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google does it again! ufo/alien homepage image yet aaagain

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 02:36 PM
So i have seen google put 3-4 images of different ufos, aliens etc. on there homepage.
Something they have never really done until this year. And certainly never done almost every month. Im seriously wondering if its helping push disclosure to some extent. If you think about many hits is google getting a day? and how many people are clicking the homepage in curiosity?
anyways i live int he US so it might now show up for some of you but heres what it looks like...

they say its in celebration for HG WELLS birthday...which maybe it is...but i've never seen them do this before...and once again ANOTHER alien/ufo based homepage?...
seems to much coincidence in my opinion

it doesn't even say google! lol
(moderators, if i posted this in a wrong place, please relocate thanks)

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 02:49 PM
i think its abit odd i was thinking the same theory you mentioned
the guess the only purpose of the thread is to point it out, theres really not much else lol

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 02:58 PM

Google releases Martian invasion doodle to mark birthday of HG Wells

Google has released a new doodle showing a scene from War of the Worlds, after confirming that its recent UFO logos were intended to mark the birthday of HG Wells.

The third and most revealing Google UFO doodle

The latest sketch shows the long-legged Martian fighting machines that feature in Wells's alien invasion novel trampling over the Surrey countryside.
Clicking on the image takes users through to search results for the English author, who is considered one of the fathers of science fiction.
The doodle is the third in as many weeks to feature "unexplained phenomena" following frenzied rumours on the web about the meaning of the first two designs.
Google this morning put an end to the speculation by admitting that the logos were designed to commemorate the 143rd birthday of Wells, who was born on Sep 21 1866.
In books including War of the Worlds, Wells "encouraged fantastical thinking about what is possible, on this planet and beyond", Google said in a blog post.
The first mysterious Google doodle appeared on September 5, and showed a flying saucer hovering over the Google logo and "abducting" the letter "O".
Google issued a teaser message on its Twitter account, which translated as "All your O belong to us", a nod to Zero Wing, a cult Japanese video game. Clicking on the logo took web users through to a page of search results for the term "unexplained phenomenon".
Internet users came up with various theories about what it could mean. Some suggested it could be tied to a forthcoming movie or video game launch, although Google pointed out that its doodles were never used for commercial purposes. Others thought that the abduction of the letter "O" could be the first in a series of such logos, with a string of abducted letters used to spell the name of a new Google product or service.
On September 15, a second Google doodle appeared, showing a flying saucer hovering over a field. The Google logo was spelled out as series of crop circles, and clicking on the doodle produced a list of web pages related to crop circles. Google issued a second tweet, containing a string of coordinates, which centred on Woodham Road in Woking, Surrey.
Some web users quickly realised that Woodham Road was near Horsell Commons, the location of the first alien landings in HG Wells' 1898 novel, and that the timing of the doodles coincided with the 143rd anniversary of HG Wells' birth.
"We were delighted that people played along with us and shared their theories," wrote Micheal Lopez, a Google web designer, in a blog post. "Some of you figured out what we were doing but we weren't ready to reveal it all just yet.
"Now, we're finally acknowledging the reason for the doodles with an official nod to Herbert George Wells, who would be 143 years old today.
"The invasion of the logo by alien crafts and pods makes our series complete, but you'll have to read the book to find out how Wells' story really ends."
Although Google regularly uses its doodles to mark significant events, anniversaries and notable dates, it usually does so explicitly. This is the first time Google has used a series of mysterious logos to build up to an event.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 03:16 PM
Isn't this getting old? I've seen about 10 different threads about the UFO Google logo. And its been thoroughly covered. And no, Google isn't trying to disclose the existence of ET life through little icons. Sorry

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 03:36 PM

Originally posted by afterschoolfun
Isn't this getting old? I've seen about 10 different threads about the UFO Google logo. And its been thoroughly covered. And no, Google isn't trying to disclose the existence of ET life through little icons. Sorry

I am in no way saying that discolsure is being made threw little icons. What im saying is, IS THIS a way to PUSH discolsure, or to help get the masses mind more conditioned to alien life, and presence. GOOGLE one of the biggest websites most visited in the WORLD...has non stop aliens/ufos weekly...having MILLIONS of people visit a day...yea it would be pretty easy to get the mass's mind conditioned to the idea of alien life out there.
OBVIOUSLY i didnt say/mean that THIS IS DISCLOSURE. Lets not so be so arrogant and thick headed can we?

"isn't it getting old"

well being that its 4-5 different times google has done this in the past few months, all cases being DIFFERENT IMAGES/times...i wouldn't say its getting "OLD" if it was the same post repeated over and over than yes...

I like how you still comment an are active on the 9/11 flights and airplanes...seriously how long ago was that? isn't THAT old?

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 03:54 PM
I agree that the Google threads are getting old. A conspiracy to design catchy themed graphics?

Here is a real conspiracy for you:

First "than" disappeared, as in; "I'm better than that, and I know better than to believe it!" Everyone started substituting then, and the word than seemed to all but vanish from the language.

Then something really strange happened - Than came back, and started a full-on campaign to replace then! Not to reclaim its rightful place, but to undermine and replace then's proper usage!

How did this happen, what evil is behind it? How did you, OP, become a victim of this strange phenomena?

By the way: It wasn't arrogance, he was polite. There have already been 2 or 3 threads on this latest occurrence, it isn't too much to ask that people do a search before posting new threads...

[edit on 21-9-2009 by maus80]

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