At various times I think in all our lives strange "other worldly" events happen to just about everyone. The people who can handle it are usually the ones who through teaching and their own reasoning have learned that this reality is stranger than any fantastic science fiction story.

I believe you wholeheartedly. I believe many wont because they choose to retreat into a state of comfort and dismiss this as something that can be explained by the physical laws of our known reality.

Where they err is they can't believe in something that breaks the natural laws of the universe as they have been taught, and challenges their own understanding and comfort level.

This is a state of denial that even were they to observe with their own senses and eyes some super natural event, they would still try to explain it as natural.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by Fluffytron

Thank you so much for sharing your story!

I can't say either way whether or not it was the real deal or a military experiment though. I would like to think that if it were really aliens they wouldn't be shooting something thru you that made you think of being in a microwave!

I'm just wondering if the energy you felt go thru you had any adverse affects on your health or anything like that?

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 06:21 AM
Thanks for the replies...I knew some folks don't believe me, but that's fine...I'm not trying to convince anybody, I just wanted to put it down and leave it at that. Believe me, I have better things to do in my life to fool others...
I'm the weak of the herd because I couldn't be less bothered to receive "flags" or "pats on the shoulder", thanks for the warning, I will cope.

I like the answer by Mr. Wyffler: Yes, I also thought that, but changed my mind about it over the felt evil, but it wasn't...after all they respected my will, it was me, if you will, reacting in an unappropriate manner to their contact...

Cool, I really like this site.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 07:02 AM
Hiya Fluffy,

Your experience, can you be a little more descriptive? I am an abductee and there may be a correlation in our experiences. There are two different types of which I had and if it is the same, the fright is vastly understated.

Whitley Streiber calls them body terrors, to me it is an energy incompatibility between the human and the visiting entity. Whether it is induced/intentional, I have no idea but irregardless it is very frightening. I have awoken myself twice by screaming when a grey was in the room and it was doing one of these terror projections. Your body will be slightly trembling and it has nothing to do with visual or audio stimulus as in all of my experiences I did not see the grey until after the body terrors set in. In one of the experiences I did not see the grey as I could not move, but I could feel it about 2' away from my right shoulder as I was laying down.

My son and I both experienced this other aspect on the same night, but it is not nearly so bad. We were placed in a dark room and you could feel an entity try to take over your body, only half of it though. It was not so much fright as it was a battle of wills. Finally the entity fully took over the left half of my body and the right half of my son's body. It had full control. Sometimes I wonder though that since we have chips, if that was more or less a calibration to force us into maximum will output so our brain output levels would match the chip maximum output.....rather like calibrating a joystick to your computer.

But anyway, just my experiences and if you wish to talk sometimes, I'm open.


posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 09:40 AM
Why didn't you just look lost and ask these men what's up! Or where you that fearful and watched from a distance?

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