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A Neat Tool for iGoogle Users...

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 01:59 PM
Hello fellow ATS members,

A while back, I discovered a neat tool/widget that is available for iGoogle. For those with Gmail accounts (or any Google account, which are mostly free) you can also use 'iGoogle', instead of the normal Google homepage. Its basically a Google homepage that I use for browser startup.

The widget gives you daily updates on where the planets are (making it easy to compare bright lights in the sky with easy to read data). That link is here:

You just add it to your iGoogle page, and you'll get daily reports on the planetary configurations.

Another neat tool I use is called the 'StarryNight' Gadget.

This tool gives you a realtime look at the stars from your coordinates, that you can navigate around in. It's like a virtual sky, and it's accessible right from your homepage. Yahoo might have a widget for this too, I'm not a yahoo user, I'm not sure...

Anyway here is the link for that widget:

I find these tools helpful, and I thought that the rest of you might as well.



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