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The realm inside yourself

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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 07:24 PM
reply to post by GypsK

Yes I get it.

You are correct that where you go is where those who drop their body return to. I've been journeying at will since I was young too so I know what you speak of is true.

The place you describe is what can be called the topmost layer of the astral realms, where you will find the Akasha, a great park and many other things. And yes, it is where we can go to be with the guides, more specifically your higher-self and other helpers.

Thank you for sharing this, I don't feel so alone in knowing there are others who do understand from direct experience.

I'm almost 50 now so it has been a long time without hearing from others who do understand, who get it. So I offer to show others how I do it so that they too may experience for themselves. Free of charge of course.

Be well.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 04:22 AM
reply to post by SeeingBlue

What you experience with the thoughts and physical effects is normal. The thoughts because the mind is used to being in control, and the body reacts to inner fears created by the thoughts.

With visualisations, we use them to begin an experience, so aren't required to always hold one steady for a long time. You can allow it to become what it will become for you.

For many people it helps to take the preparation time slowly so that the mind relaxes into focusing more, before starting to visualise. So, with the methods I share, we spend some time bringing light into our body through the head and clearing out the energy centres (chakras). This gets people more focused.

If you would like to read the methods I used and have shared for over 10 years so far you can find them on Simply-Spirit. Some people record themselves slowly reading the methods aloud and then use the tape as a guided meditation.

One small word, with the one to meet the higher-self as a Guide I've been seriously considering a return to a simpler method I used where you imagine yourself on a beach looking at the clear blue water, relax into the warmth and fuzzy feeling it brings up and allow the rest to develop around you without imagining it.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 06:48 AM
First of all I like to thank everyone for the great replies, I'm plesantly surprised that there are others who share my experiences

If I had asked that same question on the Internet, lets say 10 years ago, I don't think I would have gotten such good replies at all... maybe it's the era we live in

then the next question:

A few years back I had a friend on the Internet who introduced me to certain aspects of spirituality.
He and I would loose track of eachother for months, to meet again and find we where both exploring the same paths at the same times.
Then I met a woman in a forum, it turned out that she knew my friend aswell. They both told me that they had met in another realm, through concious dreaming. (visualizing??)
They said there is something called 'the dreamuniversity', where lots of people meet. Both where rather vague about it. Then we lost track of each other again. I haven't spoken to my friend in two years now and I have no idea how to reach him.

I wonder if anyone here have heard of this 'dreamuni'?

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by GypsK

Dear Gypsk, although I would not have thought of calling my experiences of the higher state of consciousness a university per say, when I'm experiencing those blissful moment's I feel a strong connection to everyone and indeed every living thing around me. I find the moments truly inspiring and it makes me realise that I'm a part of the greater world, that what I do in life has many consequences and that life can follow many paths. I also feel a connection to my family members over many generations past even though I have never met some of them, I realise just how amazing it is that I even exist today!

So indeed I have learned a lot from these experiences, I haven't managed to meet up with another person on a spiritual level as of yet, I hope that in life I am given the oppertunity to do so.

I wish you much happyness in your experiences!

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by GypsK

This kind of things is happening to me too. Since I started to work on my spirituality, I meet more and more people who work on it, including getting back in contact with people I haven't talked with for years.
It's either a part of a "higher plan", so that more and more people meet and enrich each other with their views, or mere probabilities coming from the fact that I keep on meeting new people but just started noticing those who have a strong spirituality.

This "dreamuniversity" is something quite weird to me. A few years ago, I've been playing to that game Nights Into Dreams, where a boy and a girl met in their dreams and shared great adventures. For some reason, I liked, I mean LOVED this idea. I mean, it felt so natural to me that I adopted it and been using it in some of the poems / novels I have written. I actually fell in love with a girl I knew but never really noticed just because of a dream in which we were talking to each other. I used to remember less than five dreams a year, so each one of them meant a lot to me, especially the people I meet. Now, since I'm working on lucid dreaming, I remember all my dreams, and most of them don't make sense : they're just dreams about random subjects or about things that I have in mind. But some of them are different, somehow seem to mean more to me. And in most if not all of them, there is allways the same person, a girl, whose face I can't remember. I know I don't know her in my daily life, but still, when I meet her in my dreams, it's as if we knew each other for a very long time, a much deeper complicity than I ever got with anyone else. Maybe I'm exploring this dreamuniversity without knowing it. Or just some fantasy to please my romantic mind... ! Anyway, I've been talking to much about this subject, I'll make another thread about it later. Let's get back to the main subject, inner realms.

To OP : I also have been exploring these realms, either by meditation or by what some other people would call daydreaming. I could even say I spend more time there than in the material world. This actually caused me some trouble : I tend to talk alone, to forget myself in public places, or just to make tons of blunders just because I don't "pay attention". Most of the time, it's light, but when I get in there really deeply, I just forget about everything else around me.
This realm, since I have allways been a imaginative boy, is filled with ideas and sensations (I actually tried to build a whole other world in it, so that I could make the stories in my novels more "real" by giving them some place to exist). But when I manage to calm myself, then I see it's true nature. Just space, as described in a higher post. Black without being dark (I mean, it's black as if it could have been yellow or purple, it's not some dark and freaky place), and every single thought is like thunder getting through it at light speed, and making waves as a arrow would do if sent in water. Seeing it this way actually helps me a lot when I come to visualisation, I mean real one, when I not only see the things, but also FEEL them (quite funny sensation actually, I once have really gone wtf since the feeling of having something heavy on my chest seemed VERY real).

Well, this was my (big) grain of salt to the subject. I hope I haven't been too far off-subject. If I did, just make me notice, I'll be more disciplined in the future.

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